This one shift can change everything in your marriage.

Are you sick and tired of wondering if you should stay or go in your marriage?

Do you fantasize about having an entirely different life -- one that would feel alive and exciting or at the very least one that you were happy to wake up to everyday?

I am here to tell you...

the relationship that you are sitting in right now 

is the very one that will grow you 

into the woman who you want to be.

(that means you don't need to leave it -- at least not right now -- because it has something important for you to learn!)

    Once you start to see that you are in your own personal ashram...everything changes.

    Your marriage is your ASHRAM -- your CLASSROOM -- and it is designed to give you the exact feedback and ‘curriculum’ that you need in order to develop the parts of yourself that MUST be developed for you to get to the next level.

    That next level might be repairing, healing and transforming your marriage.

    Or it may be getting clarity, standing on your knowing and acknowledging that you are complete and ready to move on to what is next.

    Either way, this moment has exactly what you need to grow, learn and transform.

    I will teach you just how to do that so you can get out of that tired, heavy conversation that you are having all of the time in your head.

    And you can get into living a life that is filled with ease, alignment, and open-heartedness.

    Here is what DOESN'T work:

    Right now you are looping in thinking-feeling-doing patterns that are keeping you stuck. 

    Most people have about 70,000 thoughts per day and about 85%+ of those thoughts are the same today as yesterday.

    And your thoughts cue your feelings which cue your behavior which cue more thoughts and they cycle goes on and on.

    This will keep you on the hamster wheel of suffering forever.

    I left practicing as a traditional couples therapist after spending hours each week with couples tangled up in their all looping thinking-feeling-doing patterns.

    These patterns prevented them from seeing the real problems in their marriage.

    What I tried to help my clients see (but it was so difficult with just 50 minutes a few times per month) was that the CONTENT that they were embroiled in was just a SYMPTOM of the real problem.
    And the real ‘problem’ was the system that they created in their marriage usually did not include:
    • Vulnerability
    • Openness
    • Boundaries
    • Empathy
    • Kindness
    • Curiosity
    • Willingness
    • 100% Accountability
    • Forgiveness
    • Repair

    The struggle growing these skills in their marriage were POINTERS to their unique marriage CURRICULUM.

    Until there is mastery in these skills, the marriage and your future will never change.

    They did not see that they were in a CLASSROOM (that’s your ashram) that was showing up all of the skills, aptitudes, and advanced learnings that they had yet to master.

    I sold my brick and mortar business 2 years ago.

    I embarked on creating a curriculum for women that would effectively change their marriage.

    And 2 years later...I have had amazing results with for women just like you.

    The 8 week online course breaks everything down in digestible pieces so that you can show up every single day in your marriage with:
    • new beliefs,
    • thoughts,
    • feelings, 
    • behaviors
    which will shift you out of your old, tired, and toxic practices.
    An Easy Map
    Step by step curriculum
    Listen or watch at your convenience
    Weekly video trainings
    Handout exercises to enhance your learning
    One of the reasons why couples therapy may not produce  RESULTS is because you are not CLEAR about the IDENTITY that you need to be showing up as, every single day, in your marriage to get change.

    In the very first week in my curriculum, you will be focusing in on WHO you need to be in order to experience deep alignment in your relationship, connection with yourself and your partner, and what emotional states you need to be practicing in order to make that happen.

    This CLARITY provides you with the map for HOW you will be showing up anew with your partner or spouse.

    I know, I know...

    You are wondering, “But what about my partner?! I want THEM to also be showing up in their highest potential.”

    Yes, I know, and here is the thing:

    When you stay clear, committed and constant in HOW you are showing  up in your marriage daily, it is the BEST and most effective way to invite your partner to do the same.

    In your first week you will also learn about the POWER OF PIVOT and how to shift out of your old pattern and back into the newer version of yourself even when you feel massively triggered by your spouse.
    And because...
    learning how to set boundaries and connect with your partner is a huge part of why you are here, module two is all about HOW to stay BOTH grounded and aligned with yourself while also dipping into your partner with curiosity.

    This is legit higher level transformation here! 

    I am not teaching you to be doormat. 

    This is all about you being empowered and centered while collabing with your spouse to create the relationship that you want...or standing in your knowing and leaving. Your choice.

    Along the way you will be exploring and shifting aspects of yourself like:

    • Learning and practicing the difference between through up a wall with your partner and opening a window for connection, 
    • Dialing in a powerful mindset and belief system that is consistent with who you want to be in your marriage,
    • Breaking down sex and intimacy in new and refreshing ways (I more obligatory date nights!),
    • How you spend so much time DOING in your life and so little time BEING (that’s week 6)

    Each week you will receive an email giving you access to a new training each with activities and step-by-step exercises to walk you to your 2.0 self ― the higher potential of YOU.

    And when  you embody your highest potential, you invite your partner to do the same.

    An 8-week-at-home get to engage everyday with your partner using the new learning that you have received through this course.

    THAT is how real and lasting transformation happens! Embodied learning.

    The curriculum guides you through creating deep alignment in your...

    • beliefs
    • thoughts
    • emotions
    • actions

    And when you show up with DEEP ALIGNMENT and no longer disconnected from yourself, you are better equipped to:

    • set healthy boundaries, 
    • not take things personally, 
    • show up with your partner with curiosity, 
    • and even experience desire for intimacy!
    WEEK 1
    The Foundations
    Define your higher 2.0 self and creating daily practices. You will learn about pivoting out of your stuck place and into something fresh and new. 
    All about your 2.0 higher self.
    WEEK 2
    Anchoring & Engaging
    Anchor in yourself and engage with your partner in effective, new ways so that you don’t need to have the same argument or avoidant pattern anymore.
    Grounding yourself & building curiosity.
    WEEK 3
    Walls & Windows
    You have built up walls in your relationship. This module will help you identify the walls & you will learn to creating windows that can be opened or closed when a boundary is needed. 
    Connection & boundaries.
    WEEK 4
    Your Marriage Mindset

    You will be noticing all of the beliefs that are no longer serving you in your marriage and practicing setting them down. Then you will create beliefs for a sustainable relationship with yourself, your partner and for your future. Mindset + Heartset = Alignment

    Lasting change starts within.
    WEEK 5
    Sex & Intimacy

    As a certified sex therapist this is a fav of mine with some radically different ways for you to think about your intimate life! You will learn about seeing your sex life as a playground & ways to find pleasure for yourself in your everyday life.

    Your sexual satisfaction starts with YOU.
    WEEK 6
    Being & Doing

    Your world is probably full of doing-doing-doing but without a relationship with BE-ing in your life, you will feel out of whack. I will guide you in learning how to occupy your “busy” life in ways that feel more grounding and sustainable for a lifetime.

    BE more with yourself so you can BE with others.
    WEEK 7
    What is your why?

    As we start to wrap up our work together it is paramount that you have clarity about WHY you are even bothering to do this kind of rigorous growth work. Your WHY is about who you are on this planet, in this life, in your community and as a member of your family. This will help you down the road to come back to what matters to who you are as a woman.

    Tether to your "why".
    WEEK 8
    Putting it all together.

    After all of the embodied practices that you have been experiencing, the belief shifts that you have made, the strength that you have grown and the mastery that you have felt, we are going to put all of the pieces together so that you have a plan to stick to moving forward in your life.

    Integration is key to transformation.
    And a huge bonus...
    You get access to this online course for an ENTIRE YEAR.

    Feel free to go back and review your material or brush up as you need to. You have ample time to integrate the material and practice implementing at your own pace.


    You can rewatch any of the trainings so that you don’t miss a single thing! And if you are like a lot of my women clients, you know that you often learn at a deeper level when you review material a second or even third time!

    This is DIY style. 


    That means -- you get to walk yourself through your own healing journey, in your own time, at your own pace.

    ...get OUT of feeling stuck...
    This is the map to get you OUT of the old looping patterns in your relationship and INTO experiencing alignment, ease and connection with yourself and your partner.

    The investment is approximately the cost of one therapy appointment per week for 8 weeks...(except you will have an outcome at the end of the 8 weeks!).


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    At any time if you decide you want to transfer over to the 8-Week Relationship Mastery Program LIVE with Jenny and the other women, you are welcome to do so. I will apply what you have invested in this program to offset the cost of my 8 Week Relationship Mastery Program with personalized mentoring from me!

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