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Choose to FEEL Pleasure More

As I have asked for and aligned my life with my PLEASURE in 2023 I notice where I can brace against pleasure.⁣
Where I can hold my breath against the very things that I say that I want.⁣
I notice how my struggle-hustle-push patterns provided me with a MASSIVE DOSE of emotional scarcity which felt nOrMal and allowed me to be in my practiced state of SURVIVAL and my nervous system got to do what it has done for almost 5 decades…⁣
Now, that I am more supple, reflective and available to be my own witness, I see how EASY life can be but how practiced I am at making it hard.⁣
I see how even when I have loads of free space on my calendar, enough money to play for my needs, and a joyful marriage-community-family life my Old Cellular Patterning can hop too and create chaos, pick a fight with my husband or go down some wack-a-doodle mental path of how whatever-is-good-right-now is going to end.⁣
BUT!! Because I am on to myself, I notice.⁣
I witness.⁣
This morning I went and laid down in my grotto on the earth, I drummed, I prayed and I felt held by the tree canopy above while I watched the morning light play on the leaves.⁣
I breathed in the bird songs.⁣
I allowed the ants to bless me with their wee feet as they scurried along with their antly desert duties.⁣
What I have learned and what I practice daily is being available to pleasure in my BODY more and more each day.⁣
I breathe and notice.⁣
I breathe and feel.⁣
When the compulsion to rush, hurry or strive from a place of LACK takes over I lie down on the floor and recalibrate my being to the FREQUENCY, the REALITY FIELD, that I choose to live in.⁣
It is a full contact sport conditioning these bodies to open to the love, freedom, wealth and pleasure that is RIGHT HERE for you.⁣
May you be inspired to open just a smidge more today to FEEL pleasure more.⁣
That pleasure is the gateway, the portal, to a more coherent life.⁣

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