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The Pleasure Pod is a Dames collective for women desiring to lead their businesses (and their lives) by getting clarity on what they REALLY want (not what their coach-partner-the-world thinks), connecting with those delicious SENSATIONS OF PLEASURE and then organizing their businesses and their lives around those unique and likely uncommon desires.
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I am your Pleasure Priestess and Hostess...
Jenny Glick.
Here is what my clients say about me. :-)

"The depth to which Jenny shows up...
Is Unparalleled"

 Here are words from women who have worked with Jenny for years...

Mentoring and Retreat Participants

 Your program and my transformation into the 2.0 version of myself has been life-changing!

~ J. L., Graduate 

 This program is transforming my life and my marriage in so many positive ways.

~ C. A., Graduate 

 I could not imagine going through this year without you, Jenny ... it was a wild year and it was one of the best years ever.

~G. L.,  Graduate 

Really Spoke to Me...
It Was Exactly What I Needed

Rave Review
from Kara

Self-Study Course Graduate
Now I Can Meet People Where They're At

My Partner, My Children... and Myself

Rave Review
from Misty

Self-Study Course Graduate
Skeptical After Years of Therapy...
Now Designing Her Future and Making Positive Change!

[When I started with Jenny’s program my marriage was] Pretty much at rock bottom. I felt hopeless. [And now, we are] Moving forward, slowly, in the right direction. I have hope that we can make positive progress.

[Since starting this program] I have a pathway. I can see where I have contributed to the challenges we have had – something that was not clear to me before. I also feel changes in my relationships and in my work – most notably with my kids. I am much softer and spacious with them.

This program really hones in on how you can make changes. Therapy for us has tended to focus on the fires and how they could have been prevented. In other words, it feels past-focused, and we weren’t taking the lessons and adapting them to the future.

This program felt very future-focused, i.e., how am I going to design my future in the way that I would like? How am I going to change this dynamic to change my relationship? Where is my role in the current and how can I use it to influence the future?

I will TOTALLY RECOMMEND this program to all of my peeps!

I was super skeptical [about the investment], but I was also desperate for something more from my relationship, and I was unable to get traction anywhere else. We’ve been in therapy for years, I’ve read more than a dozen relationship books – but I wasn’t really focusing in on ME and what I needed to do differently.

Most importantly, this is really intensive – you have high access to a great therapist/leader and tons of interaction with other like-minded women who want the same thing from their own relationships. The calls and the community allow you to address your challenges and ask your questions in real time so you can put your skills to work in real time. The practice is so critical to success and this investment pushes you toward that practice.

It’s an intensive and insightful program that leads you to understand exactly how your role in your relationship is impacting the relationship, and how you can change your role and your perspective to make positive change. You can’t change anyone else, but you can change yourself, and making those changes inevitably has an impact on the ecosystem.”

K.D., Virginia

Are You Ready for Transformation Like This, Too?

One Positive Moment After Another
"I'm So In Love with My Life!"

"In a word, FANTASTIC!

I have embodied upleveled beliefs/thinking that has changed my life.  I have an authentic vibration that creates one positive moment after another.  

Seriously, my life is incredible!

And the interesting part - nothing on the outside has changed.  Not one thing.  The internal changes are EVERYTHING!  

I have been sick, my physical body has been through the wringer for a few weeks, but emotionally I stayed quite well and I'm sure that is helping me recover physically.

 I'm so in love with my life.

Thank you Jenny, thank you so very much.  Working with you is one of the most important decisions of my life.

B. C. Program Graduate

Clients are Raving on Social Media, too!
"Best Thing I Did!" "Life Changing" "5 Hearts"

From a Hot Mess Just Wanting Out...
to Collective Healing and Bedroom Escapes Again!

When I started with Jenny, I was a hot mess! I felt like I was duped from all the personal development teachings before this because I was so upset with myself in how I was reacting to my thoughts in general, not to mention mainly my marriage.

I wanted out, I was literally willing to be destitute to get as far away as I could, and literally suffering almost everyday feeling like I was in chains.

I can tell you the amount of freedom I feel now is a major change and life saver. Who would have known that just a couple weeks before a global pandemic, I was willing to walk away from a 16 year marriage to a man that I absolutely adore.

This [process] is by far way more practical and right up my alley in regards to language and accessibility. I will admit that the latest couples counselor we see together has been the most helpful [but], those meetings take a lot of energy and don’t offer as much helpful tools wise to integrate. What is more important, being happy or being right.

I literally traded in my entire small savings I had for myself, that I was going to use as the funds needed to move out, instead to use towards choosing my family.

Had I [gone] the route of moving out, I would be in isolation away from my kids, trying to manage quarantine with a wounded spouse, without a steady income to help pay for necessities, and no where near the actual real healing I obtained in this program.

Wow, to actually write that out makes me eternally grateful you came into my life, Jenny.

This could very well be the most important training of your entire life. This isn’t just a tickle your belly and make you feel good for a moment program.

It’s going to take you where you need to go, maybe even kicking and screaming, but gently guide you towards the most significant lifestyle teachings. [My husband has noticed.] Absolutely! He has recognized the diligence I’ve put forth in creating great strides for our collective healing.

And I must say, he has been very happy with our bedroom escapades, [too].


Rave Review from Elena

Self-Study Course Graduate

Rave Review from Linda

Self-Study Course Graduate

Are You Ready for Transformation Like This, Too?

My Marriage was a Train Wreck

Now, Our Attraction is Building and We Can Communicate!

[Before being mentored by Jenny, my marriage was a] train wreck. Completely disconnected. Zero attraction and so much contempt and feelings of hopelessness.

[Now,] we greatly appreciate each other. Our attraction is building and we have a totally different way of communicating. We both feel more safe and confident.

[Since the program] I’m very aware of the energy and stories I used to bring to my marriage [that were not helpful]. I see my role in how we ended up where we were. I now work to show up as my most compassionate, living self in order to get the marriage I want. This was all about what we can control, which is ourselves.

Loved the spiritual and mindfulness foundation which is very different than therapy.

What about the investment of time and resources? Divorce is more expensive.

Want a new marriage? Make the investment and you will get the return.

I can’t thank [Jenny] enough. [She] helped me during one of the most difficult times of my entire marriage and for this I am forever grateful.

[My husband] says I’m more approachable and he can see all the ways I’m putting in effort to love him. He’s glad we spent the money.


Like Speed Therapy and Worth Every Penny

[Since completing the program,] I have made a huge effort to celebrate, appreciate and feel grateful for my partner. And it is all coming back to me.

I feel a huge shift in how we are together, and how to work on our connection more.

How is it different from regular therapy? It’s like speed therapy! I have seen big and little shifts everywhere in 8 weeks. And with such attention from Jenny to my posts or emails.

I have never felt this supported in my life. Thank you so much, Jenny.

If you need a big shift and don’t want to lose any more time not feeling happy, this is worth every penny.

[My partner] has noticed more accountability, less blaming, more being together, less fights, a happier time together, and the big one – more, better, present sex!

H.M., Colorado

Rave Review from Michelle

Self-Study Course Graduate
Don't Wait Any Longer to Live the Life You Want!

 My energy has improved, my mood has improved, my relationship with myself has improved.

I feel inspired to grow and excited to know I can give myself the gift of joy.

Wow, this program is the key to the rest of your life. Every dollar spent went towards a new experience where I am in charge of showing up for myself and others with a higher caliber of love, compassion and excitement. It is worth every penny.

I loved the mindset of this program. In therapy we continue to work on our perceived problems and feelings. This program leaves that in the dust and helps me show up for myself and my relationship with softness, grace and ease. Therapy never seems to resolve the feelings or issues.

Jenny was a genius at helping me see my role in my relationship. She was able to boost my awareness, increase my capability to show up for myself and relationship and gave me the skills to change anything in my life.

Don’t wait any longer to live the life you want. 

AMP, Washington

My Relationship is Lively, Nourishing, and Transformed

 [Before this program, my marriage had] some good moments against a backdrop of low energy, low-grade tension, and little physical intimacy.

[Now, it’s] lively and nourishing to both of us; I would again describe my husband as my best friend and my happy place.

I now have the skills to adjust my own energy and thought patterns in ways that matter.

I knew I needed to do this but I had no idea how. Using these skills I now experience more joy and lightness in my marriage, and more physical intimacy with my husband.

This is an opportunity to stop over-thinking your relationship issues and instead take 100% accountability and learn what to actually do, daily, to change things.

What about the investment of time and resources? I would say that the investment is MORE than worth it IF you plan to make the work a priority for the next 8 weeks and put the effort in.

My relationship is transformed! My husband and I both would eagerly sign up and pay this much if we had it to do over. 

A.W., Ohio

Are You Ready for Transformation Like This, Too?

Gave Us the Tools to Get to the Intention We Desired, And Changed the Way I Love Myself and Others

Before Jenny’s program I felt argumentative, not a priority, disconnected, taken for granted [in my marriage].

[After the program] my marriage is my priority. It teaches me what I need to see the most and I think about it every single day.

I am more accountable, more anchored and clearer on how I choose to show up in this (and all) of my relationships.

[Unlike in couples counseling, in this program] we didn’t just pull out all the past bullshit, chew it up and spit it out. We worked in the present. We worked on setting up rituals for greater awareness and spirituality.

This work DOESN’T focus on the problems. Instead, it gives you the tools to do the work to get to the intention that you desire.

This program allowed me to get invested in something that matters to me, something that changed the way I love myself and the way I love others.

I will keep my lessons from this training with me forever and THAT is worth more than anything.


We Have an Incredible Marriage Now!

 …before the program, I would’ve likely said [that our marriage was] “fine.” Not extraordinary, not bad. Mostly good with some occasional big blips (knock-down, drag-out fights).

After finishing the program, though, and seeing such an overwhelming positive change, maybe it wasn’t as good as I thought at the time!

[Our marriage is now] exceptional. Steady in all the best ways. Consistently happy. Easy-feeling. Tender. Open. Joyful. Fun. Passionate.

I am [now] the woman I never imagined I was capable of being. I AM the peaceful, joyful, wise woman I used to look at with longing and wonder.

I find comfort in *me* and no longer feel fear during moments of joy that it might slip through my fingers. If I choose for it to stay within my grasp, that’s what will be. I AM EMPOWERED.

WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. What could possibly be more important and worthy of money than a lifelong relationship deeply-rooted in joy, strength, and true contentment? (Psst: the relationship I’m referring to is the one with yourself.)

[This is] a life-changing women’s group led by a brilliant mentor. Jenny expertly guides the members of the group to discover–through in-depth instruction, but also on their own, and through shared experiences–how to literally create the woman they want to be.

[My partner] has noticed a HUGE difference, and comments on it almost daily. Actually, he *thanks* me–for the work I’ve put into the program, and for dramatically shifting the energy of our home through that work.

Not only do we have an incredible marriage now, but our family is so solid and joyful.  The effects of my personal growth have spread into all aspects of our life. 

M.J., Colorado

I Feel So Much Lighter as a Human Being!

 [When I started the program my marriage was] good but felt uneven/uncertain at times.

I second-guessed my commitment long term and sometimes felt myself feeling a bit “crazy” with anxiety about the longevity/future.

[After completing the 7 week program with Jenny], we have a really open line of communication, clarity around a shared goal of love and longevity and a way to check in and talk about issues that feels so much easier and with far less judgement than in the past….

I feel so much lighter as a human being!!  It’s like I stepped out of my body and can now see more clearly how I am operating, how I am being (or not) and how what I’m doing is or isn’t aligned with my own stated goals (both personal and professional); I feel super clear and confident about who I am and how to use that clarity to guide my future in my personal life and in my professional life.

[We went to therapy in the past and], while I really liked the therapist we saw –it always felt like we weren’t quite getting to the real issues, there was still information/feelings being withheld or somehow not accessible.

This work [with Jenny] is super clear, sometimes super hard and really allowed me to look at me and ask myself “am I in?” and “what am I in for?” and am I being those things. It also gave me the ability to see my actions from the perspective of others in a way that somehow wasn’t accessible before, likely because I was still too busy trying to be right all of the time ; )

[My husband] has absolutely noticed a difference in me and so appreciates that I could actually understand his perspective and feelings in a way that I didn’t before.

But Crissy… this is a real investment of time, money and energy… is it really worth it?

“How much is the rest of your life worth!?!?!” 


Seize the Moment, and Dig In!
Nothing Else Worked - This Created Real Authenticity for Us

This [program is more like] a therapy session every day verses every month.

All the money spent on other ways has not worked [for us].

[This program offers] a unique view of what we bring to our marriage with daily feedback when needed.

This program affects all of your relationships in life and really creates an authentic you.

C. Hollis, Ohio

Are You Ready for Transformation Like This, Too?

"If your gut is telling yes, leave fear and trust the journey."

[Before starting with Jenny our marriage was] Solid…he’s my best friend who I adore and deeply respect but it lacked a depth of intimacy I desired.

[After the program I feel] More grounded and realized that I would become short or reactive over little things. Slowing down, learning to pivot and choose a fresh new way has brought us from a mostly playful marriage to one that’s more intentional.

Still growing towards a deeper intimacy, but feeling seen and valued so much more. [Now] I AM softer and more at ease with my husband but so those around me. So so good!!!  I also feel a new curiosity about him. How cool is that?

Best investment into myself I’ve made.

If your gut is telling yes, leave fear and trust the journey. Your new self is waiting for you just around the corner and it’s sooooooo good.

I’m no longer living with anxious thoughts, accepting my value and walking in an amazing new space of freedom and expectancy. The bonus is a deeper acceptance, love and respect for my beloved husband.

I will TOTALLY RECOMMEND this program to all of my peeps!

What if I told you there was a program that brings your heart, kind and spirit together in harmony? And as a result, the relationships in your life would blossom to a level of authenticity and depth that perhaps you didn’t know was even possible…this is what this program offers when you let go of fear and walk in who you were designed to be!

What a gift.

Joy, California

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