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Do life and work feel DELICIOUS to you?

Over the last 2 years I have been shifting HOW I do my work to be more and more in alignment with my DESIRE.⁣
And January 1, 2023 I decided this: I am only going to work in ways that feel DELICIOUS TO ME.⁣
I only want to work when and how I want. <– Do I sound like a spoiled brat? Notice what comes up for you when you read that! And remember…I SUPPORT MY FAMILY! My husband is starting a new career at 57yo, my 21 yo is doing the same…it is financially all on me so this declaration was HUGE…and terrifying!⁣
In this process, I have been stripping away so much programming around what I am “supposed” to do, how I am supposed to show up and the all of quiet beliefs that accompany those supposed to’s.⁣
What I have seen is this deep program that has lived in me that is so foundational that it feels like it is almost at the cellular level…that life needs to be hard.⁣
And if it is not hard:⁣
1) I should feel bad that it is not hard,⁣
2) I should be embarrassed about any ease, joy or pleasure that I have and hide it and/or⁣
3) I am liable to unconscious create chaos (hard!) in order to toggle back into the “normal” state of struggle.⁣
I know that I am not alone in this.⁣
We have all been drinking from the same cultural water hose, you and me.⁣
May 1st I began inviting women into a program that I conceived FULLY FROM MY DESIRE.⁣
Every single piece of it is because it is what lights me up, what and how I want to work, and what and how I want to show up in the world.⁣
There is no curriculum. <– The curriculum is in me and flows out of me intuitively…I trust that and I have been honing this skill for 25 years. And it works…ask any of the women who have been working with me over the last many years.⁣
There are not loads of video calls. <– The blue screen time was amplifying my perimenopausal “symptoms” so I stopped offering private sessions on video. We meet on the phone, I record and transcribe those calls, I suggest that you lay down in a comfy place while we talk or better yet sit outside on the earth for some nourishing sunlight.⁣
There is not a bunch of busy work. <– I don’t need to PROVE MYSELF TO YOU by OVER-GIVING a bunch of bonuses that you aren’t going to do anyway. The experience is the experience. I attract thoughtful women of substance who dip into our group sessions and then take those catalyzing experiences into their lives…and dance with new ways on BEING IN THEIR LIVES. The formula for their own becoming LIVES IN THEM (and is catalyzed in our gathering space) and their “homework” is being more them in their lives. There is no worksheet for that.⁣
22 Group Gatherings Monthly: These are PLAYFUL, fun, and often have music, laughter along with deep connection and tears. These are gathers that are so good that you DON’T WANT TO MISS THEM. I am not teaching you but rather using my expertise to IGNITE the spark in YOU.⁣
6 Private Sessions with me: These are (like I mentioned above) by phone where you will have a somatic EXPERIENCE of yourself. We drop right in and uncover parts of you that you did not know lived in you AND have powerful messages of wisdom for you in your life.⁣
Monday Morning Musings: Every week I will leave an audio message on Telegram specifically for this group. I will share what is alive in the field to support your continued becoming. These are often personal messages as we are walking shoulder to shoulder on this path.⁣
Community Connection: Private Telegram group so you can witness and be witnessed by the women on this walk with you.⁣
4 Group Biofield Tuning Session: My husband is a certified Biofield Tuner and basically…this stuff is wicked good. He will be clearing stuck energy that is in your field and is preventing you from being more of you…because EVERYTHING is energy.⁣
Monthly Gifties! It might be something in the mail or a playlist or a meditation but every month you will receive something to create more SHIMMER in your life and your experience.⁣
And there are a few other surprising developing too…but this is what I created from a place of JOY and PLEASURE.⁣
And you know what happened…more women enrolled that I had expected…by a long shot!⁣
I have been quiet the last few days because I was blown away — though I should not because I know that this is what happens when one stays committed to their desire while utilizing wise strategy.⁣
I have been quiet because I am LIVING THE EXACT LIFE that I want…and it is expanding my capacity to receive even more. ⁣
I have been quiet as I have been in deep gratitude that I have integrated how to use both STRATEGY (25 years of clinical skills, 12 years of being coached…i.e. the divine masculine) and SURRENDER (deep trust, listening to my own pleasure, relaxing, i.e. divine feminine).⁣
I have two more spots available for this amazing experience. If you are wanting to join us, there is still time. 🙂 I would love to have you step into more alignment with yourself so you can embody both surrender and strategy in your own life and experience the goodness that is born!⁣
DM me for info to enroll.
Be more you…the world needs it,⁣

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