Move from VICTIM to VICTOR...
your free training to move you into liberation, love and emotional freedom.
…a licensed marriage and family  and certified sex therapist...but for you I am a relationship mentor.

Married for over 20 years myself, I not only have all of the letters behind my name — I have the lived experience (which means the map) for taking you to the next level in your relationship and your life.

I am a relationship mentor for spiritually-minded women who feel stuck.

• stuck in communication.
• stuck in sex/intimacy/desire.
• stuck in connection.
I work with women who feel like they have tried everything and nothing has worked.
I offer an 8 week relationship mastery program that walks you step-by-step from feeling stuck to being liberated.

This experience has changed the lives of HUNDREDS of women.

My method works.
Once you see that your partnership is mirroring back to you the parts of yourself that are demanding growth...everything changes.

Your relationship is your CLASSROOM and it is designed to give you the exact feedback and ‘curriculum’ you need to develop the parts of yourself that MUST be developed for you to get on with the next level of your life and your marriage fulfillment.
The women whom I work with frequently see immediate results as they are implementing proven daily strategies to orient them OUT of living in reaction to their partner.

And instead, they are taking 100% accountability in their lives.

And accountability means you reclaim your power.
The truth is...

That next level might be repairing, healing and transforming your marriage.

Or it may be getting clarity, standing in your knowing and acknowledging that you are complete and ready to move on to what is next (yes, sometimes that means divorce and that is cool too).

Either way, this moment has exactly what you need to grow, learn and transform.
Is it worth it?

  • Having the a loving, honest partnership
  • Improving your physical health
  • Getting better sleep
  • Manifesting your dream life
  • Embodying your next-level self
  • Being a model example for your children of the kind of relationship that you would WANT them to have?
I teach what I have done myself in my own marriage.

I have gone from resentful and avoidant (with a period of being separated from my husband) to healed up, grown up,  and adventuring in an amazing life!

We sold our home in Denver, CO and moved to Mexico almost 2 years ago for a BIG family adventure with our then 17 year old son.

Here is a picture of us enjoying dinner at one of our favorite spots.

Currently, we are enjoying our "empty-nester" a second honeymoon with so much connection, joy and ease in life.

Not only do we have freedom to move around as we choose as we no longer have a kid at home...but I am FREE from all of the resentment, judgement and anxiety that I was needlessly living under.
Here is why you are stuck in your relationship.
  • You keep focusing on your partner and make it about them.

  • When you do that you are blind to what your partner is mirroring back to you.

  • You have not been introduced to HOW to manage the 70,000 thoughts a day that become a big barrier between you and your partner.

  • You have not learned to harness the relationship between your thoughts and feelings which perpetuate patterns and cycles of frustration with your husband, wife or partner.

  • I can help you change that.
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