Expansion Series:

Three Month Experience

*space is limited*

It is time for EMERGENCE.

  • To emerge is to become manifest
  • To come into view
  • To be seen
  • To become known

During this unique THREE MONTH cycle of the Expansion Series, we will be creating space to invite you to become manifest, be seen and be known to yourself and to others.

As we exit out of the dormant winter months and all that has transpired for so many in the last year, it is now time to emerge.

To emerge into all of Who You Are.

As I grow and expand in my own development, I understand how the full expression of Who I Am is my birthright and my greatest contribution to this planet.

I see in you, when you fully occupy the unique and beautiful expression of yourself, the more alive and vital you are in your life.

Life wants to move through YOU.

Life wants to experience Life through YOU.

Who You Are is divine and Who You Are matters on this earth. When you allow your full expression to come forward, you are a gift to those around you because you invite them to do the same.

In this series exclusively for graduates of the 8-week program, I will be inviting you to emerge more and more as the Essence of yourself.

This invitation will come through conversation, through movement, through ritual, through contemplation, and through the unexpected synchronicities that emerge when we are in community with one another.

This experience is for you if:
  • You feel grounded in the teachings from the 8-week program and want to further your mastery.
  • You are looking to connect with intimate community as you birth a project, launch a young adult, or make a big decision about your life.
  • You are longing for women's space and the rhythm of being in honest and real relationship with others.
  • You find yourself a bit afloat in your life and need to find your footing anew.

**This is NOT group therapy. This is not a place to park your problems however we will lovingly explore stuck place as you willingly allow yourself to be guided into expansion.

Program Overview
A Monthly Focus
Each month will have a theme for you to root into, explore and come into relationship with in yourself. You will have different activities (music to move to, journal activities, play activities, etc.) to engage with that will heighten your experience of the monthly focus.

Every month will be different to get ready for variety, the unexpected and to create some newness in your life!
Private meeting with Jenny
We will have one private meeting together during our time to help deepen your experience and organize yourself towards your emergence during our time together.
FB Group Space
As always, you will be invited into the Expansion private FB space where you can celebrate and find community with the other women and connect with Jenny throughout this journey.

New Moon Evening Rituals
We will experience the letting go and intention settings of evening NEW MOON ritual each month (May 11, June 10, July 9 at 7pm Central) where you will have a chance to name and let go that which is no longer serving you and claim that while you are birthing.

Three New Moons during our three month journey. Our journeys will be 60-90 minutes.
Small Group
We will experience small groups together (no more than 5 women per pod) for every other week meetings.

You will also be holding INTENTION for yourself and your pod members weekly. More details to come.

Seven meetings total.
Three Months to Emerge
  • 7 90-minute group pod sessions
  • One 60-minute private session with Jenny
  • 3 Evening New Moon Ceremonies (one led by Anna and two with Jenny)
  • Monthly focus and theme to include activities, invitations and play opportunities for your emergence
  • Access to the private FB Expansion space for community support

It is expected that you will:
  • Attend all Zoom Video calls with your Pod
  • Be in a quiet space to honor the sacredness of our space and time together (these are not drop in office hours).
  • Show up with yourself, for yourself, and for others in this space...your contribution matters in words and energy.

Pod Option #1 FULL
Wednesdays @ noon Central
May 5
May 19
June 2
June 16
June 30
July 15
July 29
Pod Option #2 STILL OPEN
Thursday @ 3:30pm Central
May 6
May 20
June 3
June 17
July 1
July 15
July 29

Two Options to Enroll

Have questions?
Email hello@jennyglick.com

One Time Payment

Pay by debit or credit card.
Per Month For 3 Months

Spread out the payments on your debit or credit card.

Why do it alone when you can do it in community of women?
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