Relationship Mentoring for Women
A PRIVATE FB group for married women or women in relationship who feel stuck and tired of having the same argument with their husband/partner.

In this group we will rock  your world by TURNING UPSIDE DOWN so much of what you have been taught about your relationship:
  • why the problem in your marriage ISN'T communication (but I know you think it is),
  • why couples counseling doesn't always work,
  • why asking yourself the questions 'should I stay or should I go" the the entirely WRONG question to ask,
  • and so much more...

Stop working on your marriage when it is not working...there is such a better way.

Does your spouse feel like a roommate?
Yeah, that sucks.
I know a thing or two about marriage...

Yes, I have lots of letters behind my name, have worked with families and couples for 20 years and have all of the certifications.


I've cracked the code in my own marriage. I was so stuck in my marriage that I went back to school to BE a marriage therapist and then a certified sex therapist to try and figure it all out. And when I was the expert myself and was STILL STRUGGLING -- I knew I needed to start thinking out of the box.

And I have...
Start focusing on what you can change and get results.

If you are still trying to "fix your marriage" and have been doing that for months, years or decades -- you can stop now! Yay!

If that was going to work, it would have worked by now.  Start focusing on what you have 100% control over and watch your relationship transform. For real.

Start putting your energy into something that will get you results.

Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT, CST

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist -- but for you I am a relationship mentor. That means that I GUIDE YOU into a new and transformed place in your relationship and your life. This is about *real* change with real women just like you. If it was going to change doing what you have been doing, it would have by now. So...let's get on with it.