Allow Prosperity, Embody Joy, Explore Pleasure

How available are you for synchronicities, marvelous coincidences and easeful prosperity in your life?

What if you could have more joy, more pleasure and more miracles without the struggle, the striving and the heaviness?

What if you could luxuriate even further out into the edges of your deepest desires and pleasure?

I know that you have tools. 

I know that you have strategies. 

And of course you have mindset skills.

You do not really need “help” because you are not really STRUGGLING. 

And goodness knows that you could do it yourself – kind of like you do most of your things…by yourself.

But what you appreciate and what brings you deep satisfaction is being guided, contained and led by another.

You are selective about who you spend your precious time with and the energy that you allow in your life. 

What you desire is highly curated containers with other women of substance, who are co-creating a deep and delicious space to receive, explore and transform.

After all of these years, you are ready to let it be all about you. 

You are, quite frankly, an extraordinarily unique creature and after all of the self-help, coaching, meditation and therapy — you feel good overall in your life.

Let me take a moment to celebrate you - you have come a long way, you have overcome obstacles and you have been willing to face incredibly difficult situations…and you made it.  

It is not that you NEED TO FIND MORE JOY in your life.  

No, there’s something else you desire… to explore the edges of pleasure and learn how to dance with more miracles….effortlessly.

You are not done.

You are ready to answer the question “What could be next?”

Here you stand at a new threshold.  One where it is possible to release more of your old patterns and truly surrender yourself into the goodness of life more and more to experience consistent ease, peace and really be pleasure-ready!

I would like to invite you in.

Into your next evolution, opportunity, and experience. 

Over the next 6 month journey we will do just that. Co-create a space to ignite miracles in your life by inviting in MORE of the LIFE you desire. In this experiential journey we will uncover and dive deep into your VISION for the next one year, five years and ten years.

We will also explore the 5 RHYTHMS of life each month to invite you into your edges of joy, pleasure, receiving, and deep bodily acceptance.

Each month will dive into a specific theme. 

In December we begin with VISIONING for 2023 and beyond. Next you will be enticed to experience more of LIFE through your senses - Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch and Movement.  

By leaning into 5 distinct rhythms delivered through music, I will invite you to explore your edges and tune into your BODY to activate the greatest insight in life… your truth about you as understood by your body.  

This journey is focused entirely on you, body and heart taking center stage and reinforcing that sacred connection to your own knowing and truth.  The rhythms we will explore include:

Each month you be invited to listen to a musical playlist and move your body (on your own in private) and explore parts of yourself that have been lost, forgotten, or left behind — your softer feminine, your playful vixen, your powerful warrior, your divine priestess and many many more.

In addition you will get access to:
  • Six Private Sessions: 60-minute monthly private session with me each month where we will engage in wild exploration together of what turns you on in life and how to weave that into your visioning for 2023.
  • Six Collective Ceremony Session: 90-minute monthly community touch points where we focus on the theme of the month through self and group inquiry. 
  • One BONUS JANUARY Play Session: bring your markers and paper! This 60 minute vision session is a special time to explore your vision, get support about your vision and create on your vision board for the next one, five and ten years.
  • Telegram Channel Access: to continue your community connection with one another between group sessions. This channel is to be used to VOICE YOUR HEART. I invite you to allow your head-chatter to rest so that our Telegram space is heart-forward to nourish the sacred…even though digital messaging.
  • Reflective Mastery Messages: Each week I will offer a message in our private Telegram Channel to hone in your vision, embodying your pleasure, and honoring the sacred in your life.
  • Monthly Musical Wave: a customized powerful compilation dance mix that guides your body and heart through the 5 rhythms so you can FEEL your way through this experience in an embodied, fleshy fleshy kinda way.
  • Surprise Tools: you will receive in the mail periodic tools to help you physically connect with our monthly theme and delight you during the most intimate and excavating parts of our journey together in service of your most divine self. 

We begin on Wednesday, December 7 at 10am PT and will meet the first Wednesday of every month at 10am PT (EXCEPT IN April due to my retreat. That month we meet April date may be a week later due to tentative retreat). January BONUS VISIONING SESSION is Saturday, January 14 at 10am PT).

Investment by November 20
$650 per month

Investment after November 21

$700 per month

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