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relationship & your life and
invigorate your marriage today
The 5 SHIFTS That Create Change NOW.
…a licensed marriage and family for you I am a relationship mentor.

Married for over 20 years myself, I not only have all of the letters behind my name — I have the lived experience (which means the map) for taking you to the next level in your relationship and your life.

I am a spiritual relationship mentor for women who feel stuck.

  • stuck in communication.
  • stuck in sex/intimacy/desire.
  • stuck in connection.

I work with women who feel like they have tried everything and nothing has worked.
Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...
I loved my sessions always felt amazing and cathartic, but then I went back to doing my normal life. Also, I feel like regular therapy is a lot of talking and reflecting on all the things. Rather than actually practicing doing the things in a different way. Over the course of this eight weeks we don’t actually spend that much time talking and being introspective about all of our stuff. We spend a lot more time practicing doing life in a different way and then reporting back on the doing.

I can already see how that investment has helped to bring positive shifts to my kids who I believe have the potential to go and do positive things in the world. With this investment I am learning how I can show up in the world differently and be a force for the things that I care about. I had previously worried that if I was happy and living in my own joy it would make me apathetic about the sh** storm that exists in the world. Not so! I’ve found that I can find joy and beauty in my existence AND that helps fuel me to get out of bed and affect the change I want to see in the world.

This program offers you a roadmap to finding your own joy. It doesn’t deliver you a new partner. But it will offer you very tangible ways to find joy in your life. And when you show up differently, crazy things will start to happen around you. It doesn’t mean it will start raining glitter and you’ll never experience hardship or sadness. You will. But you’re going to have the foundation to accept life in a very different way.

Jessica, Denver

Program Graduate

The change within me has been transformational and freeing. I have learned to practice listening to, loving and celebrating myself. I have allowed myself to accept and embrace the present moment and not live in the past or future. I choose how I want to show up and experience the world and no longer rely on my partner or external factors to dictate how I experience life. And most importantly I have a language, tool kit, practice, commitment and community to expand upon this growth going forward 🙌💗 I am very frugal and it was quite an investment and I do not regret one dime of it. My marriage and my happiness and joy in this life are worth it. If I had known how different I would feel, I would have paid even more.

AJH., Colorado

Program Graduate 

What I would say to a friend is this, "It changed my life for the better, and quickly, and it was worth every penny as I could not have gone through my "bomb-dropping experience" without Jenny's help.

Christina, Santa Fe

Program Graduate

[When I started the program, I was...] holding my breath. DESPERATELY wanting my partner to change. Feeling bleak and out of control.

Breathing deeply and freely. Knowing that I have a constant in myself and seeing the value firsthand of releasing control over my partner as he has softened and come to respect me as much as I do him.

I'm not grasping any longer. I feel so much lighter. I feel so much more capable. I am excited for the day. I have let go of guilt, doubt and control BIG time. And when they show up I thank them, anchor, do my reps and take that feedback with me to my state of BEing in 2.0. I've read, felt and from time to time done some of this work, but now I AM this work. It IS ME. I AM FREE.

How grateful I am that this shoe fits so beautifully. It was all I could want in a program in terms of the kind of work and focus it brought.

I said days before my first call with Jenny, 'I'm not the problem, he is.' THIS was my invitation to wake up to endless possibility. This was my way of asking the Universe to throw everything upside down in order to right my way. By saying it was 'his problem' I was giving my husband all the power and in turn, my sense of control was through the roof. I have a new outlook on life, I am LIVING a new life, and I am more content, relaxed and in LOVE with myself, my partner and the world than I have ever been before. You want what I'm having?? Call Jenny!


Program Graduate 

[After the program], I feel more centered for sure, I feel like I'm integrating 20 plus years of accumulated wisdom and have shed at least 15 years worth of old stories and lies. I feel my leadership confidently, because it is integrated with heart now.

So, hard to compare [to therapy] beyond this program feels more precise, more structured, and way more helpful than any therapy I've ever done for sure.

[I would describe this as] soul work, intense, supported (which made the intense bearable and even fun), lively and lovely.

M.L, New Hampshire

Program Graduate

Before the program, my marriage was fragile and tender. We'd have calm periods and then circle back to the cycle of blow ups over the same issues; lack of connection (emotional & physical). It was difficult to talk about these issues and I was angry and had a lot of negative energy.

Since the program, I have been able to lovingly discuss the issues and have been able to see how I was contaminating my marriage with low frequency vibes. We haven't had a blow out since I started the program.

I am practicing letting go of anger and resentment. I choose to focus on the positive by starting my day with a morning practice of gratitude, I am statements and meditations. I now have tools to anchor and connect with myself and decide how I want to show up in the world.

So different!! The amount of information in the program, the group support and sharing of experiences, the phone calls and all the examples of a new way of believing/thinking. Therapy did not provide the tools, the repetition and the practice. It was good for awareness but did not provide the necessary life changing tools to succeed for me.

I would say that it is worth it because you are worth it. There is tremendous value in learning to love yourself and bring that love to everyone in your path.

This is a commitment to spending a lot of time to focus on yourself to learn how to truly love and be accountable to yourself. It's a transformation from who you are now to who you really want to be for yourself and your loved ones. It's work but an opportunity to grow and create a new reality free of suffering.

R.J., California

Program Graduate

Earlier this year, I was not in a great place in my marriage or my life. I was struggling more than I had been in years, and I knew I needed a change....Though I was not considering ending my marriage, I was concerned that we may live the rest of our lives together unhappy. The daily snips, the miscommunications, the misunderstandings, and the resentment from both of us were wearing me down. I wanted to feel connected, I wanted to be willing to be vulnerable, and I wanted to participate in a loving partnership as we moved out of the 'having little kids' phase in our life. I did not know how to make that happen, even after trying hard on my own.

Things in my marriage have drastically changed. Just this weekend we had a long conversation about our wants and needs, and it didn't end with me stomping off because I felt unheard or frustrated. I was able to say things to my husband in a way that I could not before- and he was able to respond in ways that he would not have before. It took lots of intentional guided work on my end for the past few months...and for me it started with myself, how I approached my work, how I parented, and how our home functioned. After the foundation of all of those things were set - and also along the way- I was able to be present in a completely different way in my marriage. My work changed our relationship, and it has been life altering. I know there will still be challenges, but I also know how to navigate those bumps in the road with the techniques, resources, accountability and completely new outlook I have on myself.

It is hard to describe in words how vastly different I am from a few months ago. I am now a better version of myself. I am able to live my daily life feeling centered and with intention. I have a vision of what my life will look like from here on out -- a vision that I truly love. I have direction, and solid ways to implement that direction. I have a community of like minded people, and accountability to my shifted mindset both from myself and others that understand. Every one of my relationships experienced a positive change. I can set boundaries that work for me, and still fully engage in my friendships, with colleagues, with my kids and with my husband. I have embraced the changes I needed to make with an open mind, and Jenny helped me map out the places I needed to focus on and gave me direction on how to make that happen. I wanted change, even though that can be scary....but I was willing because I wanted a more deeply connected marriage and to find the things that were missing in my life. I cannot say how beautiful and life-altering this transformation has been. This program was everything I was looking for (even though I wasn't sure what exactly I needed... I just knew I needed *something*) and MORE!

I have done lots of individuals therapy over the years, and with much success. It has set me up to be in a place that I could be ready to do the work I did in this program with the amount of change that resulted for me. But, I had been looking for more. I wanted to dig deeper, and even my wonderful therapists were not guiding me in that direction. I wanted to understand more about myself. I wanted to take accountability in order to live a more fulfilled life. I could not find a therapist that could take that approach with me, and certainly not anyone who could help me make that much progress within a few months. The consistent nature of Jenny's program along with the amazing way she can get to the heart of what you need with love and effectiveness is unparalleled.

And I will say it was the best unplanned investment I've ever made, hands down! There is no way I can place a value on what I've learned. I had to get creative to come up with the money, and now that I'm done and understand how things are on the other side, I would have paid even more for the things I gained in this program. I originally decided to do a call with Jenny to see if there was potential for me to improve my marriage. When I realized that all the other parts of my life could improve as a result of this program too, I was sold. The icing on the cake has been that I think of money completely differently now and that shift alone will more than paid back in a lifetime of higher income potential for me. I'm SO glad I made the decision even though it was a leap for me to spend the money.

Simply put, this program is magical. But not magical in a way that is vague- it is intentionally created, thoughtfully implemented, brilliantly guided, and wonderfully supportive. The work is methodical, deep, high level, and well outlined. The work is your own. But you have Jenny's shining light to help you every step of the way- and wow, is she there to serve you! And the results are simply magical!

Yes, he knows for sure that the frequency of our home has changed, that our communication has changed, and that our intimacy has changed. All of this without me saying in particular what I was doing or how I was making it happen. But I know he sees the change because out of the blue the other day he said to me "You are working so hard, and I appreciate all the things you are doing". That was the biggest compliment after months of my own work that he could see the difference and share that observation. I'd say that I'm not working harder than before- just smarter!

Jen, New York

Program Graduate 

Wow, this program is the key to the rest of your life.

In therapy we continue to work on our perceived problems and feelings. This program leaves that in the dust and helps me show up for myself and my relationship with softness, grace and ease. Therapy never seems to resolve the feelings or issues.

Jenny was a genius at helping me see my role in my relationship. She was able to boost my awareness, increase my capability to show up for myself and relationship and gave me the skills to change anything in my life. Don't wait any longer to live the life you want.

AMP, Washington

Program Graduate

"[This is] a life-changing women's group led by a brilliant mentor. Jenny expertly guides the members of the group to discover--through in-depth instruction, but also on their own, and through shared experiences--how to literally create the woman they want to be."

M.J., Colorado

Program Graduate 

I knew I needed to do this but I had no idea how. Using these skills I now experience more joy and lightness in my marriage, and more physical intimacy with my husband.

This is an opportunity to stop over-thinking your relationship issues and instead take 100% accountability and learn what to actually do, daily, to change things.

A. W., Ohio

Program Graduate 

[Unlike in couples counseling, in this program] we didn’t just pull out all the past bullshit, chew it up and spit it out. We worked in the present. We worked on setting up rituals for greater awareness and spirituality. This work DOESN’T focus on the problems. Instead, it gives you the tools to do the work to get to the intention that you desire. This program allowed me to get invested in something that matters to me, something that changed the way I love myself and the way I love others. I will keep my lessons from this training with me forever and THAT is worth more than anything.

AMP, Washington

Program Graduate

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