Real talk about
living your ashram
of marriage

Decide. Show up. Transform.

It is one thing to go to a yoga retreat and get your's another to live your zen in your marriage

Let’s talk about how to live in your marriage as if you were “on your mat” — this isn’t about CHANGING for your partner…this is about UPleveling yourself.

Recent episodes

from one of our graduates:

“Wow, this process is the key to the rest of your life. Every dollar spent went towards a new experience where I am in charge of showing up for myself and others with a higher caliber of love, compassion and excitement. It is worth every penny.


I loved the mindset of this program. In therapy we continue to work on our perceived problems and feelings. This program leaves that in the dust and helps me show up for myself and my relationship with softness, grace and ease. Therapy never seems to resolve the feelings or issues.


Jenny was a genius at helping me see my role in my relationship. She was able to boost my awareness, increase my capability to show up for myself and relationship and gave me the skills to change anything in my life. Don’t wait any longer to live the life you want.” ~

AMP, Washington
Program Graduate July 2019