Sacred Self-Trust: 12 Week
Transformation PRIVATE Experience
You are here because it is time to
come into deep alignment with your SACRED SELF.

You are ready to experience the sweetness of alignment
with how you SHOW UP

in ALL aspects of your life:
professionally, personally and spiritually.
Two payment options are available.
Now is the time to lean into your WHOLE SELF MORE.

Imagine…living your beautiful life with the successes in your relationships, your business and in your family from an internal, embodied sense of ease, joy, and enoughness.

Imagine…knowing in your bones that releasing and surrendering is where the gold lives at this next stage of development? <— and that this is not just some woo woo mental concept.

I know that you have done lots of personal growth work, mindset work, therapy, meditation, yoga…truly the list goes on and on, right? 

And you ARE successful in life but sometimes you still feel trapped or bored.

It just seems like there might be something else that is not mindset or strategy or more therapy or OM-ing on the mat.

And, you are right.

That SOMETHING ELSE is partnering with your own INNER KNOWING.

And allowing your inner TRUTH to guide your life by listening to your BODY and your DESIRE...paying attention to *what feels good*.

Experiencing the EDGY THRILL of both listening to what you want and prioritizing it in your life. This means asking for and receiving more play, pleasure, money, laughter, fun, sex, travel or *whatever* curls your toes with delight.

Getting up close and personal with exactly WHAT “curls your toes with delight” (because let’s be honest…you might not even know anymore!).

Creating coherence with what you WANT and with what you are ASKING FOR professionally and personally. You will practice asking for what you want with your colleagues, clients, friends, and family.

Designing the tempo that serves you optimally in your life. Let’s no longer be beholden to a calendar that you dread and stop working with or for people who do not light you up. It is totally 2019 to feel sick to your stomach when you look at your calendar.

What may be missing in your life is the very INNER KNOWING that you continue to edit out. 

And you edited out that TRUTH because you believed that you could not trust it. That you could not trust yourself.

It is EXHAUSTING to continue to put your knowing on the back burner…until you meet the next financial goal, your kid gets through college, or you have a clearer plan.

The emotional fatigue and soul-sucking-depletion that you experience by ignoring the KNOCKING ON YOUR HEART that is asking for attention is real.

And that NIGGLING FEELING that you are missing out on a *really* important part of your experience in this life…it has valuable guidance for you.

You have come to a place where you do not know HOW to change it and you know that none of this will change on its own.

But you *know* that something else wants to unfold in you…maybe a creative offering, a shift in your professional career or in HOW you work in your field, attending to your erotic self more and bringing that to your relationship, or deepening into that spiritual practice in an everyday-way where you are expressing your soul’s call on this planet more.

You are at a time in your life when you want someone else to co-create space where you can be seen so you can boldly step into this expanded version of you…and you do not want to do it alone.

You know that the best bet that you can ever make is on yourself. 

You want attention, roominess, and elegant space to unfold so that you can attune to this new frequency of ease, abundance, receptive pleasure, delight and feminine magnetism that you long for.

Having been a licensed marriage, family and child therapist for over 15 years and working with families for 25 years professionally, I have seen firsthand how people can gloss over the gold hidden behind their desire by focusing on trying to FIX THEMSELVES (it is not about fixing you - cuz you were never broken) or learning to settle for a half-lived life.

This invitation is reserved for women who:

  • Are taking 100% accountability for ALL ASPECTS of their lives and therefore understand that self-inquiry, self-knowledge and “sacred selfishness” is a vital part of their wholeness.
  • Are willing for this space to be 100% about them…not getting bogged down by the content of the story in their lives but rather the parts of themselves that emerge through the story.
  • Are committed to participating actively in their own experience of becoming in this three month container.

What I know is that the soil of your own life continues to be the best place to unearth your wholeness. 

You are invited into this private mentoring experience

Sacred Self-Trust: Private Mentoring Experience

  • Six Recorded Learning Sessions that focus on HOW to live in deep relationship with yourself, your desires and create meaningful coherence in all parts of your life (about 45 minutes each).
  • Six Recorded Integration Sessions these are bite-sized offerings (10-20 minutes each) to support you in embodying sacred self-trust in your life.

  • 9 Private Mentoring Sessions with Jenny we meet for 60 minutes to guide and support you in how you are living in alignment with your desires. Bring your questions and reflections for our live and lively conversations.

  • Depth-oriented exercises to activate and lead you into a lived experience with yourSELF. As you begin to orient your life around your desires, you will uncover the shadowy parts that stamp on the brakes along the way…I will show you have to dance with these shadow bits.

  • Private correspondences with Jenny via Voxer, text, WhatsApp, Telegram or email. Please notify Jenny of your preference. This is “light” support to keep you on course during our work together. These correspondences are available Monday - Friday 9am-3pm MT (excluding holidays).
Two payment options are available.
As long as you are in bed with PRODUCTIVITY as a primary source of pleasure and as long as you continue to prioritize the NEEDS OF OTHERS over your own, the further you move away from who you are as a woman, partner, mother, creator or visionary in the world.

You came to this world to be an expression of ALL OF YOU – even the parts that kick up discomfort in other people! 

Welcome in!
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