Private Mentoring
Are you ready for it to be ALL. ABOUT. YOU?

YOU are what you have been looking for.

I know that you don’t want an automated program — you have done enough of those.

And you are uninterested in some big Facebook group or huge Zoom group meeting with dozens or hundreds of people — you don’t feel SEEN or WITNESSED in those spaces.

After all of the therapy, the mindfulness practices and the mindset work that you have done…you want to unfold yourself in an elegant,

S P A C I O U S container customized just for you.

You want it JUST. THE. WAY. YOU. LIKE. IT.

Breathe THAT in for a moment.

Imagining having it just the way that you like it.

Do you even know what you would like?

Mmmm…that is exactly what we will be exploring together.

In my 6 month and one year private mentoring experiences you are invited to come into conscious relationship with all of you in profoundly new ways.

After over 20 years of working with people, I know that to be healed is to be WHOLE.

And your wholeness happens over time as you are willing to be with all of your parts. Together we will explore your desires, your longings, and your dreams.

We will also explore your shadow parts, the parts of you that you hide and the parts that you have deemed the Bad Girl.

We will discover together the parts of you that might feel like they are Too Much and untangle them from Shame or Self-Muting.

You will quickly see the parts of you that Don’t Want To Ask for what you really want because you don’t want to seem needy or be a burden to others.

All of your parts have something FOR you and this private experience invites you to get to know more of you.

Not because these parts need “fixing” but rather because as they unfold and emerge these parts allow you to be more in the FLOW of your life…in FULL EXPRESSION of who you are.

And isn’t that why you are here? To be a FULL expression of yourself?