Professionals Consultation Group
September -November 2021

Program Details
Our Dates:
1st & 3rd Fridays at 12:0pm Central Time 
(find your local time here), 90 minute sessions

September 3 and 17
October 1 and 15
November 5 and 19

Our Format:
The first 45 minutes (-ish) will be me teaching supporting you in creating structure for weaving this method in with your clients or students. Topics to be covered include:
  • Orienting Yourself to Your Highest Potential
  • Bringing Awareness to Your Fears, Scarcity Programming and Beliefs
  • Your Orientation to Your Client
  • Choosing Clients for This Method and Contraindications
  • Framing the Method
  • Creating Solidarity With Your Client's Highest Potential
  • Walking in the Unknown With Your Clients
  • And more...

**Your questions will greatly inform the shape of the course so I encourage you to participate in our process.

The second 45 minutes will be LIVE Q&A. Bring your questions. If you are unable to participate live, you will have an opportunity to message me your questions and I will answer them on the call and you will receive the recording.

Our How:
We will meet via Zoom -- VIDEOS *CAN* BE OFF for participants. These meetings will be recorded. I want to ensure your anonymity and will suggest that you cloak yourself by changing your Zoom name if you do not want to be recognized on the recording. You will have access to the recordings for SIX MONTHS to review material or if you miss a session.

Our Why:
I am committed to mentor professional women who are graduates of my 8 week method to integrate the core teachings and principles into their professional offerings and lives.

What I know is, when you step into TEACH this method through EMBODYING the principals, you are on a fast track to personal growth. Whether you use it with your clients, patients, students, colleagues or in your professional life at large, you are AWAKENED to accelerate your transformation.

When you become more awake in your professional life (that means with money, time, service and purpose) of the 1.0 practices of scarcity, blame, fear, and addiction to certainty that you are tangled up in, you will see an entirely new opportunity to pivot into a 2.0 higher potential.

I want you to SOAR in your professional life. I want you to have WEALTH of time, love, pleasure, joy, finances, and connection. I want you to SERVE in ways that feel deeply congruent to your heart and soul.

I want to support your voice, your KNOWING, and your service in the world that we might magnetize a higher frequency of humanity...especially during this time of discord. Discord invites us to use the power of harmonization in our families, businesses and our civic life.

Harmonization begins with your CLARITY and DISCERNMENT professionally. You are not simply going through the motions anymore in your relationships or in your business. You are taking radical responsibility to shine yourself more authentically into your professional spaces...EVEN WHEN it feels scary, vulnerable or difficult.

Especially when.

Because one of the important parts of being a cutting edge wayshower is staying hip to technology...I will be offering an opportunity to connect via TELEGRAM during our 3 months together. Personally, I am becoming fatigued with FB and looking to move off of the platform completely in the next 12 months if possible. That means, I get to EXPAND into new platforms so I will be beta testing Telegram with your cohort for the first time.

Our Telegram channel will be a place to post questions to the group, receive regular MUSINGS from me, and to LEARN SOMETHING NEW (Telegram...what?!)! New tech can be so daunting for here is a comfy option to step in with friends. ;-)

Because this is a new offering, you will have an opportunity for a dramatic discount plus EARLY BIRD PRICING, a one-time payment of $600 (enrolled by August 24) for this entire program.

After August 24, the enrollment rate is $700.

One Time Payment

3 Monthly Payments

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