"Couples therapy helped for a while but then it was back to the same 'ole same 'ole..."
This is an offer for women who have been struggling for many years with feeling emotionally disconnected from their spouse or partner, despite having deep connections with friends, community and even their own spiritual practices.⁣
This is not about hope.
It is about taking action to design, embody & flourish in the life that you want.
I will walk you directly into the relationship, marriage & life that you have been wanting for years.
This is for you if you KNOW the importance of being loving and compassionate with YOURSELF and others - but struggle to show up that way in your most intimate relationship, and you know you are contributing to some of the disconnection you feel.⁣

I personally mentor you over 10 weeks on three core components:⁣
I have you for a ‘bootcamp’ of sorts where you will be invited to create alignment between what you say you want in your life and actually showing up to make it happen.

This is the "how" to be the higher version of you in YOUR LIFE -- with your home, your family, and your partner.

We will dive into the thoughts, emotional states, behaviors, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. And I will personally help you create a new constellation of daily routines and habits to support the new architecture of your life.

This experience is about APPLYING HIGHER LEVEL CONCEPTS to you regular old life to dramatically shift the paradigm in your reality.

[Don't worry, we will have twice weekly group calls to help guide and support you in implementing this alignment.]

Currently, you are running your old belief system that is looping you back into your old feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Yes, I know that you probably meditate (or at least think about it) but I am talking less about formal meditation and more about learning to REALLY live in the present moment.

Many women are lamenting the past or fretting about the future. ⁣

When you bring one or both of those into where you are right now, you are going to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Learning how to LIVE FULLY in the spacious, open present moment where new possibilities exist for yourself and with your partner is key to creating something fresh, VITAL and new...[even when it may seem like the world is in a tailspin!]⁣

This experience lasts for 10 weeks because you WILL be challenged in your life during this time.

You will have that same, old argument with your partner, you will suffer something unexpected or you will be brought to your knees by a family interaction.

Your old patterning will knock you off course. <-- I want this!

I am looking for this to happen because when it does you get to put your new patterning into action.

You receive custom, VIP support every step of the journey because transformation happens when you learn to pivot out of the old way of being into the new way of showing up in your life.

Everything You Need To Get You There
Over our 10-week relationship mastery program, you will be led through a comprehensive experience to walk you step by step into more ease, connection and even love in your life, for yourself and with your partner.

The women who experience the most exceptional results:

  • have been in the self-help/personal growth path for years but struggle with APPLYING the concepts in their own relationship.⁣
  • are prepared to get results now and know that commitment and consistency are key to make that happen.⁣
  • excel when they are led by an expert and this kind of mentor relationship helps accelerate their own commitment to themselves and their own growth.⁣

The investment in this program is 5-figures and is tiny compared to logging another year of loneliness, the physical issues that stress and disconnection cause, plus the mental anguish of wondering if you should stay-or-go in a marriage.⁣

Email hello@jennyglick.com if you are interested in applying.

A well-trained clinician who developed a unique system that WORKS to get real results in relationships.
What our clients say...
It is hard to describe in words how vastly different I am from a few months ago.

I am now a better version of myself.

I am able to live my daily life feeling centered and with intention. I have a vision of what my life will look like from here on out — a vision that I truly love. I have direction, and solid ways to implement that direction. I have a community of like minded people, and accountability to my shifted mindset both from myself and others that understand. Every one of my relationships experienced a positive change. I can set boundaries that work for me, and still fully engage in my friendships, with colleagues, with my kids and with my husband. I have embraced the changes I needed to make with an open mind, and Jenny helped me map out the places I needed to focus on and gave me direction on how to make that happen. I wanted change, even though that can be scary….but I was willing because I wanted a more deeply connected marriage and to find the things that we're missing in my life. I cannot say how beautiful and life-altering this transformation has been. This program was everything I was looking for (even though I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed… I just knew I needed *something*) and MORE!

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to work one-on-one with Jenny.
I totally get that and I do hear that a lot. But here is the thing. You are working with us to get an OUTCOME…not to hang out with me. 😉 Even though you will be learning SO MUCH from me during the process. This program has been designed to get you from point A to point B — and the best way to get you there is to follow a proven system that has worked for many many women before you.
Will it work for me?
I don’t know until we have a call. Because until we are crystal clear on what your PROBLEM is, I can not offer you a solution. It’s the reason why you cannot click a button and purchase the program without a call with my team. We are in it to get results so #1 we have to be sure that we do exactly what it is that you need. And number #2, you must be ready to DECIDE to dive it. #2 is equally as important as #1 because as long as you stay more committed to your problem, no one can walk you to a solution.
Why am I the one who has to do all of the work? What about my spouse?
Sure. The truth is that you don’t. You can keep doing what you are doing. But you are probably here because what you are doing is not working…which means you need to do something different. Until you do that, you are going to keep getting the same results.

I am sure that your partner has their own growth work that they need to be doing as well.. I am guessing that you telling them to change is not moving the dial — and is possibly causing more conflict.

So, let him do him. And if you are one of the extraordinary women who is willing to simply take 100% accountability for yourself…you my friend can move mountains! Let’s move them together!
You want to keep your problem.
Here’s the truth. We have a powerful SOLUTION to get you the OUTCOME in your marriage. Period. What we do works. However, YOU MUST BE COMMITTED which means, you have to decide first if you really even want the solution to your problem. You know that saying, ‘be careful what you ask for…you might get it!’. You might be shocked at the number of women whom we talk to who say that getting their outcome is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for them as they have been suffering for decades. And yet…when presented with a solution as soon as there is struggle (and welcome to live…there are ALWAYS challenges):…all of the sudden KEEPING THE PROBLEM is more important.

If you would prefer to keep your problem. That is 100% your choice. And if you really want a solution, get ready to get uncomfortable as that is the only way that you are going to get it.
You want to stay comfy.
If you really want a solution, get ready to get uncomfortable as that is the only way that you are going to get it.

Think about it — you don’t get a six pack by laying around on the couch all day! You have to do some things that feel uncomfortable…you have to put your body into new positions that stretch it. It takes time. It requires commitment. You must invest to make it happen (a gym membership, a trainer, running shoes, music, etc). People who make their physical health a priority commit…and they get their outcomes.

The same is true with your relationship transformation. We are going to invite you to get in there…roll up your sleeves and commit. And here’s the thing, there are 100 reasons to stay in your comfort zone but only one to get out of it. We get out of our comfort zone ONLY when we are ready for our lives to transform.
You want someone else to do all of the work.
Here’s the thing:

We have the map.
We know the trail.
We will give you so much support and guidance.
You will even get some goodies along the way!
And we will cheer you on every step of the trail.

But at the end of the day, YOU have to walk your ass up the hill. 😉 No one on my team is going to carry you.

The mountain is yours to climb…one foot in front of the other. And I promise you will be challenged along the way (“Hello, Life!”)…that is simply how it goes. When it feels tough, we will be there to support, guide and cheer you to the next rest stop. But make no mistake, no one can put you on their back and walk you up your own mountain. That is your invitation.

And oh my goodness is it ever worth it!
Who we do work with
Women who are radically committed to their own growth, evolution and betterment.
Women who have ‘tried everything’ and feel like nothing has worked.

Women who are ready to be guided by an expert mentor to a new level of freedom, vitality, and joy.

Women who are ready to: DECIDE. SHOW UP. TRANSFORM.
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