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Three Month Experience

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November - January 2022
Three EVENINGS per month
6pm Pacific Time

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Program Overview
We are about to enter into a winter hibernation, distanced from our communities, where our fears and uncertainties will be magnified. 

Our culture continues to invite us to step once again into a way of operating:
through fear and uncertainty.

And while there are very real fears and uncertainties that are actually occurring, we are expected to…. 

  • Go it alone. 
  • Grin and bear the hard stuff…. “We all have hard stuff…. “
  • “These are just the cards you were dealt, so deal.”

And you may be entering this upcoming season feeling anxious due to the current state of our world, or of day to day life as it unfolds in the winter  and holiday season.

Or perhaps you are entangled in feelings of depression amplified in wintertime, and isolated from your community.

Reminded again and again to ''just deal''.

Deal alone with your fears and uncertainties and suffer.

And as you step into this period of winter, you not only see a magnification of your fears and uncertainties, but a time of stagnation.

You step into the “holiday highway”, distracted by the world around you, hibernating your internal alignment.

Like your animal friends, when they hibernate, they slow down to survive….

You can slow down your focus on alignment, to make room for and JUST SURVIVE all that is of your holiday experiences. 

And what if you chose differently?

What if you joined with other women in a collective sisterhood

  • to witness and honor your fears and uncertainties,
  • to flush them out,
  • to realign to your core,
  • to expand yourself into adopting, or reigniting, practices where you continue to nourish your body, your minds, and your heart? 

In this 3-month series you are invited to:

  • Turn the mirror from the world, within, exposing your shadowed fears and uncertainties

  • Witness and honor your fears and uncertainties

  • Determine how your fears speak, live, and feel in your body, mind, and heart 

  • Refine and align to what you need for your body, mind, and heart

  • Deeply nourish yourself through practices of meditation, movement, and more.

You may be saying, “ok well this sounds wonderful in theory, BUT, how?”

Over the course of our 3 month series we will: 

  • Have  9  zoom video sessions (all meetings will be recorded and sent to you) for 75 minutes each

  • Each month will have an intentional topic.
    • November / Body 
    • December / Mind 
    • January / Heart (Soul)

  • 3  intentionally focused meetings per month. 
  • (1) Honoring 
  • (2) Refining & Aligning 
  • (3) Nourishing

Dates (2 Mondays and 1 Sunday each month)
Monday, November 8   
Monday, November 22 
SUNDAY, November 28

Monday, December 6
Monday, December 20
SUNDAY, December 26

Monday, January 3
Monday, January 17
SUNDAY, January 23

  • Each meeting will be held at 6PM (Pacific Time)

  • Each month and each session you will be guided through an exploration of these areas. Creating space for you to honor, understand, and rise into how it is you want to exist in this season of your life. 

  • A private facebook group space just for our group.
    • Here we can discuss in more detail around our sessions, support around the monthly topic and meeting focus. 
    • Bonus meditations, and additional ways you can nourish your body, mind, and heart, this winter  and holiday season. 
Questions? Message Anna at Anna@jennyglick.com
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