I know in my bones that this time is inviting us as women to be in sacred circle with one another.

For laughter, for tears, to be witnessed, to witness and to weave together the deep prayers of our hearts and our wombs that we may create this world anew.

The old hustle is not working.  The old striving is killing us.

There is a more feminine way and the bedrock of that way is connection, intimacy with other women and the experience of walking together over days, weeks, and months.

You are not alone.

You thinking that you are separate is a lie that keeps you in suffering and prevents you from experiencing your own magnificence.

You thinking that you are broken, wrong, or unsafe prevents the world from receiving the medicine that you have that can sooth, enrich and revolutionize this moment in time.

Your full expression matters deeply.

I am inviting you into this simple space of sacred connection for women of substance. Women who are conscious, accountable, aware and willing at this moment to experience the marvelous sacred in the everyday mundane of life.

We meet once monthly as a group collective. I will lead an intention/prayer to anchor our space. You will enjoy being held in sacred space through my leadership and the open-hearted participation of the other women.

Each session, I will offer a brief teaching relevant to the energy in the space rich with spirituality and depth psychology to inspire you to reflect and self-inquire afresh.

Sometimes we will remain in large group to endeavor together through conversation, reflection and sharing. Other times we will break out in dyads or triads to experience more intimacy with one another.

These group sessions are opportunities to experience ceremony. Ritual supports us as humans to mark our growth and invites powerful initiations along on walk in life.

You will have access to a Telegram channel to continue your community connection with one another between group sessions. This channel is to be used to VOICE YOUR HEART. I invite you to allow your head-chatter to rest so that our Telegram space is heart-forward to nourish the sacred…even though digital messaging.

I will offer periodic musings in the Telegram channel every month to support you in orienting your life to more of the sacred.

You will have a 60 minute private session with me each month where we will do our witchy and wild exploration of your uniqueness together.

This container will be ongoing and I request a 4 month commitment to begin. You can continue on after your 4 months if you care to. This program will not“end”… it has been built to walk us together through the next few years as the world kicks, bucks and changes in all of the ways that it will.

Investment by July 26
$650 per month
$2600 for 4 months

Investment after July 26
$700 per month
$2800 for 4 months

This is for you if you are longing for deep, honest and real connection with other women who are not living in their complaints but allowing their complaints to fuel their desires to realign in their lives.

This is for you if you want more ritual, ceremony and sacredness in your life…for real. Not just lip service.

Again, here is the shape we take:

  • ‧One 90 minute sacred group circle monthly
  • ‧One 60 minute private session with me monthly
  • ‧Regular musings from me via Telegram to promote your internal explorations and provide you with practices to amplify your relationship with the sacred in you and in your life.
  • ‧Telegram channel for community connection with the small group of women in our circle.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 10am PT beginning August 3.
Questions? Contact Jenny at hello@jennyglick.com
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