Sacred Union:
The Year of YOU
This is probably my favorite offer yet!

Because it is everything that you want...and nothing you don't!

The first wave of The Year of You participants just wrapped up their first 5 months of this journey...and it has been EPIC.

The truth is that most of us don't need more tools, techniques or just need to...

Be. More. You.
That's it.

That means that I would also follow EVERY ONE of my creative and nourishing impulses in life.

You know, the desires that seem to fly up out of "nowhere" to attend a retreat, explore a new art gallery, take up belly dancing or call a friend whom you have not spoken to in months.

These INTERNAL NUDGES are inviting you to experience more of YOU. You get to express YOU through who and what you engage with in the world.

The more you stifle, silence and mute these glimmers and shimmers of inspiration the more stifled, silenced and muted you become.

Too often the rote, programmed response to internal inspiration can be, "Not now...I don't have time-money-energy." Or simply the low frequency wah-wah-ing of "Eh...maybe another time."

Over the last year, I have radically changed so much of HOW I energetically and practically engage in life.

Here are just a few of my new practices:

  • I no longer live with the boot-on-my-neck scarcity energy about money, business, clients and work. Geez..I have retired all of that urgency around my business and it is massively freeing! This means I no longer obsess about my work or my clients which has opened up a vast and wide landscape for relaxation, playing music and creating art in my life!

  • I said YES to going on a tantric weekend with my husband next month (Vvvvrrrroooom vrrrooom! Stay tuned for more on THAT!). I have a history of prioritizing my work over my marriage. Learning to REALLY prioritize our marriage with time and resources has been huge for investing in a life of love together. 

  • I am going camping! We are buying a little camper so we can go spend more time outdoors. I used to backpack and camp all of the time but over the years as I have become consumed by other parts of life I allowed the things that feed me to die off -- like sleeping in the wilderness. No more!

  • I am going to Egypt with some priestessy friends in October! Another thing that I would have said NO to -- and actually DID say no just last year to this very trip! Why? Fear. Money, time, travel many reasons to say no and only one reason to say YES -- because the idea LIGHTS ME UP! 

  • I sunbath naked. I love being outside and the sun nourishes me heart and soul so much. It feels oddly dangerous to be naked daring! It feeds something in me to engage in this simple act of body reclamation.

  • I dance barefoot on the earth everyday. I used to go the gym everyday which I loved back then. Now, I pray at the altar of the Earth and my own heart by LISTENING to what my body needs through movement, music or silence...communing with nature reminds me that I am connected to everything.

  • I go to bed by 8:30pm every night...sometimes 8pm! I used to PUSH THROUGH everything including not sleeping enough because it felt like there was SO MUCH TO DO. Now, I deeply listen to the needs of my body and have radically changed my schedule to support what my body needs NOW. Which at 49 years old is solid, restful sleep.

  • I listen to my body in ALL other words, I ask my body and honor what she tells me. I have stopped looking for the perfect exercise routine, health protocol or diet and am now in deep relationship with MY BODY and HER NEEDS which change day to day and week to week. So like any relationship, it invites me to be in regular communication, hear what is going on, explore, get curious and be creative in responding. What a delightful way to live! 

  • I only check my social media Monday through Friday at 9am and 3pm (this is NEW FOR ME!). I am spending less time checking in on the outside world and more time connected to my inside world. What a concept. 

  • I trust that I am not alone in this game of life and lean in devotedly to the unseen forces - I call it God, my guides, Ascended Masters - every step of the way for support, clarity and miracles. I believe that one of the biggest "sicknesses" in society is feeling separated from God. In that separation, it is easy to feel scared, overwhelmed and lost. Coming back into connection with your Source is huge for your own personal well-being.

All of this brings me to this...
I believe that many of us are longing (and in some cases DYING) to be more of ourselves.

    After 30 years of self-help, therapy, coaching, spiritual practice, shadow work, somatic therapy and mindset work is at the end of the day your WHOLENESS is what brings you health, vitality and ultimate freedom.

    And your WHOLENESS comes by you BEING MORE OF YOU.

    What parts of you do you SMALL in yourself -- consciously and unconsciously -- for fear of being too much, too demanding or too selfish?

    What I know after 30 years of self-help, therapy, coaching, spiritual practice, shadow work, somatic therapy and mindset work is at the end of the day your WHOLENESS is what brings you health, vitality and ultimate freedom.

    And your WHOLENESS comes by you
    • embodying,
    • expressing,
    • dancing with,
    • playing with,
    • attuning to,
    • deeply listening to,
    • and getting to know ALL OF YOUR PARTS.

    That means putting yourself into containers that will help you SEE MORE OF YOU.

    So that you can BE MORE OF YOU.

    If you are anything like me, you have logged your time in your therapist's chair and have stacks and stacks of self-help books strewn around your house -- mostly half read.

    You might even be what I think of as over-coached or over-therapized.

    That means that you KNOW what your "issues" or problems are, you can talk about your wounds and your family of origin drama-trauma, but it does not change HOW YOU SHOW UP IN LIFE.

    Many over-coached or over-therapized women whom I work with know how to THINK their feelings but have not  engaged the soma of their body to FEEL the lush, verdant and wild landscape of the SENSATIONS of their feelings in their bodies.

    And until you do, you will be stuck in your head looping around rather than inviting your body to naturally CLOSE THE LOOP by engaging your senses.

    You have taken in SO MUCH INFORMATION that you no longer know what your own essence is.

    Coaching and therapy, healers and wayshowers are all valuable parts of our modern life of becoming...and they take you to a certain threshold.

    So what now?

    You might feel like you have self-helped your way out of your own spark!

    And lost the WILD VITALITY that makes you you.

    That creative drive, that joyful impulse, that daring vision...where is it?

    WHAT is it?

    And most importantly...

    Who are you without all of the noise of the world?

    When you are not being who you think you should be...who you have been trained to be...or who your family, job or culture REWARDS you for being even though it is not entirely in alignment with your real SELF.


    If you don't know for sure, you are not alone.

    Most women who work with me do not realize that the answer to their "problem" is not OUTSIDE of is very much INSIDE of them.

    You might be recently divorced...just launched your children...or dialing in your entrepreneurial endeavor to be a more authentic version of YOU.

    You might be in a perfectly "fine" place in your life but do not feel the kind of SPARKLE or VIBRANCY that you know is available...and don't want to keep living at 75% capacity.

    If this is you, I would like to invite you in to A Year of You...

    This is a 6 month container for you to experience the SACRED UNION that comes through self-devotion, personal exploration, and regular commitment to listening to the wise woman who sits inside of your own heart.

    Hello, I am Jenny Glick.

    I create high voltage containers that are catalysts for women to come into coherent alignment with
    their Inner Knowing.

    I am a wise woman, sage and firecracker.

    I recently started referring to myself as a practical priestess. Because I am deeply spiritual in my personal orientation, will gaze at the full moon with that knowing warmth in my heart and talk to the trees in my backyard. I work with an astrologer and my office is strewn with crystals, sage and shungite...

    ...and at the end of the day...we are ALL LIVING VERY HUMAN LIVES.

    What interests me MOST is how YOU CAN BE ALL OF YOU (your WHOLEST EXPRESSION) while you are in perimenopause, redefining your  business, getting a divorce or navigating a new marriage.

    What ignites my fire is creating spaces and places for women to come into deep devotion to THEMSELVES.... the mundanity of your everyday life. While you are inundated with noise from this culture, waist deep in divisive politics, and afraid that you will be ostracized for your values or perspectives.

    Where do you create daily ritual that quite literally nourishes your BEINGNESS and then engage in those rituals regularly so you are a HIGHLY NOURISHED WOMAN during your daily activities.

    Our planet needs more HIGHLY NOURISHED WOMEN.

    Because when you are sated by the rhythm of your life, by the pleasure of your creative impulses and by your natural, unique desire to contribute you are The Embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

    And when you are DEVOTED to being all of you in your life, your self-devotion is an act of the Divine Masculine.
    This is where Sacred Union is realized.

    As THE creator in your life, YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW you want to move forward in your existence.

    I have chosen the dragon-ride path that includes QUESTIONING EVERYTHING, being deeply devoted to my own emotional-spiritual-physical-energetic health, and deprogramming myself from every shadowy-lurky belief rooted in fear that I can find.

    Because when you untangle from what is NOT YOURS, you can own more fully what and who you are meant to be on this Earth.

    How will you be dancing with your future?

    If you want to step into a container designed to catalyze your magnificence and amplify your YOUNESS, I would invite you to join us.

    Come in MID-YEAR BEGINNING NOVEMBER 2023 through May 2024.

    Expect an intimate, playful, laughter-filled container that is also sacred and compassionate.

    Expect women -- like yourself -- that are beyond needing someone to tell them what to do, but know that they have an inner compass, Inner Authority, that they are practicing accessing to guide all things in life.

    Expect a leader who is clear, wise, candid and humble in walking shoulder to shoulder with you on this path of your own becoming.

    You will also receive...

    • 12 Group Gatherings led by Jenny: Twice monthly interactive experiences...these are an opportunity for you to tune into more of being YOU IN YOUR LIFE. Held the first Wednesday of every month at 10am PT and the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm PT. Come to one or come to both...or catch them on recording! Your choice!

    • Monthly Peer Led 90 Minute Gatherings: an additional monthly meeting led by one of the members to build connection and community!

    • 4 Private Sessions with Jenny: 60-minute private phone sessions to explore, engage and deepen into where you hold back, mute or silence your YOU-ness in your life. These calls will be transcribed for you as well so kick-back, relax and enjoy the conversation. 

    • Two Group Biofield Tuning Sessions: Have you met my husband Greg Glick? He will be providing two group biofield tuning sessions. You know that ENERGY IS EVERYTHING and these customized group sessions support you in clearing away old stuck patterns and freeing up your energetic field so your natural positive energy can flow -- all while you relax and receive! These sessions will be recorded and provided to you on recording.

    • Conversations with My Favorite People: Every other month, I invite a woman who is a colleague or a friend who have wonderful medicine for our collective (in the past I have had a tantric teacher, somatic wealth coach, Akashic record reader, etc.).

    • Telegram Channel Access: Continue your community connection with one another between group sessions. I invite you to allow your head-chatter to rest so that our Telegram space is heart-forward to nourish the sacred.

    • Weekly What-Is-Alive-For-Me Audio Musings: If you know me you know that I am ALWAYS learning and growing. These audio musings are to share with you, my inner circle of women, what is alive for me that will support what is alive for you too. We are all connected...we can amplify this connection here.

    • Monthly Shimmers: It may be a playlist, a gift in the mail or a customized meditation for the group. I guarantee, it will not be boring and it will be something delicious for you to amplify your becoming over the year. 

    $725 per month or $4222 paid in full
    Questions? Contact Jenny at
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