It is no longer about you needing to be ''fixed''...

This experience is for you if you are
willing for it be
100% about YOU…
not getting bogged down by the content of the story in your life but rather
the parts of yourself
that emerge through the story
Two payment options are available.
You are reading this invitation because you are at a moment in your life when you have the knowledge about being your best or highest self.

You know HOW to implement a slew of skills and tools for healthy relationships with yourself and with others.

You have come a long way from the old 1.0 version of you!

When you find yourself listening to a thought leader, reading a self-help book or watching an inspirational video…you “get” everything that they are saying.

You even get HOW to implement what they are teaching in your own life.

But there is a deeper invitation knocking in your heart that has to do with intimate self-knowledge and self-iquiry that is beckoning you.


You remember learning about your 1.0 Self and your 2.0 Self, right?

Well those 1.0 parts of you that show up on repeat are your SHADOW PARTS. They are the parts of you that have an important message for you to hear, feel and explore.

Those are the loud and demanding parts that sometimes invite you to THROW UP YOUR HANDS and want to just walk out of everything.

They are the parts that can come out in biting or snarky ways during a conversation or can go into an unexpected emotional spiral out of nowhere or collapse into unexpected helplessness.

Of course you don’t let those parts drive your life consciously but they sure have something to tell you because those parts continue to demonstrate themselves in your life.

What do those parts have to share with you?

  • ‘’slow down’’
  • ‘’really LISTEN to me’’
  • ‘’HEAR me and give me space to grieve, cry, crumble and release what you have been holding back for years’’
  • ‘’feel some of these old pent up feelings and many of the new current ones too!’’
  • ‘’stop pretending or living a role in a part of your life’’
  • ‘’honor that boundary that you are *trying* to hold up’’
  • ‘’use me as a navigational tool in your life’’
  • And much more….

Bravely standing eye-to-eye with those parts of you that you don’t really want to look at and seeing their power to both destroy and to create in your life can be terrifying.

You have done enough of your own work to know that your shadow is a slippery character and will hide your entire life until you have built a solid ground where you can stand, shoulders squared and become curious about its rich landscape.

There is so much there for you to harvest and integrate in your life.

And when you do, the timeline shifts are unfathomable…and often somewhat effortless because you have released the grip on trying to tame and control your shadow. 

I have considered this program for many months and have created a container for women who want a depth-oriented experience while enjoying the luxury of space and time over FOUR MONTHS to unfold themselves.

Because becoming whole is a beautiful, sensual, intimate process, this is the natural next step for graduates of the Relationship Mastery Program. 

Shimmer Your Shadow is a place to deepen in community with one another and in deeper communion with yourself. This process is not to be rushed or hurried but to be contemplated, felt deeply, explored and savored.

We will meet in small group (via video) for 90 min every other week. You will be offered exercises beginning the first week to explore yourself on your own and then a platform to share what you are discovering, witness others and receive reflections from me.

During our small group meetings, we will experience intimate breakout groups as well as larger group sharing and uncovering as you explore through the lens of archetypes and shadow work..

This invitation is reserved for women who:

  • Are taking 100% accountability for ALL ASPECTS of their lives and therefore understand that self-inquiry, self-knowledge and “sacred selfishness” is a vital part of their wholeness.

  • Are willing for this space to be 100% about them…not getting bogged down by the content of the story in their lives but rather the parts of themselves that emerge through the story.

  • Are committed to participating actively in their own experience of becoming over four months in this container.

What I know is that the soil of your own life continues to be the best place to unearth your wholeness.

I would love to invite you into the Shimmer Your Shadow experience.


March - June 2022
  • Group Sessions: Every other Wednesday at 10am Pacific Time beginning March 2 (90 minutes sessions)
March 2
March 16
March 30
April 13
April 27
May 11
May 25
June 8
June 22
  • Private Telegram Channel for community and reflections from Jenny between sessions
  • One initial private session with Jenny for precision guidance on your archetypal and shadow path
  • Private session with Jenny for continued mentoring
  • Two private sessions with BONUS GUEST EXPERTS -- Human Design and Erotic Blueprint
  • Depth oriented exercises regularly to activate and excavate your shadow.
  • Tools, information and exercises to understand archetypes and how to understand your archetypes.

Pre-requisites may include:
  • Completion of the 8 Week Relationship Mastery Program  OR
  • Private interview with Jenny Glick to ensure fit.
Two payment options are available.
Questions? Contact Jenny at
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