Expansion Series:

Six Month Experience <-- this is new!

September - February 2022
*space is limited*

ONE option:
1st & 3rd Wednesday @ 10am PT (full)
1st & 3rd Thursday @ 1:30pm PT 

It is time to SHINE.

  • To shine when you want to dim
  • To shine your light out in the world
  • To orient deeply to the light in your being that it might shine through you effortlessly

During this unique SIX MONTH cycle of the Expansion Series, I will be holding regular space for you to come into deeper congruence with who it is that you are here to SHINE out into the world.

As we enter a new season and traverse much of the winter months together, we will nourish our LIGHT as we walk into the DARKNESS together.

This series will be devoted to your SHINE and also your SHADOW. 

Be prepared for some SHADOW WORK because it is only when we are in healthy relationship with our darkness can we be in healthy relationship with our LIGHT.

Shadow work exercises will include journaling activities, inner child exercises, and inviting your UNCONSCIOUS FEARS forward that they might stop running your conscious life.

The light in your WANTS TO SHINE.

Let's help you take your foot off the brake of your shine, shall we?

Since the beginning of time, women have come together in circle to celebrate, support, learn, grow and tend to one another.

Women's circles are sacred places of alchemy, synchronicity and belonging. We are living in a culture moment devoid of ritual. We are living in a moment where "self-help" or "support groups" are seen as EXTRA rather than FOUNDATIONAL to a rooted, vulnerable and vital life.

In this SHINE SERIES we will continue to go beyond "therapy" or "mentorship" and continue walking the path of your transformation by embodying your highest potential.

I will guide you to SHINE ON.
This experience is for you if:
  • You feel grounded in the teachings from the 8-week program and want to further expand into your embodiment of your transformation.
  • You value regular women's circle community with other walkers of this path.
  • You need a place to belong.
  • You know that you are entering a season that may challenge you and love yourself enough to create a container to hold you through this time.

**This is NOT group therapy. This is not a place to park your problems however we will lovingly explore stuck place as you willingly allow yourself to be guided into expansion.

Program Overview
All PodS Monthly Sessions
Each month will have an ALL POD group session. You will receive an invitation to go deeper through an activity or exercise given during these sessions.

I will provide a teaching at the top of the call and the entire group will have an opportunity to share what they are learning through their life's work.

These sessions will be recorded.

The THIRD TUESDAY of every month at 5pm PT/8pm ET.
Twice Monthly Group Calls
You will select a pod time, either on Wednesday at 10am PT/1pm ET or Thursday at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET.

There will be no more than 5 women per pod and we will have a 90 minute session together to explore how you are SHINING and how you are DIMMING YOUR SHINE in the world.

We will explore the SHADOW during our sessions and how your shadow is showing up in your life. This exploration will inform how to reclaim parts of yourself that have been denied, forgotten or censored.

Our discussion will focus heavily on what you are CONSENTING TO co-creating in your life and how to organize yourself and your life to live in effulgent alignment in this one precious life.

Private meetings with Jenny
We will have TWO TOTAL private meeting together! Grab your favorite bev and let's deepen into you. Bring all of yourself so we might uncover something magical that has been dormant within.
OKAY, I will say it.

I am sick of FB!

I cannot take it anymore...but alas, my biz in there so will be entangled for a while longer.

Until I choose to leave completely, I will be beta testing using TELEGRAM to host our group spaces.

The benefit of TELEGRAM? No social media feed "noise". Just download Telegram on your computer or phone, join our PRIVATE channel (once you enroll and I send the private credentials to you), and be notified if there is a message. No more sorting through 125 notifications on your FB page!

I will regularly pop on our channel to share inspirations, musings and information. And you get to do the same. :-)

I love new things! Let's do it together!

It is expected that you will:
  • Attend all Zoom Video calls with your Pod
  • Be in a quiet space to honor the sacredness of our space and time together (these are not drop in office hours).
  • Show up with yourself, for yourself, and for others in this space...your contribution matters in words and energy.
Pod Option #1 FULL
Wednesdays @
10am PT/1pm ET

September 1
September 15
October 6
October 20
November 3
November 17
December 1
December 15
January 5
January 19
February 2
February 16

Pod Option #2
Thursday @
1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET

September 2
September 16
October 7
October 21
November 4
November 18
December 2
December 16
January 6
January 20
February 3
February 17
One Time Payment
early bird discount
until Aug 27, 2021
Pay by debit or credit card.
6 Payments

Spread out the payments on your debit or credit card.

If you are not going to SHINE FORWARD the light within you, who will?

Let's shine TOGETHER.

There is no need to walk your walk alone.
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