Embody Your Higher Self
Mentor with the Ascended Masters with THE SOPHIA CODE ®.
A 13-Session Spiritual Experience
This unique journey is for women ready to immerse themselves in a sacred, channeled text in order to come into deeper relationship with their sovereign divinity.

This is a Modern Mystery School experience opening and transforming you in the most unexpected ways.

Your journey offers you an opportunity to be guided directly by the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters who will heal, grow and invite you into a more vibrant and sacred experience of life.
Each Sophia Circle Journey  follows the same rhythm:

✨ Creation of sacred space and healthy boundaries for your growth, learning, comfort and security.

✨ An opening invocation to each of the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.

✨ A Water Blessing with Quan Yin.

✨ Speaking our names into the ceremonial space.

✨ Silent prayer and opening meditation with the opportunity to create intentions for blessings and healings.

✨ Group reading of The Sophia Code with time for reflection, journaling and sharing.

✨ Group discussion on class questions.

✨ Silent prayer and closing meditation.

✨ Ceremonial closing of sacred space.
This sacred experience is for you if:
  • You have been longing for a deeper, heart connection with your higher self.
  • You want to grow a real, relationship with the Divine that lives within you.
  • You are open to explore a direct relationship with Isis, Mother Mary, Green Tara and other Divine Feminine Masters.
  • You know that there is something more in life...and are ready to step into quantum transformation. 
As a student of a number of spiritual practices over the last 30 years...from the Bible to The Course in Miracles and many others in between, I have found The Sophia Code to be mysteriously transformative, especially during these current times that we are living in.

The material was so powerful for me, that I went through the training to become a Sophia Circle Leader in 2020 so that I could hold Circles for other women on their own path of divine reclamation.
Listen to Kaia Ra speak about what to expect during a Sophia Circle Journey.

We begin our next journey on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 12pm PT. 

Each session will be about 90 minutes (I suggest that you block 2 full hours) and we will meet via Zoom videos on.

The investment for the entire journey is $429 (that is $33 per circle) with an option to pay in full or in two payments of $214.50.

About Your Facilitator, Jenny Glick

Jenny first began her spiritual awakening combing through the Bible, by choice, at 12 years old...knowing that there was some wisdom or truth hidden in the pages but not knowing exactly how to decipher it.

As a young person she would go to Catholic mass and be so moved by the ritual and the singing but somehow didn't quite find the "truth" their either.

With college came the study of feminist theology, Wiccan & Pagan rituals, a fascination with Egyptology, Buddhism and the early 1990's brought the self-help movement (a la Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, etc.). The Course in Miracles followed as well as a slew of church memberships, Unity Church, Unitarian Universalists, United Church of Christ and then several years in an "East meets West" mystical Christian tradition.

Like so many modern day seekers, each piece was a valuable paver on the path to growth and continued spiritual transformation.

In 2019, she discovered The Sophia Code and although it didn't entirely make "sense", there was something about reading the text aloud, listening to the activations, and spending time with the Ascended Masters that began to change things.

After a year of devouring everything offered by Kaia Ra, Jenny completed the certification program to lead Sophia Circle Journeys for other women who are also uncovering their own sovereign divinity.

Outside of her spiritual pursuits, Jenny holds two masters degrees and a sex therapy certification. She mentors women to deeper spiritual growth using the container of their relationship with themselves and others.

Jenny currently lives in Southern Arizona with her husband of 22 years and their rescue dog Jane.
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