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the part of you that BLOCKS pleasure and ease

I named 2023 the YEAR OF PLEASURE-FIRE — I made up that word meaning *ignited with pleasure*.⁣
I knew full well that I would be invited to explore *all of the ways* that I block pleasure in my life given that I was calling more pleasure.⁣
Because here is the thing, if there is ANYTHING that you desire, you also have a part of you (it is a shadow part) that is unconsciously hitting the brakes on you receiving it.⁣
The definition of DESIRE is wanting something that you currently do not experience or have. <– Which is why you WANT it…because you do not HAVE IT.⁣
And no, the part that is blocking that desire is NOT your spouse, child, job, health or some political party.⁣
The part that is blocking your desire is a part of YOU.⁣
As we approach the halfway mark of 2023, I have indeed been experiencing and exploring ALL KINDS OF PLEASURE in my life in new ways — just returned from a sacred sexuality 3 day immersive with my hubs — and WOW, talk about PLEASURE-FIRE — and I am also present to my revved up nervous system that has not quite received the memo that I no longer need to self protect by blocking the ease and relaxation that comes with pleasure.⁣
What I have found is this: as I am experiencing more pleasure in my life there is a PART OF ME THAT braces against spaciousness, plenty, freedom and expansive love.⁣
That part is protecting me from the UNKNOWN because those things — um…ease!! — feel so foreign.⁣
That part also believes that it is keeping me safe through hyper-vigilance, fretting, and worrying…which all dump me into that familiar state of anxiety and fear which invite me to CONTROL life. ⁣
If you are anything like me, your nervous system has been so soaked in anxiety and fear that it is like old home it is easy to return there…even though it is not where you want to live.⁣
What I know since dramatically changing my life in 2019 is that pleasure, joy, freedom, love and peace are not DESTINATIONS, they are VIBRATIONS, SENSATIONS AND RHYTHMS that you cultivate in YOU.⁣
Whatever you desire is a constellation of frequencies that create harmony that you learn to align with in your being and your bones.⁣
These frequencies are made up of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, words, practices and the energy through which you participate in your life.⁣
Coming into alignment with those frequencies will invite you to consciously untangle yourself from the OLD frequencies of scarcity, lack, insecurity and fear.⁣
I believe we are all here to come into more and more alignment with those VIBRATIONS that we desire to experience…delight, fun, connection, joy, security and elation.
That is what I am doing in life anyway…what are you up to?

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