Shift everything in your relationship.
Are you sick and tired of wondering if you should stay or go in your marriage?
Do you fantasize about having an entirely different relationship -- one that would feel alive and exciting or at the very least one that you were happy to wake up to everyday?
I am here to tell you... the relationship that you are sitting in right now is the very one that will grow you into the woman who you want to be so that you can have the kind of connection, meaning,
and vibrancy
that you have been longing for.

The 8 Week
Relationship Mastery

This is the very classroom that has everything that you need to learn to UPLEVEL yourself.
Let me show you the way.
Once you see that your partnership is mirroring back to you the parts of yourself that are demanding growth... everything changes.
Your relationship is your CLASSROOM and it is designed to give you the exact feedback and ‘curriculum’ you need to develop the parts of yourself that MUST be developed for you to get on with the next level of your life and your marriage fulfillment.
The truth is...

That next level might be repairing, healing and transforming your marriage.

Or it may be getting clarity, standing in your knowing and acknowledging that you are complete and ready to move on to what is next (yes, sometimes that means divorce and that is cool too).

Either way, this moment has exactly what you need to grow, learn and transform.
"When I started the course, I was pointing at my husband and what he was doing that was causing us to be unhappy. And even though in my mind I knew that I was contributing to our issues, I was not focused on that at all.

I work in the wellness industry and so much of what Jenny says, I already tell my clients... but what I had done was skip steps and wasn't actually doing the work to actually BE in my marriage. Jenny gave me the opportunity to take that and practice it on this stage... every video and Q&A I felt like Jenny was talking to me. The training is just very very awesome."

Kara Self-Study Course Graduate
Is it worth it?
  • Having the a loving, honest partnership
  • Improving your physical health
  • Getting better sleep
  • Manifesting your dream lifeManifesting your dream life
  • Embodying your next-level self
  • Being a model example for your children of the kind of relationship that you would WANT them to have?
Since I have applied these teachings in my life, I have gone from resentful and avoidant (with a period of being separated from my husband) to healed up, grown up,  and adventuring in an amazing life! We sold everything and moved to Mexico almost 2 years ago.

Here is a picture of us enjoying dinner at one of our favorite spots.
I will show exactly how to create your dream version of this lifestyle.

You finally get out of that tired, heavy conversation that keeps you blocked and walled up and you can stop having the same blasted argument...

...and you can achieve living a life filled with ease, alignment, open-heartedness, and adventure (if adventure is your thing).
Here is why you are stuck in your relationship.
  • You keep focusing on your partner and make it about them.
  • When you do that you are blind to what your partner is mirroring back to you.
  • You have not been introduced to HOW to manage the 70,000 thoughts a day that become a big barrier between you and your partner.
  • You have not learned to harness the relationship between your thoughts and feelings which perpetuate patterns and cycles of frustration with your husband, wife or partner.
  • I can help you change that.
HELLO, I am Jenny Glick a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist. I sold my brick and mortar business 3 years ago when we relocated our family to the beaches of Mexico.

I left traditional couples therapy after spending hours each week with couples tangled up in their looping thinking-feeling-doing patterns.
Here is what I discovered...
Couples deep, repetitive patterning prevents them from seeing the real problems in their marriage.

I embarked on creating a curriculum for women that would effectively change their marriage after not getting the help I needed in therapy (and I am a therapist!) and working with so many struggling couples.
We get amazing results.
What I know is, the arguments, disconnection, lackluster intimacy are only SYMPTOMS of the real problems in your marriage. Until you address the poor patterns including thinking, feeling, doing patterns, nothing will ever change.
This is where your power to create change resides!
Even if you feel like you have tried everything,  once you address the system that you have created in your marriage, you will begin to experience:
  • Vulnerability
  • Openness
  • Boundaries
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Curiosity
  • Willingness
  • 100% Accountability
  • Forgiveness
  • Repair
The ability to be in the generous present moment
When you FAIL to grow these vital skills you stagnate. You never get to the next level.

BUT...when you commit to and follow a proven path to create meaningful and lasting transformation you will experience joy, connection and fun in your marriage.
"I invested in myself because I was worth it. There is a clarity [in the course] that I hadn't found until I found Jenny.

It was like a really clear light.

Now things are more intentional for me. Before I was doing a lot of reaction without any intention on my part...

I didn't realize that I had so much power and light inside of myself.

This has changed our relationship without us even needing to work on our relationship together."

Linda Self-Study Course Graduate 

The groundbreaking curriculum that will help you with the shifts that will change everything.
The 8 Week
Relationship Mastery
Self-Study Course

During this groundbreaking online experience I break everything down in digestible pieces so that you can show up every single day in your marriage with:
  • New beliefs
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Behaviours
...which will shift you out of your old, tired, and caustic practices and into something more alive and authentic.

One of the reasons why you are not getting RESULTS with the books, blogs, etc. is because you are not CLEAR about HOW you need to be showing up every single day in your marriage to get change.

This is exactly what we tend to Your Marriage Is Your Ashram. For example:

How do you need to think to create connection?

How do you initiate tough conversations that build understanding and intimacy?

What must you practice feeling if you want to 'let things go' and feel greater peace with your partner?

What do you need to SET DOWN in order to experience the loving relationship that you dream of?
In the very first week, you will focus on WHO you need to experience deep alignment in your relationship, connection with yourself and your partner. You will also learn what emotional states to tune into to create this massive shift.
This CLARITY orients you to exactly WHAT you need doing (thinking, feeling, behaving, believing) to GET YOUR RESULTS.
I know, I know...
You are wondering, "But what about my partner?! I want THEM to also be showing up in their highest potential."

Yes, I know, and here is the thing:

When you stay clear, committed and constant in HOW you are showing  up in your marriage daily, it is the BEST and most effective way to invite your partner to do the same.

In your first week, you will also learn about the POWER OF PIVOT and how to shift out of your old patterning (such as thinking 'why do I always have to do the work?' and carrying resentment) and into the HIGHER version of yourself...even when you feel massively triggered by your spouse.
And because...
...learning how to BOTH set boundaries AND connect with your partner is a huge part of why you are here, module two is all about HOW to stay BOTH grounded and aligned with yourself while also dipping into your partner with curiosity.
This is legit higher level transformation here!

I am not teaching you to be doormat. 

This is all about you being empowered and centered while collabing with your spouse to create the relationship that you want...or standing in your knowing and leaving.

Your choice.

Along the way you will be exploring and shifting aspects of yourself to cultivate lasting relationship transformation:
Learning and practicing the difference between throwing up a wall with your partner and opening a window for connection (week 2),
Dialing in a powerful mindset and belief system that is consistent with who you want to be in your marriage (week 4),
Breaking down sex and intimacy in new and refreshing ways (I more obligatory date nights! that's week 5),
How you spend so much time DOING in your life and so little time BEING (that’s week 6)
Each week you receive an email giving you access to a new training with activities and step-by-step exercises to walk you to your 2.0 self ― the higher potential of YOU.

And when you embody your highest potential, you invite your partner to do the same.

"I have done a lot of couples therapy in my life. I love my husband and we have done a lot of work through the years. But what I have felt has been lacking is how do I do this. What are my steps in this when I am angry? How do I make that connection between when I am really upset and getting my head on straight? And I really felt like I didn't have anything concrete before [this course].

This was exactly what I was searching for.

It was the How To. I have wanted that structure for a long time!"

Michelle Self-Study Course Graduate

It is true!

As a result of the very same curriculum that I am teaching you, we have left our 9-5 jobs and old, stressed out world and created something so much more joyful, fun and passionate. Here I am with my husband recently...we think we look like total dorks but I don't care...we have fun every step of the way!

Think of this like an 8-week-at-home retreat.

You get to engage everyday with your partner using the new learning that you have received.

THAT is how real and lasting transformation happens! Embodied learning.

The curriculum guides you through creating deep alignment in your...
  1. beliefs
  2. thoughts
  3. emotions
  4. actions < that means HOW YOU SHOW UP for yourself and with others everyday.
When you show up with DEEP ALIGNMENT and no longer disconnected from yourself, you are better equipped to:
  1. set healthy boundaries,
  2. not take things personally,
  3. show up with your partner with curiosity,
  4. and even experience desire for intimacy!
BLACK FRIDAY PRICING -- 24 hours only!

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The 8 Week Relationship Mastery Self-Study Course
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8 Week Relationship Mastery
Self-Study Course Details
Every week for 8 week you receive video trainings via email (60-90 min per week) with accompanying worksheets to walk you through the process of moving from your 1.0 to your 2.0 self.
Define your higher 2.0 self and creating daily practices. You will learn about pivoting out of your stuck place and into something fresh and new.

All about your 2.0 higher self.
Anchor in yourself and engage with your partner in effective, new ways so that you don’t need to have the same argument or avoidant pattern anymore.

Grounding yourself & building curiosity.
You have built up walls in your relationship. This module will help you identify the walls & you will learn to creating windows that can be opened or closed when a boundary is needed.

Connection & boundaries.
You will be noticing all of the beliefs that are no longer serving you in your marriage and practicing setting them down. Then you will create beliefs for a sustainable relationship with yourself, your partner and for your future. Mindset + Heartset = Alignment

Lasting change starts within.
As a certified sex therapist this is a fav of mine with some radically different ways for you to think about your intimate life! You will learn about seeing your sex life as a playground & ways to find pleasure for yourself in your everyday life.

Your sexual satisfaction starts with YOU.
Your world is probably full of doing-doing-doing but without a relationship with BE-ing in your life, you will feel out of whack. I will guide you in learning how to occupy your “busy” life in ways that feel more grounding and sustainable for a lifetime.

BE more with yourself so you can BE with others.
As we start to wrap up our work together it is paramount that you have clarity about WHY you are even bothering to do this kind of rigorous growth work. Your WHY is about who you are on this planet, in this life, in your community and as a member of your family.

Tether to your "why".
After all of the embodied practices that you have been experiencing, the belief shifts that you have made, the strength that you have grown & the mastery that you have felt, we are going to put all of the pieces together so you keep moving forward in your life.

Integration is key to transformation.
Feel free to go back and review your material or brush up as you need to. You have ample time to integrate the material and practice implementing at your own pace.
You can rewatch any of the trainings so you don’t miss a single thing.
There is ample time for you to digest the material!
How long have you been tolerating feeling disconnected?
What is it costing your relationship, your health and your emotional well-being?

Today is the day to get OUT of experiencing disconnection...
This is the map to get you OUT of the old looping patterns in your relationship (and yourself) and INTO experiencing alignment, ease and connection with yourself and your partner.
The investment is approximately the cost of two therapy appointments per week for 8 weeks.
And the truth is, when we change our kids change too.
This is my 19yo son, Toby. He has become an extraordinary young man by growing up witnessing personal accountability, pivoting, initiating hard conversations with us, and knowing how to not take things personally. He did not take a class in this. He learned from watching me, watching his dad, and learning this language of being in honest, vulnerable, messy and brilliant relationship!
Now he is out on his own implementing these very skills in his new relationships in university.
This process changes YOU and your FAMILY.

Two Payment Options to Enroll
8 Week Relationship Mastery Self-Study Course
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One Time Payment
One easy payment
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Two Payments
One now and one in 30 days
Spread out the payments
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  1. 8 weeks of proven video trainings with writing exercises -- that is 60-90 minutes of rich content weekly.
  2. A welcome video from me each week to orient you to the week's materials trainings and help you stay on course.
  3. Weekly recorded Q&A covering the most frequently asked questions from women who have taken the private mentoring program. This is an additional 45-60 minutes *weekly* of content with real-life explanations for you to fold into maximizing your results.
Plus to maximize your transformation... will receive access to this online curriculum for an ENTIRE YEAR! That means 10 full months MORE even after you complete the 8 week training.
A little more about me...

I am Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT, CST, licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT certified sex therapist. I have been working with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years in a variety of capacities. I have also been a student of numerous spiritual practices, personal development and self-help for my entire adult life.

I have taken this 30 years of professional and personal wisdom and crafted this exceptional offering for you. This learning was hard won and it will save you the bruises, bumps and pitfalls that I had to walk through myself.

My story includes marriage at age 25, my husband (a then triathlete, rock climber and avid outdoorsman) was t-boned by a car while he was commuting to work just 8 months after our wedding. I was told that he would never walk again.
Day 3 while he was in the hospital we learned (SURPRISE!) that I was pregnant!

By some miracle and a great surgeon, his bones were salvaged and he returned home in a wheelchair to face 6 more surgeries over the next few years and I learned to care for him and his injuries while pregnant and sick as a dog.

Baby came and when our son turned 4 years old he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During this time, my husband and I were already facing, emotional, and otherwise...all typical of a new marriage but boy was it tough with so little time on the front end to even get our bearing!

The next 8 years were incredibly difficult as we struggled to pay for things like insulin for our son, create some connection between the two of us (while we were both earning multiple graduate degrees while working during the day), and just stay on top of the demands of life.

I found myself resentful, tired and disconnected feeling like I was selfish for even feeling these things and experiencing grief for the hardships in those first years of marriage.

I tried all of the things...books, retreats, therapy, spiritual try to shift things. The books made sense but didn't help since husband wasn't reading them too. I would try to be different for a few days and then fall back into the old pattern. I had two couples therapists tell me that we should just get a divorce. But that did not seem like an option given our young son's medical needs at the time so I just kept muscling through.

After working clinically for over 10 years specializing in couples and going to all of the couples and sex therapy trainings, I saw that there was something missing. The missing piece was what I was eventually able to create in my own marriage (that many therapists told me would not be possible).

I decided to take my LIVED EXPERIENCE and professional training and create something EXTRAORDINARY and new that would walk accountable women, step by step, into the absolutely highest version of themselves. I knew that if I taught this process then a woman would be able to do it on her own again, again and again.

Today I have helped more than 150 women in the past 2.5 years follow this process...and I am opening the doors to you too.

These pictures that you see here of our happy faces are not because it has been easy or we have a trust fund that supports us. These are happy faces of people who did their own work...I did mine and let my husband do his (and kept my fingers out of his process!). My lovely life in Mexico has been the result of years of learning how to show up again and again as my 2.0 self and not the old 1.0 version of me that was resentful, disconnected, avoidant and angry.

I invite you to step into this 8 week RELATIONSHIP MASTERY Self-Study Course today. Become the woman that you know you are meant to be. Enroll now. This offer closes soon.
Your life is way too precious to spend another day feeling stuck in a relationship that where you have lost connection with yourself and your partner.

Two Payment Options to Enroll
8 Week Relationship Mastery Self-Study Course
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