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Deeply alive, embodied, and in love with your own sacred nature

Fall wildly in love with your extraordinary ordinary life 

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“After a couple of years of reading pretty much everything you post Jenny (and doing a ton of work on myself), and still not finding that radical change I was looking for in myself or my relationship, I signed up for your 8 week course a few days ago. WOW – I am already feeling COMPLETELY differently towards my relationship and my partner. 

Like little sprinkles of delighted hope for the first time in yeeeeears. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you are wondering whether you should do this, and thinking maybe it will help, YES, YES IT WILL. Not sure where we’ll get to, but with a start like this I am actually feeling elated.

Jenny is the bomb! 😍😍

“I am [now] the woman I never imagined I was capable of being. 

I AM the peaceful, joyful, wise woman I used to look at with longing and wonder."

Does your relationship with your partner inspire you?

What about your relationship with YOURSELF? 

What would it feel like to reclaim your spark?  

The feeling of pleasure that used to light you up with electricity. The one that felt like a high-voltage lust for life.

Maybe you’ve been chasing after your purpose-fuelled pleasure – even if you’ve forgotten what it feels like. 

Booking time with coaches, therapists, psychedelic trip guides. Buying books, subscribing to podcasts, signing up for online courses.

Working feverishly to try harder and be better. 

Hoping that one of these days you’ll stumble across the key that unlocks it all:

A sense of peace and ease. Harmonious relationships. And that elusive feeling of ALIVEness you’ve been desperate to reclaim.

Here’s your big 
magic wand moment: 🪄

It doesn’t need to be so hard

What zings you with pleasure?

The fix-it therapy / coaching world makes a fortune from high-achieving women who believe they need to hustle hard to earn happiness. That they have to be transformed in order to be fulfilled.

But I’ll tell it to you straight: 

You’re not broken. You don’t need to be healed. There’s nothing wrong with you. 

The answer you’ve been looking for is simple:

Ready to rekindle your spark?

Untangle from the self-imposed restraints, internalized expectations, and all the other bullsh*t that keeps you second-guessing yourself.

You can stop seeking. 

You already are everything you desire.

The richness. The spark. The intoxicating intensity you crave is available to you.

It’s time to receive. To have. And to know that it’s enough.

It’s time to BE MORE YOU.

Being more you is the way to thrive in fulfilling, meaningful romantic partnerships.

Being more you is the way to feel – finally – like you’re living in line with your true purpose.

Being more you is the way to come alive with fierce, electrifying pleasure.

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Consider this – your arrival on this page – your grand invitation to BE MORE YOU.

❤️‍🔥 If you want something MORE – but can’t quite put your finger on what it might be

❤️‍🔥 If you’ve lost touch with yourself through years of prioritizing others’ needs and diminishing yourself to fit in

❤️‍🔥 If your romantic partnership is uninspiring, flat, or conflict-riddled (Or even if it’s non-existent!)

❤️‍🔥 If your friendships lack the spark of real connection

❤️‍🔥 If you’re trapped in the hungry cycle of productivity – squelching your being with doing

❤️‍🔥 And if you’re profoundly disconnected
〰 From the people you’re supposedly closest to
〰 From your ability to lead your life without second-guessing
〰 From your own pleasure – so much so that the word rarely crosses your lips
〰 From your sacred inner self – the person you are in your essence; the person you’re meant to be

❤️‍🔥 If you’re worried that you’re doomed to repeat the pattern of perpetually seeking

❤️‍🔥 … and maybe you’re secretly afraid to find what you’re looking for

This is your invitation to expand into the fullest expression of your being

To devote yourself – deeply – to the giddy process of your sparkling becoming


Explore what’s possible

Pleasure-centric torchbearer, 
Truth-speaking live wire,
& creator of catalyzing containers for women

I’ve spent over 25 years showing incredible women how to unlock rich, resonant lives.

I’ve earned a long list of degrees and certifications. None of them say I’m “a revolution,” “a wayshower,” or a “mother f’ing dragon.” But some of the women in my programs have.

That’s because I’m a change catalyst. ⚡

I’m not here to solve your problems. I’m here to show you how to find the answers in yourself. 

I’m here to help you commit to your own pleasure – and joyfully claim your wholeness.

Hi, I’m Jenny Glick…

More about Jenny

I find comfort in *me* and no longer feel fear during moments of joy that it might slip through my fingers. If I choose for it to stay within my grasp, that’s what will be. I AM EMPOWERED.

WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. What could possibly be more important and worthy of money than a lifelong relationship deeply-rooted in joy, strength, and true contentment? (Psst: the relationship I’m referring to is the one with yourself.)

[My partner] has noticed a HUGE difference, and comments on it almost daily. Actually, he *thanks* me–for the work I’ve put into the program, and for dramatically shifting the energy of our home through that work.

Not only do we have an incredible marriage now, but our family is so solid and joyful.

The effects of my personal growth have spread into all aspects of our life.”

– M.J., Colorado

“My energy has improved, my mood has improved, my relationship with myself has improved. I feel inspired to grow and excited to know I can give myself the gift of joy.

Wow, this program is the key to the rest of your life. Every dollar spent went towards a new experience where I am in charge of showing up for myself and others with a higher caliber of love, compassion and excitement. It is worth every penny.

I loved the mindset of this program. In therapy we continue to work on our perceived problems and feelings. This program leaves that in the dust and helps me show up for myself and my relationship with softness, grace and ease. Therapy never seems to resolve the feelings or issues.

Jenny was a genius at helping me see my role in my relationship. She was able to boost my awareness, increase my capability to show up for myself and relationship and gave me the skills to change anything in my life. Don’t wait any longer to live the life you want.”

– A.M.P., Washington

It’s why you’re covered in skin, with its 4+ million sensory receptors. 

Your body is perfectly primed to give you information: About your desires. About what feels sparkly in your singular vessel. About what lights you up with pleasure.

When you ignore, wish away, or back-burner your desire, you diminish yourself and shrink your capacity for pleasure.

But when you welcome your desire… 

When you explore it with loving attention and curiosity… 

Something profound happens: 

You begin to feel nourished, whole, and safe.

You fully inhabit your body.

Your pleasure flourishes. 

Your intuition crystallizes. 

And you finally become who you’re meant to be.

Why? Because you’re educating yourself with the highest curriculum: The unique truth that lives in you. Seated – and seeded – deep within your heart.

That singular voice will lead you into a trusting partnership with your wisest, most essential self.

This is how you BE MORE YOU.

And when you’re grounded in that sacred self-trust, everything opens: a joyful, delicious, fulfilling life. Your ability to receive the fruition of your desire. And this profound truth: That you are the medicine for your own life. You are the answer you’ve been seeking.

Tune into your desires…
and radically reclaim yourself

You are designed for pleasure. 

Stop pushing yourself to do s*** and discover what PULLS you 

The path to pleasure is not accidental. 

But! It’s also not prescriptive. 

No book, podcast, or list of ten manifestation rituals will get you there.

That’s what makes it so magical. It’s yours and yours alone. Recorded in the sacred text of your wild and singular heart.

I’m here to guide you on your journey – because I know that being more you is THE way to feel electrified, inspired, and fulfilled in this life.

It’s worlds away from the therapist/coaching model that keeps you held in a low-frequency vibration.

I’ll help you reignite your spark so you can bear your own torch. Feed the flame of your relationships. And light the way for everyone in your world.

Women who work with me discover thrilling new frequencies in seemingly humdrum relationships. 

They surprise themselves by launching potent new paths. 

And they tell me that I’ve “blown their minds and hearts wide open.”

Whatever YOU’re being called to, it’s knocking on your soul because you’re meant to do something with it.

I’ll help you tune in and tend your flame.

I’ll help you:

🌓 Move past patterns of striving and hustling and open to the practice of being

🌓 Overcome your self-editor – so you can find the voice of your deep values and the compass of your unique desires

🌓 Rewire your brain so your unconscious mind is aligned with what you want to create

🌓 Nourish new truths – the ones that arise as you practice trusting yourself

🌓 Know yourself as a full-body, sensorial experience (not from your head!)

Work with me

Working with me is an uncommon experience of coming to know yourself in a new way. 

Deeply alive, embodied, and aware of your sacred nature

Join the ranks of grown-ass women who are more committed to self-trust than external approval. Who are lit up, turned on, and tuned in. 

Open to your desires. Attune to your inner spark. And let pleasure lead you to an extraordinary, purpose-filled life.

Let’s get started!

It’s time to own your sovereign essence and be fully YOU…