Transform from disconnected to deeply aligned...

There could be more in your marriage...& your life.

Upgrade your internal narrative, emotional state, behaviors and beliefs and you change everything. Use this BELIEF CHANGING exercise to see the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life.

Couples Therapy helped for a while but then it was back to the same ‘ole same ‘ole…

For some couples, therapy can give them the kickstart that they need to get on track. 


But for many others, therapy feels slow and ineffective at getting to the root issues in the marriage or relationship. 


There doesn’t seem to be a clear goal or accountability. Couples may get a few useful tools but don’t employ them with any regularity and so it is back to the old usual toxic patterns. 


This can feel excruciating to live year after year like this. 


Women tell me that they feel that they are living with a roommate, they don’t feel seen and it can even feel like they are wasting their ‘best’ years. 


They don’t want to break apart their family but they also don’t want to live in this kind of life either. It feels like choosing between their own needs and their family’s needs which seems impossible.

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…a licensed marriage and family for you I am a relationship mentor.

Married for over 20 years myself, I not only have all of the letters behind my name — I have the lived experience (which means the map) for taking you to the next level in your relationship and your life.


I am a spiritual relationship mentor for women who feel stuck.


• stuck in communication.
• stuck in sex/intimacy/desire.
• stuck in connection.


I work with women who feel like
they have tried everything and
nothing has worked.

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