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YOU are what you have been looking for.

What if you didn’t need to FIX ANYTHING?

YOU are not broken, un-evolved or un-enlightened.

YOU do not need more tools, strategies or skills in order to uplevel yourself.



After all of the therapy…

After the trauma work…

After tackling your unconscious beliefs…

After mindset courses, gratitude journals, and positive affirmations…

After facing your victim consciousness, blocking beliefs and cultural programming…

After past life regressions, soul retrieval sessions, and spiritual gurus…


There is acceptance, attunement, surrender and receivership.


…being with what IS in your life and living a life informed and crafted by your own pleasure.


You want life to FEEL easier.

You’ve hit that midlife point, and understand that the answer you’re seeking doesn’t lie outside of you and you most definitely don’t need to be “saved”.

You are ready to release all of the gripping, the worrying, and the struggling because you KNOW that tension and low-grade to moderate stress is not how you want to live during the second half of your life.

Do you trust yourself?

All great spiritual traditions and many contemporary spiritual teachers point towards the practices of surrender, acceptance and presence.

What they don’t share is HOW these experiences are revealed and how they unfold in a real modern life.

Surrender, acceptance and presence are not strategies to DO. They are not tasks to put on your list of daily activities to check off.

These are experiences that happen when you are no longer working to secure safety by doing all of the programs and engaging in all of the strategies.

When you are no longer trying to prove your worth or be the “good girl” or “good boy” in your marriage or work world you find yourself in a state of surrender.

What I know after being a therapist for over 20 years and a spiritual “seeker” for over 30 years is that we — you and I — can chase relief from our emotional, psychological and spiritual ills for a lifetime with only new “problems” with the familiar feelings attached to them (more money, same odor of anxiety, etc.).


I am most interested in guiding you back to YOUR OWN INNER KNOWING and relieve you from trying to “make things work” or fit yourself into some version of life that is not actually yours.


Stop second guessing yourself
or comparing yourself to others.

Learning to trust yourself is ESSENTIAL in order to live in alignment with your sacred self.
Download these journaling prompts to begin that deeper relationship today.


How I Can Support You on Your Path…

When I was 12 years old I loved reading the Bible knowing that there was some TRUTH in the King James Edition that I simply couldn’t grasp. I moved onto Wayne Dyer at 17 years old, then Eckhart Tolle and went to my first in-person group channeling session at 18 – the same year that I started therapy and had a past life regression.

What followed were THREE DECADES of spiritual and personal development.

Here is a partial list of what I have participated in order to heal, evolve, transform and untangle myself from the fear, anxiety, hurt and general difficulties of life:

  • Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Religious Studies, Wiccanism, Paganism and Witch Studies
  • Women’s Spirituality, Full Moon, New Moon and Menstrual Blood Ceremonies
  • Women’s Circles, Visioning, Daily gratitudes, Mindset work, Shadow work
  • Journal practices, Automatic writing practices, Art Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rogerian Therapy, Reality Therapy, Couples Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems, Psychodrama, EMDR, Tapping, NLP
  • Sex Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Retreats, Silent Retreats, Spiritual Retreats
  • Personal, Business and Parenting Coaching
  • Past Life Regressions, Akashic Record Readings, Energy Work of all kinds
  • Float Tanks, Drum Journeys, Sweat Lodges
  • Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys
  • Christian Mysticism – I was an ordained minister for a period as well.
  • Initiations, Illuminations, DNA Activations and Potentiations
  • Astrocartography, Psychic Readings, Tarot and Oracle Readings

Whoa. That surprises me to write all of that!

And there is more…this is just what is top of mind!

After all of this, I realized something.

If any of these practices were going to “work”, they would have worked by now.

I have spent my ENTIRE adult life and a fortune on being a good student and prioritizing my growth, healing and transformation so that I could secure a sense of internal safety, a feeling of enoughness and be relieved of tension.

To be fair, most of the practices were useful at some point for a short period of time.

But nothing created any lasting results…which always meant that either:

1) I was not applying myself fully to the tool [← cue the part of me that felt not good enough!]


2) I needed another tool, program, strategy or training to really get at whatever my blocking, unconscious or past life karma shit was that was keeping me from ultimate freedom!

I never achieved bliss, nirvana or even a full and sustained experience of relaxation because ultimately when I got home, had an argument with my son or husband, faced some health issue or money struggle…all of the old whirring in my mind with fearful thoughts would fly back in!

Moments of reliefs were always followed up with the usual fear, worry and anxiety.

Imagine if you could…

LIVING your life without trying to get somewhere else?

Being totally present with the sensations in THIS MOMENT while not trying to rush past them or change something about you.

Imagine EXPERIENCING radical freedom of never needing to fix anything in your life again!

Imagine resting in this moment in your sweet Life without all of the whirring in your mind not because you are using some technique but because you are being with the REALITY OF WHAT YOUR LIFE IS.

As odd as it sounds, a bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you have had the ruby slippers with you this entire time.

Dorothy did not need to go on the big adventure to find home at all. Home was right there with her, she (like you) had the power to access it the entire time!

The answer is so simple and so obvious that we all pass right by it and even dismiss it!

The answer is releasing all of those attempts to CONTROL and setting down the notion that you are in “charge” of your life.

From here you enter uncharted territory for something sweet, fresh and new, so you can experience radical freedom and begin to orient towards pleasure and ease… DAILY!

I work with women and men who are on a precipice, prepared to deeply listen to themselves — possibly for the first time.

And often that deep listening is called for because you SIMPLY CANNOT DO it the old way one more moment.

What’s Next for You?

Your Marriage is
Your Ashram

Are you sick and tired of wondering if you should stay or go in your marriage?

Do you fantasize about having an entirely different relationship — one where you feel alive and excited?

This one shift can change everything in your marriage.

Private Mentoring for Individuals or Couples

Ready for it to be ALL ABOUT YOU?

If you don’t want an automated program, big Facebook community or huge Zoom group meetings, because you’ve done enough of those, let’s talk about private mentoring.

It’s okay to want it JUST. THE. WAY. YOU. LIKE. IT.

The Year of YOU


Get on the list here.

Does it feel like you’ve self-helped your way out of your own spark? And lost the WILD VITALITY that makes you you.

That creative drive, joyful impulse, daring vision… Where is it?

Who are you without all of the noise of the world?

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