From disconnected to deeply aligned...

Jenny Glick

There could be more in your marriage...& your life.

Therapy & coaching has helped you heal and shift, now it is time to listen to your DESIRE.

Most women think that their desire — their WANTING — is the problem.


Actually, your desire is your ANSWER.


You know this because your DESIRE keeps knocking at your heart through the FEELINGS that you are having. The feelings of annoyance, resentment, or frustration are telling you that SOMETHING IS OFF.


They are telling you that something is ready to SHIFT.


I have seen firsthand how women can gloss over the gold hidden behind their desire by trying to FIX THEMSELVES.


When it is no longer about fixing you (because you are not broken) and you also do not need to learn to settle for a half-lived life.


You get to experience the sweetness of alignment with how you SHOW UP in all aspects of your life: professionally, personally and spiritually.

Stop second guessing yourself or comparing yourself to others. Learning how to trust yourself is ESSENTIAL in order to live in alignment with your sacred self. Download these journaling prompts to begin that deeper relationship today.

If you are ready to live your life fully in alignment with your DESIRES start here:


Use these prompts to get to know your desires.


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I am a mentor, a guide and a wayshower to walk you the path into deep alignment with your own inner truth.


I have decades of professional experience as a counselor and a therapist as well as numerous advanced degrees that uniquely position me to bridge the gap for you between therapy and what is next living to live a more integrated and aligned life.


Married for over 20 years myself, I have had many BIG LIFE CHALLENGES along the way. That means, I not only have all of the letters behind my name — I have the lived-experience-know-how to support you in weaving in all of that therapy-self-help-meditation-yoga into your most beautiful aligned life.


I guide spiritually oriented women who are ready to live in alignment with their sacred selves to: 

• come into relationship with their inner knowing

• develop self-trust

• follow the next-best-step in their lives to embody their higher selves

• liberate themselves from the old programming and narratives that no longer serve their Most Amazing Lives.

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