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And I’ve been a seeker, with three decades of spiritual and personal development under my belt – religious studies, art therapy, drum journeys, Human Design, Gene Keys, Christian mysticism, tarot, yoga, paganism, 32 flavors of therapy and coaching. (Somehow that’s not even half of it!)

I’ve practiced a lot of modalities. Integrated a lot of lessons. Earned a lot of degrees.

But I’m not here to be your therapist, relationship counselor, or sex coach. (Although women who work with me do heal their relationships, revitalize their sex lives, and deepen their self-compassion.)

There are a lot of ways I could tell you my story. None of them start with me putting an easy label on myself. 

  • couples counseling
  • sex therapy
  • family systems
  • trauma healing
  • somatic therapy
  • embodied spiritual practices
  • mindset and meditation techniques
  • the sacred arts

Here’s the short version: I’ve spent over 25 years showing incredible women how to unlock rich, resonant lives, with education, expertise, and practice in:

I’ve tasted wild success – the kind where you earn a million dollars in three years, retire your husband, and move to Mexico on a whim. Also the kind of success where you make yourself miserable and short-circuit your nervous system while appearing to have what everyone claims to desperately want. 

Back then, I was trying to acquire wealth to feel safe… so I could feel pleasure. 

But here’s the thing: I was already safe, right here, in my body. In my fleshy flesh. 

I didn’t need to perpetually chase after more in order to feel pleasure. I already had everything I needed. 

I began to untangle from striving and hustling. From the bullsh*t and the noise of the world. From the roaring ocean of other people’s expectations. 

I let go of my frenetic doing. Tuned into the hidden voice of my desires. And learned to be guided by pleasure.

I’m a change catalyst. 

I’m not here to solve your problems. I’m here to show you how to find the answers in yourself. 

For all my education and all my seeking, the most important curriculum I’ve found is the one mapped in my heart. Uncovering it, unfurling it, and boldly following my heart is the way – the only way – I landed in a life rich with partnership, purpose, and pleasure. 

That’s the beacon I hold for the women in my world. 

And yes, it’s why they’ve called me “a revolution,” “a wayshower,” and a “mother f’ing dragon.” 

It was a radical act of self-reclamation. 

And it was not an overnight process for a front-row-sitting, good-girl-student trained to carry out other people’s goals.

It took time, loving attention, and committed practice.

But with steady devotion, here’s what happened:

I felt the bliss of landing softly in my being. Of allowing myself to trust, receive, and have.

From the outside, it looked like I was giving up a lot. 

But I felt more successful, satisfied, and nourished than I ever had in my life. 

This is the magic that comes from attuning to your own pleasure: 

It’s a soulful awakening. An expansive trust in your sparkling, f-ing powerful, one-of-a-kind self. And an astonishing capacity to receive the gifts you already have.

It’s the same radical invitation I’m extending to you. One you won’t hear in other containers: BE MORE YOU.

I teach women how to open to the map within, how to cultivate the lost art of self-devotion, and how to stand in a deep place of trust – so all of your decisions align with the wisdom of your highest self.

I’m here to help you commit to your own pleasure – and joyfully claim your wholeness.

Explore what’s possible

"What came out of working with Jenny was more than I could have ever imagined."

And it went so far beyond my relationship with my husband. It's so much bigger than that. 

My truth has shifted so much. My husband has felt it. And it was amazing. Because in the beginning. I was like, how is he going to start changing just because I'm making these changes? How am I gonna see this mirrored in him? I saw it within the first week. 

I shifted, and everything around me shifted. Everything looks, feels, and is different.

And here's the thing, this program was not work. There was nothing about it that felt like work. This program was like the biggest gift I could ever give myself. And it's the best gift I could give my family. It's the best gift I could give those that I work with. It's the best gift I could give my friends. It's the best gift I can give this planet. 

It's just been life changing. I am a yes person now. I'm saying yes to things that I wouldn't. I'm tapping into what I feel. And I can hear, I can feel, what my intuition is telling me. 

This should be a part of everyone's experience going into marriage, going into having a child. This should be something that we learn early on. We need these tools. They are paramount to being human.”

- Kate

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I’m not a velvet-sofas-on-Instagram gal

I have nothing against velvet sofas. Or Instagram. (In fact, I hope you’ll follow me there!)

Here’s what I am against:

Teachers who present abundance but live in desperation. 
Influencers who present serenity but live in conflict.
Coaches who present expansion but live in constriction. 

That’s not me. 

I practice congruence, not perfection. I don’t use filters, photoshop, or lies of omission. I am who I am online, at home, and in the containers I create. 

The women in my world tell me that’s one reason they stay close. 

Here are some others:

🍐 When you’re in my programs, you work with ME. You’re not lost in a crowd of 3,000 people. You don’t work with a lead coach or peer mentor. One of my super powers is creating a container where you are so safe, so held, and so SEEN that you can unfurl your true self in your own miraculous way.

🍐 I don’t believe in the paint-by-numbers path. Your roadmap to pleasure, purpose, and partnership is yours alone. I’m here to guide you on your journey and nourish the new truths that arise along your way.

🍐 I believe your senses are among your greatest teachers. I mail old-school packages to the women in my yearlong mentoring program – gifts designed to thrill and enchant your eyes, ears, nose, and tastebuds, to shake you awake in your extraordinary ordinary life.

🍐 I’m not here to fix you. Or validate a narrative that you need healing. Or indulge in blame-your-partner scapegoating. I work with grown-ass women. I’m here to remind you that you’re f*cking powerful. You get to create your life instead of being defined by outdated patterns.

🍐 I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m walking my own pleasure path, doing what I do because it lights me up.  

Where is your spark leading you?

The future is calling in more grown-ass women. Women who are more committed to radical self-acceptance than rote external approval. Women who are well-versed in their own pleasure, thriving in fulfilling partnership, and aligned with their true-north purpose.

I envision a planet where women practice deep self-devotion. Where the medicine you bring to your world is infused with real love, care, and kindness – because you have nourished yourself with it and mapped it in your bones.

It’s time to step into your power. To call in – and finally receive – what you want in your life. And to let pleasure lead you back to yourself.

I’ll help you joyfully claim the fullest expression of YOU: lit up, turned on, and alive to this expansive present moment.

Working with me is a before-and-after experience.

The women in my programs see real change in their lives. 

They tell me about escaping the drama triangle. Letting play, delight, and meaning take hold in their everyday lives. And finding “little sprinkles of delighted hope for the first time in yeeeeears.”

This work is personal… AND global

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