Anchor yourself in clear-eyed self-trust, unlock a nourishing life, and become a well-satisfied woman

Let pleasure lead you home to YOU

Work with me

Through these offerings, I extend you a radical invitation: to fall wildly in love with yourself.

To embody your unique reality, live in co-creation with life, and steward the creativity that’s yours alone. 

To forge safety and ease in your life so you can make decisions about everything and everything – your marriage, your work, your health, your friendships – from a deep place of self-trust.

I’ve been a change catalyst for grown-ass women for over 25 years. The women I work with return again and again because they get life-changing, paradigm-shifting results. 

I’d love to help you live into the practice of self-adoration – and surrender to the unfurling of your singular, sensual self.

A FREE (and freeing) Masterclass for women who are no longer feeling pleasure in their marriage. 

Instantly Uplevel Your Marriage

You’ll walk away with concrete tools so you can:
⚡️ Cultivate sacred self-knowing with practices that will nourish you every single day 
⚡️ Untangle from the habitual patterns that are stealing your energy, sapping your life force, and undermining your relationship
⚡️ Snap out of autopilot and become the sovereign leader of your life
⚡️ Feel the power of witnessing (rather than efforting) to make real change happen – because girl, you don’t need to hustle so hard
⚡️ Leave with inspiration AND the nuts-and-bolts know-how to begin a practice of self-devotion – so you can fortify yourself over a lifetime

What you can expect:
⚡️ Truth bombs and candid conversation 
⚡️ A taste of what it’s like to work with Jenny
⚡️ Time to connect with other soulful, grown-ass women
⚡️ Space to tune into the juicy parts of you that are eager to be heard

This hour will launch the rest of your wild, wise, well-satisfied life

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“My hope for anyone who has not had the opportunity to be in one of Jenny Glick’s salons is that they will seize the moment and dig in. Thank you Jenny for being such an incredible wayshower.”

– LIVE event attendee

Your Marriage is Your Ashram

You get:
🌝 10 weeks of drip-released modules – to keep you progressing without overachievement or overwhelm 
🌝 Tools and skills so you can nourish new ways to engage with your partner
🌝 Daily practices to rewire your neurons and release old stuck habits
🌝 Belief-shifting exercises and custom meditations – so you can anchor deeply into your 2.0 self
🌝 Fun bonuses – like a custom soundtrack to help you live into who you’re becoming
🌝 Access to the curriculum for an entire year so you can absorb (and re-absorb) the materials at your own sweet pace

For you if…
〰 Your relationship feels flat, uninspired, or conflict-ridden
〰 OR you’re not in a romantic relationship but your daily life lacks sparkle and ALIVEness 
〰 You’re ready to commit fully to YOU – following a proven plan that successfully guides women home to themselves
〰 You’re eager to take action to integrate new information (instead of passively taking it in)... Change your habits to change your life!

The transformative online course that started it all. 

A self-study experience for upleveling ALL your relationships – especially your relationship with YOU.

Not just for women in committed partnerships, Your Marriage is Your Ashram is built on this profound truth: When you are more YOU, your relationships thrive. At home, at work, and out in the world.

Informed by my 25+ years supporting women as they pivot into the highest-voltage, most well-nourished version of themselves.

Break free from well-worn patterns and tired conversations – and open into heart-rich connections, aligned relationships, and a vibrant pleasure life.

“When I started the course, I was pointing at my husband and what he was doing that was causing us to be unhappy.
And even though in my mind I knew that I was contributing to our issues, I was not focused on that at all.

I work in the wellness industry and so much of what Jenny says, I already tell my clients… but what I had done was skip steps and wasn’t actually doing the work to actually BE in my marriage. Jenny gave me the opportunity to take that and practice it on this stage… 

Every video and Q&A I felt like Jenny was talking to me. The training is just very very awesome.” 

– Kara, self-study course graduate

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The Year of You

You get:
🍓 Sensory surprises delivered each month to make pleasure a daily (and constantly evolving) practice
🍓 2 monthly 90-minute group calls facilitated by Jenny – with teachings designed to scaffold you into your 2.0 self
🍓 4 60-minute private calls with Jenny, transcribed and recorded with notes from Jenny, to guide you on your unique path
🍓 Expert guest speakers on an exhilarating variety of topics – to expand your pleasure field
🍓 The expansive magic of a truly supportive container to support you in your radical becoming
🍓 … and so much more … 

For you if…
〰 Your daily life lacks sparkle, and you’re desperate to feel more ALIVE
〰 You’re trapped in patterns of overwork and overachieving and can’t remember how to just BE
〰 You’ve lost sight of who you are and what you really want
〰 You’ve been over-coached or over-therapized – and are beyond needing someone to tell you what to do
〰 Your romantic life feels stagnant and lifeless
〰 Life just feels hard – despite all your efforts to make it easier
〰 You want something more – even if you don’t quite know what it is or where to find it

Learn more and apply

“Life changing, Heart expanding, Joy filling, Hard work.
5 Hearts. Highly recommend.

– Jilly Blackett

My signature offering. Transcend what you thought was possible in a group program.

The Year of You is a sacred, playful, and catalyzing container where you can be seen, fed, and nourished on your way to becoming who you truly are: YOU.

Cue yourself into new brain, feeling, and body patterns so you can create a meaningful, purpose-led life. A life rich with pleasure and aligned with your values.

Practice exploring and expressing what you really want – and show up to receive it in every aspect of your life: with your clients, your lover, your spouse, your friends.

Nurture robust practices of daily devotion that expand your turn-ons, dial up your pleasure knob, and feed your ability to call in and RECEIVE what you truly desire.

Private torch-bearing

A one-on-one deep dive with me. A customized experience to help you land in conscious relationship with YOU in profoundly new ways. 

Open to the medicine that lies deep within you through an expansive variety of paths – including sensations, embodiment practices, and your own pleasure roadmap.

Experience the full flow of your life as you never have before, and awaken the richest expression of who you are.

Available on a very limited basis – I work with one or two private clients a year. 

Interested in private torch-bearing sessions? 

Send me a note!

Two years ago, right after my mom passed, I said a full-body yes to accepting personal coaching from Jenny Gick. It was life-changing for me. It allowed me to go from fear to freedom, from chaos to clarity, to push past the old version of myself and move on from people-pleasing, muting my truth, and being stuck in a 1.0 version of myself. 

If you are a woman at your breaking point and you have been putting everyone in your life before your wants, needs, and desires, please take Jenny up on this offer. I did this two years ago and what she is offering right now is a gift to womankind.

You won’t be sorry.”

– Chris Eaton Welsh

Abandon “fine” and receive the richness of your life

It’s time to create a life where all parts of you are integrated and alive – your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit, your desires, and your unique pleasure field. A life where you’re electrically connected to what you want and brilliantly equipped to receive it.

So you can stop being “fine” and start being marvelous. Amazing. Awestruck. 

I look forward to diving in with you – into the warm, nurturing water of being YOU.



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