Join me for a ⭐LIVE ⭐ experience of my signature program to find pleasure and ease in your relationship (& your whole life! ) 


Take me to the deets, Jenny!

For the woman who’s ready to feel radical freedom, joy, pleasure, and gratefulness in her life:

This one shift will change everything in your marriage

Tell me everything

Are you sick and tired of wondering if you should stay or go in your marriage?

Do you fantasize about having an entirely different relationship — one where you feel alive and excited?

Do you find yourself flip-flopping back and forth in your marriage between feeling like a doormat and a horse’s arse?

(Reminder → It is not your job in marriage to be a doormat. It is also not your job to be an ass****. :-))

Here’s the thing:

The relationship you are sitting in right now is the very one that will grow you into the woman who you want to be. 

So that you can have the kind of connection, meaning, and vibrancy that you long for.

(and actually know what that means for YOU)…


It’s time to EXIT the mental hamster wheel of your own tired thinking, old storytelling, and habituated emotional states of annoyance, blame, resentment, and boredom. 

How would your life shift if you could…

Get ready to embody the best version of yourself, so you can finally live your best life

Lean into pleasure, peace, and feeling CONFIDENT that you rest in sacred self trust, no matter what

Fully embody your next-level self, and show up in all your relationships as the woman you KNOW YOU ARE (she has just been lost in the fray somewhere)

Get better sleep (and better sex, in an authentic-to-YOU way)

Be the kind of model that you WANT to be for your children - templating for them the kind of deep connection, rich playfulness, and daily nourishment that they deserve in long-term partnership as adults

Open into a loving, honest, dreamy, and juicy partnership with your man/woman/person without ending your relationship? (because it’s highly likely that your choice in partner is NOT the problem here)

Feel the sparks and sparkles in your relationship (whether you had them from Day 1 or not!)

Here’s your opportunity to consciously design and decide what kind of relationships and life you want to begin to embody… starting right now… and then DOING THAT every day. 

This is about being gently, but consistently, guided EVERY DAY to unfold into the woman who lives the life that you say that you want… more pleasure, more joy, more laughter, healthier boundaries, and if you need it, greater clarity about whether to stay or go in your marriage.



Get ready to uplevel ALL of your relationships, YOU first! 


Get my groundbreaking 8-module course that will instantly shift how you show up every day. 

Informed by my 25+ years supporting women as they pivot into the highest-voltage, most well-nourished version of themselves.

This is the real deal!


Whether or not you’re married, this course will reveal to you how to be the partner, woman, and wife you’ve always wanted to be. Finally integrate your spiritual practice with how you show up every day. 

Single? Awesome. Women are relational beings and this will seriously help you in ALL of your relationships. 

⭐practice practice practice⭐

I often call this your AT-HOME RETREAT because you will be shedding all of the
NOT-YOU patterns that are keeping you
and be liberated into a MORE-YOU state of being...EVERYDAY.

Because THAT is how
real transformation happens.
Living everyday in your REAL LIFE! 🎉


  • The more you focus on THEM and what is NOT WORKING the more challenge and struggle you will get

  • Even the most DIFFICULT situations are profound teachers for personal ascension if you know what to attend to and what to ignore

  • The biggest problem in your sex life is what is between your EARS, not what is between you LEGS

  • Your relationship is a reflection of YOU 100%. If you don't like what you see you have 100% authority to transform yourself

  • You will be "stuck" until you are really really really done with doing it the old way. And then… it changes. I promise!

Here is what I wish I would have known when I went from "honeymoon" to nightmare in the first 8 months of marriage:

Once you see that, everything changes.

Your current strategies for thinking, feeling, doing, and believing were going to “work” to get the outcome that you want they would have worked by now. 

So you can set them down and embody something else, thank you very much.

The truth is: 

Your partnership is your mirror. And it’s showing you the parts of YOU that are ready to grow.

Because this is where pretty much ALL the couples therapists miss the mark ↓

I can show you the way and in far less time than working in couples therapy! Most importantly, you’ll get the tools to hold and honor YOUR glorious self. No matter what comes up. 

It's time to honor your damn self and stop giving your power away to the chaos and noise in your head! (And that your partner is possibly stoking for you!)

Your relationship is your CLASSROOM and it is designed to give you the exact feedback and ‘curriculum’ you need to develop the parts of yourself that MUST be developed for you to get on with the next level of your life and your marriage fulfillment.

That next level might be repairing, healing, and transforming your marriage.

>> Or it may be getting clarity, standing in your knowing and acknowledging that you are complete and ready to move on to what is next (yes, sometimes that means divorce and that is cool too).

>> Or if you are separated, divorced, widowed, or otherwise single and have read this far… YOU KNOW that you bring a powerful energetic signal to a relationship. And you might just be ready to learn how to use that power for your greatness...rather than your turmoil. *wink wink."

Either way, this moment has exactly what you need to grow, learn, and transform.

I’ve got your back, every step of the way!

Plus, you’ll get the tools to hold and honor YOUR glorious self. No matter what comes up. 

This is all about YOU, woman!

Yep, you read that right. After investing over $200k in my own education, licenses, and certifications as a marriage and sex therapist (as well as logging thousands of hours to become an expert in upgrading every aspect of relationships)...

Here’s what I know after investing 200k+ and thousands of hours

We all have deep, repetitive patterning in OURSELVES that come out in our relationships that prevent us from seeing the real problems in our marriages.

Given this, I embarked on creating a curriculum for women that would effectively change their experience of their marriage quickly.

I created the program that I wish that I would have had access to after not getting the help I needed in therapy for YEARS.

And… we get amazing results.

The arguments, disconnection, lackluster intimacy are only SYMPTOMS of the real problems in your marriage. Until you address the poor-painful-persistent patterns including thinking, feeling, doing patterns, nothing will ever change.

This is where your power to create change resides!

Even if you feel like you have tried everything, once you uplevel the system that you have created in your marriage, you will begin to experience:


divine embodiment








100% Accountability



Present awareness

When you are too busy gripping and clenching your way through the same argument over and over again, you FAIL to grow these essential skills and you stagnate. You never get to the next level which is why you may feel so unsatisfied and stuck… because you are not supposed to PARK YOURSELF at this level.

BUT… when you commit to and follow a proven path to create meaningful and lasting transformation you will experience joy, connection, and fun in your marriage. That is, if you are willing to be available for it.

You are not CLEAR about exactly HOW you can show up every single day in your marriage to experience real change.

The REAL reason why you’re not getting RESULTS with all the books, blogs, etc.? 

This is precisely what we do in our radically different container for women. When you are prepared to uplevel yourself, your marriage or relationship will naturally follow. 

“This was exactly what I was searching for”

"I have done a lot of couples therapy in my life. I love my husband and we have done a lot of work through the years. But what I have felt has been lacking is how do I do this. What are my steps in this when I am angry? How do I make that connection between when I am really upset and getting my head on straight? And I really felt like I didn't have anything concrete before [this course].

This was exactly what I was searching for.

It was the How To. I have wanted that structure for a long time!"

– Michelle

Experience living a life filled with ease, alignment, open-heartedness, and adventure (if adventure is your thing).

We sold everything and moved to Mexico in 2019.

Here is a picture of us enjoying dinner at one of our favorite spots in the village where we lived.

I will show you exactly how to create YOUR dream version of a lifestyle that is founded in your own specific values. For me, it is freedom, fun, and connection. In this course, we will explore yours! 

Untangle yourself from that tired, heavy conversation that keeps you blocked and walled up. And stop having the same blasted argument for goodness sake!

“This has changed our relationship without us even needing to work on our relationship together”

"I invested in myself because I was worth it. There is a clarity [in the course] that I hadn't found until I found Jenny. It was like a really clear light.

Now things are more intentional for me. Before I was doing a lot of reaction without any intention on my part... I didn't realize that I had so much power and light inside of myself.

This has changed our relationship without us even needing to work on our relationship together."

– Linda

During this depth-oriented 10-week online experience you’ll discover how to show up every single day in your marriage as the clear woman you are, committed to the values that serve you and can feed your marriage. When you lean into thinking-feeling-believing-doing patterns that nourish and support you, your relationship with your partner organically shifts.

This powerful method shifts you out of your old, tired, and caustic practices and into a more alive and authentic (“authentic” as in AUTHORED BY YOU) YOU.

The crazy-simple-but-ridiculously-powerful magic lies in being more YOU 🤗 And a side benefit? Being more YOU is the easiest thing around!! 



Your Marriage Is Your Ashram

Break free from well-worn patterns and tired conversations – and open into heart-rich connections, aligned relationships, and a well-nourished, vibrant life.

Here’s what’s inside:

10 weeks of teachings including
8 drip-released modules + 2 weeks of integration


Delivered at a pace to keep you progressing without overachievement or overwhelm. 

Each module delivers 60-90 minutes of rich content for you to gently and effectively integrate into your life. 

Belief-shifting exercises and custom meditations – so you can anchor deeply into your 2.0 self

Fun bonuses: like a custom soundtrack to help you live into who you’re becoming

8 Step-by-step Modules & PLAYbook to walk you to your 2.0 Self ― the higher potential of YOU.

2 weeks built in for integration with real-world integration guidance. So you can really LIVE into what you’re learning, at a pace that nourishes your nervous system.

  • How to be present with your own thoughts and feelings while showing up authentically with your partner.

  • How to initiate tough conversations that build understanding and intimacy.

  • What to practice feeling and doing if you want to 'let things go' and feel greater peace with your partner.

  • How to create meaningful connection with your partner (hint: it starts with having connection with yourself).

  • What daily practices you need to UNLEARN in order to have pleasure and joy in your life.

  • Who your upleveled self is and HOW to come into deep alignment with her daily.

  • What emotional states to tune into to create massive shifts in your intimacy with your partner (and yourself).

  • How to orient yourself so you are in charge of the results in your life... no longer do you need to wait for your partner to change!

After implementing and integrating what you learn in this course you will know:

This goes way beyond changing your mindset... these are changes that you are embodying emotionally, physically, and in your neurobiology.

Here is what the grown-ass women in my community have to say!

(And since 2021, the program has been even more robust! Now there’s 2 more weeks for integration and the people are loving it!)

Uplevel your marriage and your whole life...

Your Marriage is Your Ashram Self-Study Experience

12-month access to all the Your Marriage Is Your Ashram Teachings (8 Modules!). Learn how to step into 2.0
(Value $7000)

Game-changing tools and skills so you can nourish new ways to engage with your partner
(Value $500)

Daily practices to rewire your neurons.
Release old, stuck habits (Value $500)


VALUE: $8,000+


There are so many days where I literally am just in tears because life feels so full and vibrant and joyful. 

“[As a therapist], what made me step in [to Your Marriage is Your Ashram] is, number one, always the hunger to grow, and to learn more. But also that I truly believe the way that [Jenny] teaches things – in this shifted way of teaching couples work, relationship work, this consciousness piece – I truly believe that it's a game changer. And I stepped into this experience to learn more as a clinician, as a coach. 

So yes, there are books and podcasts and retreats and things and they're well and good and if they work for you, fantastic. But also know that there is another way out there that I truly believe is deeply holistic and transformational. There are so many days where I literally am just in tears because life feels so full and vibrant and joyful. 

I want more people out there to know that they can love the life they live and they can live the life they love.”

– Misty

Peep the revolutionary curriculum



Every week for 10 weeks you will receive new materials to guide you step by step through this life-changing process. 

Including 8 weeks of training content and 2 weeks of integration guidance to maximize your lasting results.


As we start to wrap up our work together it is paramount that you have clarity about WHY you are even bothering to do this kind of rigorous growth work. Your WHY is about who you are on this planet, in this life, in your community and as a member of your family.

Tether to your "why."


Feel free to go back and review your material or brush up as you need to. You have ample time to integrate the material and practice implementing at your own pace.


After all of the embodied practices that you have been experiencing, the belief shifts that you have made, the strength that you have grown & the mastery that you have felt, we are going to put all of the pieces together so you keep moving forward in your life.

Integration is key to transformation.


Define your higher 2.0 self and create daily practices. You will learn about pivoting out of your stuck place and into something fresh and new.

All about your 2.0 higher self.


You have built up walls in your relationship. This module will help you identify the walls & you will learn to create windows that can be opened or closed when a boundary is needed.

Connection & boundaries.


Anchor in yourself and engage with your partner in effective, new ways so that you don’t need to have the same argument or avoidant pattern anymore.

Grounding yourself & building curiosity.

You will be noticing all of the beliefs that are no longer serving you in your marriage and practicing setting them down. Then you will create beliefs for a sustainable relationship with yourself, your partner and for your future. Mindset + Heartset = Alignment

Lasting change starts within.


Your world is probably full of doing-doing-doing but without a relationship with BE-ing in your life, you will feel out of whack. I will guide you in learning how to occupy your “busy” life in ways that feel more grounding and sustainable for a lifetime.

BE more with yourself so you can BE with others.


As a certified sex therapist this is a fave of mine with some radically different ways for you to think about your intimate life! You will learn about seeing your sex life as a playground & ways to find pleasure for yourself in your everyday life.

Your sexual satisfaction starts with YOU.



Along the way you’ll explore and shift aspects of yourself to cultivate lasting relationship transformation:

  • Learning and practicing the difference between throwing up a wall with your partner and opening a window for connection.

  • Dialing in a powerful mindset and belief system that is consistent with who you want to be in your marriage.

  • Breaking down sex and intimacy in new and refreshing ways (I promise… no more obligatory date nights! 

  • How you spend so much time DOING in your life and so little time BEING.

Through 8 weeks of course curriculum (+ 2 weeks of integration), private and group sessions, regular check-in’s and daily practices, I walk you through the journey of setting down the practices that no longer serve and EMBODYING the ones that you want to reclaim or discover in yourself.

Here’s the good news: it can be sooooo much easier than you think!

Your Marriage is Your Ashram is a safe space to look into the mirror and surrender. Allowing you to love yourself again. Deeply, truly, and honestly. 

Think of this 10 week experience like an at-home retreat.

You get to engage every day with your partner using the new learning that you receive and then pop in and ask questions directly to me when you feel stuck or stymied!

THAT is how real and lasting transformation happens! Embodied learning.

When you show up with DEEP ALIGNMENT and no longer disconnected from yourself, you are better equipped to:

  • Have standards with yourself and others
  • Set and hold healthy boundaries
  • Drop the drama and not take things personally
  • Be curious with yourself and then extend that curiosity to your partner! 
  • And for some women, as they feel organically-deeply-nourished on the daily, desire blooms. Imagine?!

Get ready to experience a revitalized relationship, from YMIYA day 1!

I know, I know… You’re wondering:

"But what about my partner?!
I want THEM to show up in their highest potential too!”

Yes, I know, and here’s the thing:

When you stay clear, committed and constant in HOW you are showing up in your marriage daily, it is the BEST and most effective way to invite your partner to do the same.

In your first week, you will also learn about the POWER OF PIVOT and how to shift out of your old patterning (such as thinking 'why do I always have to do the work?' and carrying resentment) and into the HIGHER version of yourself...even when you feel massively triggered by your spouse.

And because learning how to BOTH set boundaries AND connect with your partner is a huge part of why you are here, module two is all about HOW to stay BOTH grounded and aligned with yourself while also dipping into your partner with curiosity.

This is legit higher-level transformation here!

I am not teaching you to be a doormat. 

This is all about you being empowered and centered while collabing with your spouse to create the relationship that you want… or standing in your knowing and leaving.

Your choice.

When you embody your highest potential, you invite your partner to do the same.

It is true!

As a result of the very same curriculum that I am teaching you, we have left our 9-5 jobs and old, stressed-out world and created something so much more joyful, fun and deeply aligned with our values as a couple. Here I am with my husband recently at a neighbors holiday party here in Tubac, Arizona where we moved 2 ½ years ago after fleeing Mexico (that’s another story!)

“My husband has felt it. I felt the shift in him… I saw it within the first week.” 

“What came out of working with Jenny was more than I could have ever imagined. And it went so far beyond my relationship with my husband. It's just so much bigger than that. 

I'm breathing again. I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop. My truth has shifted so much. My husband has felt it. I felt the shift in him. And it was amazing. Because in the beginning. I was like, how is he going to start changing just because I'm making these changes? How am I gonna see this mirrored in him? I saw it within the first week. 

I shifted, and everything around me shifted. Everything looks, feels, and is different.

This program was not work. This program was like the biggest gift I could ever give myself. And it's the best gift I could give my family. It's the best gift I could give those that I work with. It's the best gift I could give my friends. It's the best gift I can give this planet. 

This should be a part of everyone's experience going into marriage, going into having a child. This should be something that we learn early on. We need these tools. They are paramount to being human.”

– Kate

Get ready to tend your inner fire, and claim so much more ALIVENESS!

I have been working with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years in a variety of capacities. I have also been a student of numerous spiritual practices, personal development and self-help for my entire adult life.

I have taken this 30 years of professional and personal wisdom and crafted this exceptional offering for you. This learning was hard won and it will save you the bruises, bumps and pitfalls that I had to walk through myself.

My story includes marriage at age 25, my husband (a then triathlete, rock climber and avid outdoorsman) was t-boned by a car while he was commuting to work just 8 months after our wedding. I was told that he would never walk again.
Day 3 while he was in the hospital we learned (SURPRISE!) that I was pregnant!

By some miracle and a great surgeon, his bones were salvaged and he returned home in a wheelchair to face 6 more surgeries over the next few years and I learned to care for him and his injuries while pregnant and sick as a dog.

Baby came and when our son turned 4 years old he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During this time, my husband and I were already facing, emotional, and otherwise...all typical of a new marriage but boy was it tough with so little time on the front end to even get our bearing!

The next 8 years were incredibly difficult as we struggled to pay for things like insulin for our son, create some connection between the two of us (while we were both earning multiple graduate degrees while working during the day), and just stay on top of the demands of life.

I found myself resentful, tired and disconnected feeling like I was selfish for even feeling these things and experiencing grief for the hardships in those first years of marriage.

I tried all of the things...books, retreats, therapy, spiritual try to shift things. The books made sense but didn't help since husband wasn't reading them too. I would try to be different for a few days and then fall back into the old pattern. I had two couples therapists tell me that we should just get a divorce. But that did not seem like an option given our young son's medical needs at the time so I just kept muscling through.

After working clinically for over 10 years specializing in couples and going to all of the couples and sex therapy trainings, I saw that there was something missing. The missing piece was what I was eventually able to create in my own marriage (that many therapists told me would not be possible).

I decided to take my LIVED EXPERIENCE and professional training and create something EXTRAORDINARY and new that would walk accountable women, step by step, into the absolutely highest version of themselves. I knew that if I taught this process then a woman would be able to do it on her own again, again and again.

Today I have helped more than 200 women in the past 5 years follow this process...and I am opening the doors to you too.

These pictures that you see here of our happy faces are not because it has been easy or we have a trust fund that supports us. These are happy faces of people who did their own work...I did mine and let my husband do his (and kept my fingers out of his process!). My lovely life in Mexico and now in Tubac, AZ has been the result of years of learning how to show up again and again as my 2.0 self and not the old 1.0 version of me that was resentful, disconnected, avoidant and angry.

Unfold into the version of you that has a more easeful life so you can untangle from the torque in marriage and relationship! Enroll now.

Your Real-Deal, Torch-Bearing Mentor

Hey Woman! I’m Jenny – former traditional marriage and sex therapist gone rogue. This is me…in my living room at my home. If you come to one of my retreats, you might just hang with me here!

A wife of 25 years, mother, entrepreneur, and questioner of everything, I live in Southern Arizona with my hubs, our dog Jane, and a whole lot of wide open space.

After seeing the many ways that traditional couples counseling did not serve my clientele, I created my own method for dissatisfied married women: the Grown-Ass Woman approach. Imagine a relationship where one person takes full, radical responsibility for their thinking, doing, believing, and feeling in a relationship. 


My counterculture approach guides women to shed the victim narrative that strangles many marriages. My Grown-Ass Woman approach equips women with maturity, steady wisdom, and boundaries, honoring safety and pleasure in your woman's life. From this grounded place you can organically and entirely shift the marital experience. (Or it will naturally come to its completion without all the scripted dialogues. Without arm-twisting your man to go to therapy when he'd rather have his nuts shaved. Or forcing your painfully shy wife into eye-gazing exercises.) 

I am a change catalyst who can help you unlock a rich, resonant life. I’ve written the “operational manual” you need to show up when the sh** gets real.

Here’s my Grown-Ass Woman story:

You’re repeating the same arguments with your spouse and feel powerless to break the pattern

  • You are so tired of wondering in the back of your mind if you should stay or go in your marriage

  • Your marriage is “fine” – but far from happily ever after

  • You want the tools to feel grounded and nourished – even if you’re not in a relationship

  • You’re eager to step into your power as a grown-ass woman and take ownership over your life

  • You’re not married – partly because you keep sabotaging your relationships

  • You’ve lost your sense of who you really are (in your marriage or in your life)

  • You’re ready to take your place in a sacred circle of women who know what it’s like to have your needs go unmet

  • You’ve reached the f*ck-it point and you’ve got nothing to lose!

  • You’re already in the YMIYA container (or have taken it in the past) and are fired up to experience the magic LIVE, and keep committing to your 2.0 Self! 

Did any of those have you nodding? If so, YMIYA is perfect for you! Get in there! 

Try these on and see how they fit:

Wondering whether Your Marriage Is Your Ashram is the elixir you need to bring more ease & grace into your love life (and your whole life?!)? 

This work is super clear, sometimes super hard, and really allowed me to look at me and ask myself “am I in?” and “what am I in for?”

“When I started the program my marriage was good but felt uneven/uncertain at times.

We went to therapy in the past and], while I really liked the therapist we saw, it always felt like we weren’t quite getting to the real issues, there was still information/feelings being withheld or somehow not accessible.

This work [with Jenny] is super clear, sometimes super hard, and really allowed me to look at me and ask myself “am I in?” and “what am I in for?”. It also gave me the ability to see my actions from the perspective of others in a way that somehow wasn’t accessible before, likely because I was still too busy trying to be right all of the time ; )

My husband has absolutely noticed a difference in me and so appreciates that I could actually understand his perspective and feelings in a way that I didn’t before.

But Crissy… this is a real investment of time, money and energy… is it really worth it?

‘How much is the rest of your life worth!?!?!’”

– Crissy

This is my son, Toby (22 now). He has become an extraordinary young man by growing up witnessing personal accountability, pivoting, initiating hard conversations with us and now other important people like bosses (!) in his life, and knowing how to not take things personally. He did not take a class in this. He learned from watching me, watching his dad, and learning this language of being in honest, vulnerable, messy, and brilliant relationship with us!

This process changes YOU and your FAMILY...for the better.

Your life is way too precious to spend another day feeling stuck in your relationship.  

Today is the day to get OUT of disconnection & disappointment and INTO your bliss as a woman...

This is the map to get you OUT of the old looping patterns in your relationship (and yourself) and INTO experiencing alignment, ease and connection with yourself and your partner.

The investment used to be $7000 to engage in this container with me privately for eight weeks! And now you can access these teachings plus live coaching for only $555!

Unlike therapy, where you are further anchoring these old THOUGHT LOOPS by rehashing what your partner is doing wrong, in this course you are learning to make shifts at a thought level, emotional level, belief level and behavior level… so we are checking all of that REPETITIVE CONTENT at the door (but don’t worry, you will have a chance to the root of the problem so you can unhook from it!). 

And when you unhook from that root problem, EVERYTHING ACTUALLY *does* change.

And the truth is, when we change our kids change too.

A new life, really, where you experience connection, clarity, pleasure and ease on the regular!

Shift into a new reality – a new timeline – of your life

You deserve it, and I’ll show you how.

In a refreshing way that makes sooooo much sense.

The unique process of Your Marriage Is Your Ashram is not about FIXING ANYTHING at all (because that doesn’t work). 

It’s about being gently, but consistently guided EVERY DAY to become the woman who lives the life that you say that you want… more pleasure, more joy, more laughter, healthier boundaries, and if you need it, greater clarity about whether to stay or go in your marriage.

I show you how to EMBODY your 2.0 Self in what feels like a 1.0 Marriage (or a 1.0 Life).

And I will HIGHLIGHT where it is that you are defaulting back into your 1.0 Self and repeating your old patterns.

When you ARE that 2.0 woman, you create a new timeline for yourself. You tap into FUTURE YOU – the woman you’ve always wanted to be –and you embody her right now. All while giving the old 1.0 You a BIG old hug, knowing that you have your back. You feel strong in your glorious SELF, no matter what comes up.

That’s the beauty that happens inside of this container. 

So if you’re feeling the pull, I HIGHLY recommend joining us for the LIVE version of this course (which I used to sell as private small group experience for $7k by the way). 

I’ve never offered this container in this way before, but, I always do what I LOVE (which is what I want for you too!) 

And I LOVE connecting with women like you as you initiate yourself into deeper wisdom, knowingness, and joy. As you reclaim the romance, and learn to romance yourself. As you step into the 2.0 version of you. It’s your turn. It’s about to get SOOOOO good! 

Join us today! 

Uplevel your marriage and your whole life...

Your Marriage is Your Ashram Self-Study Experience

12-month access to all the Your Marriage Is Your Ashram Teachings (8 Modules!). Learn how to step into 2.0
(Value $7000)

Game-changing tools and skills so you can nourish new ways to engage with your partner
(Value $500)

Daily practices to rewire your neurons.
Release old, stuck habits (Value $500)


VALUE: $8,000+