The incredible women who work with me get real, concrete results — often from day one. I love hearing about the alchemy that takes hold as they become who they’re meant to be.

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Life-changing results 
(straight from the mouths of grown-ass women)

Outcomes and transformations 

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“What she’s offering is a gift to womankind”

The women in my sphere describe pushing past old versions of themselves. Creating new capacity to expand, receive love, and find purpose. And going “from chaos to clarity.” 

Here’s the thing: I don’t deserve the credit. THEY do. 

And if you work with me, the credit will be all yours. Every change you make is a CHOICE to live a life you love.

“Two years ago, right after my mom passed, I said a full-body yes to accepting personal coaching from Jenny Gick. It was life-changing for me. It allowed me to go from fear to freedom, from chaos to clarity, to push past the old version of myself and move on from people-pleasing, muting my truth, and being stuck in a 1.0 version of myself. I could ramrod my way through anything back then. Now, I hold myself accountable, hope for the best from others, and stay detached from the outcome… as best as I can most days!

Jenny helped me find what was inside of me all along and most importantly showed me that as a grown-ass woman my life, my choices, and my relationship are MY RESPONSIBILITY. It is not anyone else’s job to complete me, make me happy, or make me feel fulfilled. That’s all on me.

While I still have a lot to process and I am certainly not perfect, I now know that I am not and never was broken. I simply didn’t have the tools I needed in a container that was sacred and gracious.

If you are a woman at your breaking point and you have been putting everyone in your life before your wants, needs, and desires, please take Jenny up on this offer. I did this two years ago and what she is offering right now is a gift to womankind.

If you are moments away from saying F@*# it all…

If you have been struggling, inbox her and see if this is a full-body yes for you as well.

You won’t be sorry.”

– Chris Eaton Welsh

“Ever since I first met Jenny, I could just tell there was something very unique about her. The depth to which she shows up as a wayshower and a guiding healer is unparalleled. 

Her ability to be vulnerable and be authentic, and to hold a space that really cultivates this profound level of acceptance and incredible safety is heartwarming. It's so encompassing, it is so much about being able to reach into all of those parts of you that you may not really show anyone, even yourself. 

I feel spaciousness inside, and openness, and the capacity growing inside of me to receive love and goodness, and to really know what it is that I want for myself and how to do that.“

– Retreat participant

“Finding space in your program literally weeks before ALL of our lives changed forever was the single most smartest investment in myself I ever made. We are never really ‘done’ growing, but without pushing myself to choose your program, not sure where I’d be right now. What a gift!

“Finding you and your program has opened my eyes to what I am capable of and the power that I have (& have always had) inside of me to change my life for the better. 

It has truly changed my life in tremendous ways and even though I am still a work in progress, it feels so good to see how far I’ve already come and to know that I will never go back to the old ways of navigating through my life. 

Thank you Jenny for all the ways you have helped me grow and learn about myself and how you have taught me that I have everything inside of me to keep growing and creating and getting to that 2.0 version of myself more and more every day.”

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“It feels f***ing incredible to live in your truth”

There’s a ripple effect I see again and again: A woman joins me because she’s unsatisfied in her marriage. She’s surprised to find joy, lightness, and ease in her love life. 

And THEN… 

Transformation cascades out to every part of her life: parenting, career, her creative life, how she’s showing up as a leader and in her community. 

Why? Because the relationship you shift in my catalyzing containers is your relationship with YOU. 

And everything flows from there.

Sandi: I’m not even married yet but since it’s you I’m like 👀

Letia: I found it really helped me in so many relationships and in my leadership style, so I would still go for it!

“I've been working with Jenny since 2019. And so much has changed. So much has shifted. I've reconnected with parts of myself that I've forgotten about, or maybe wasn't even completely aware of before. 

There’s been a ripple effect that has been created through Jenny’s guidance: shifting into a more comfortable space within myself and refinding myself, I see it in my husband, I see it in my kids. And now when I know something, I know something and I act on it. 

It feels f***ing incredible to live in your truth.”

“My husband and I have been married for eight years, together for 13. It's been an up-and-down relationship throughout. Sometimes things are great. And sometimes things are really bad. We've been to couples counseling and I’ve worked with several therapists. But it just seems to be the same pattern. I felt like something was missing. 

After I signed up for Jenny Glick’s online course, I feel a lot stronger in myself. And my relationship with my husband is changing. It's not like it's great all the time yet. But for the first time I can see myself growing old with this guy, rather than being like, Should I leave? Should I stay? That was huge for me. 

The biggest shift for me was imagining the 2.0 version of me, owning it, and then showing up in it. That’s an energy shift that needs to happen that I’ve never gotten from other therapists. In regular therapy I never changed my mindset, I was the victim. I was like, he's a bad man, and I married the wrong guy, and nothing will ever change. 

Another thing that happened: I'm a physical therapist. And since I've signed up I've been so busy at work with clients. I don't know if I'm showing up differently to work and I'm attracting people into my practice.

I'm gonna be listening to the course over a year, because there's so much valuable information in it.. 

This course is priceless. Because it has changed my mindset, and it's changing everything else in my life. Signing up is making an investment in yourself and your worth.”

Highlights from Elena’s story

“I am still a work in process… and grateful to have found you and had your guidance on this path. I don’t know that I would still be standing with all of the turmoil the last 2 years without your guidance. Your work actually has allowed me to listen to my professional business coaches and make huge leaps professionally as well. Thank you.”

“Helped me so much in my marriage and brought those same concepts to my business.”

“This [program is more like] a therapy session every day versus every month.

All the money spent on other ways has not worked [for us].

[This program offers] a unique view of what we bring to our marriage with daily feedback when needed.

This program affects all of your relationships in life and really creates an authentic you.”

– C. Hollis, Ohio

I truly believe the way that you teach things is a game changer. [As a therapist], I stepped into this experience to learn more as a clinician, as a coach. 

Nowhere out there is there any kind of CEU or curriculum that's helping people continue their education in a way that also supports personal growth and development. That kind of alignment is really important. 

The most common thing I hear from people is that I'm able to meet them where they're at. And that teaches me that I'm able to meet myself where I'm at, I'm able to meet my partner where he's at, I'm able to meet my children where they're at. It really does encompass all of it.

I think the thing that sticks out to me is that you often say, know your knowing. And I think that's such a huge component of this program is to know your knowing. 

So yes, there are books and podcasts and retreats and things and they're well and good and if they work for you, fantastic. Know that. But also know that there is another way out there that I truly believe is deeply holistic and transformational. And if you're on the fence, that's okay. You can be there. But step in and I promise the water is fine. The water is beautiful. It is pristine, it is fantastic. There are so many days where I literally am just in tears because life feels so full and vibrant and joyful. 

And you know it's not a cakewalk. Life is hard. I have two small children and lots of family stuff that happens, and practice and business stuff, and life stuff. But it is just – I want more people out there to know that they can love the life they live and they can live the life they love. And it truly can be by design. It doesn't have to be by default.

Highlights from Misty’s story

“When you practice the principles of Jenny 😄 it will affect every relationship and aspects of your life you weren’t expecting. Where I used to fear sharing my heart with my husband I learned he always shows up just how I needed him to. No more shit sandwiches being thrown as I learned to STOP fearing and become curious about things, which instilled a gentleness. It was fear of not trusting myself that was holding me back. I practice my “I am” statements every time a fear pops in and I overcome them so quickly and navigate through them with kindness.

My other relationship, my business. My business has doubled because I stopped the fear I had around money. I’m so thankful for Jenny and her way of teaching and the healing that takes place with ME first and the rest simply finds a way. My fears are good emotions but now they no longer control me.”

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“The biggest gift I could ever give myself…
… and my family
… and those I work with
… and my friends
… and the planet”

Women tell me that my teachings are a necessary curriculum for living. That I impart what you need to know – but are never taught – about being fulfilled in life and in love.

What I offer is embodied knowing – wisdom that goes beyond what you know in your brain. Because your brain is important… but it’s what you know in your fleshy flesh – and how you LIVE what you know – that sparks real transformation.

“I met Jenny in 2019. And I've been enjoying her curriculum for that many years. I responded to an ad on Facebook, which is kind of out of character for me. But at that point in my life, I was feeling dark, feeling separated from myself, feeling like my life was over here. And my heart was over here. And the words she spoke in this Facebook ad resonated, so I got brave and made a call. And that's started me on an amazing journey. 

Jenny has given me tools of growth, of learning ownership in my own life, so that I can control my trajectory and invite out the person I want to become. I've often thought that this is a curriculum and a path that should be taught. We don't learn how to grow, and how to manage that growth very easily in this world. It's not something that's taught unless you find your teachers and Jenny's that teacher for me. 

So I'm talking to the women out there who might feel distant, cloaked, numb, sad. outside themselves, think about how you might be able to liberate yourself from that experience. 

I've been able to set down some burdens I've been carrying, and amplify the path I choose to walk. And that's a really powerful experience. What might you be carrying that you don't want to carry anymore? Something that you might no not know how to let go of. 

That's how I feel about Jenny and I'm going to stick with her my whole life.”

– Rachel

Back in November 2019 I was really sad. I was just really deeply sad and disoriented in my life. I had just celebrated my 30th anniversary with my husband. We've had challenges over the years. Normal life challenges, financial, intimate, all of that stuff. And we've been proponents of therapy for a long time. And it just got to the point where we’d done all the therapy. And I couldn't shake the feeling of feeling sad in my life, I felt like my life was happening in one space. And I was over here looking at it. I felt like nobody knew me. And I didn't know anybody else. 

I didn't know how to get to the place I wanted. I knew that I wanted to stay in my marriage. I just didn't know how to get there. 

And that's where I was when I entered into Jenny’s beautiful paving paths. I'm one of those women that feels generally pretty competent in my life, and pretty in control. And so it took a great deal of effort for me to step up to the plate, and let myself go back to learning and find the path that I was missing.

The thing that's happened most profoundly for me since working with Jenny: I've learned how to replace the voice that teaches you to react or judge or try and solve. I've learned to replace that with simple curiosity. And that has opened up everything. 

In my marriage, it's led to fruitful conversations and getting to know each other on a plane that we never had before. And in such a mature and caring and soft and gentle way. And it's opened up all kinds of avenues with work or my children or my own sense of self. 

There's something very special about this program that’s needed in society. But what's unique about what you've done here is this absolute harmonic convergence of women that I know I was desperately missing. I have lots of women friends, but we weren't supporting each other in these ways. We were partying, doing wine nights, great women doing fun stuff. But this is a different level of female engagement that is so richly supported, calling on the skills of other women to support each other in dynamic change and celebrate each other. 

It's a space where you can leave behind all of your self-pity, all of those things that aren't really helpful to grow. And you can go there and be open and vulnerable and real. 

That is uniquely powerful. 

Highlights from Rachel’s story

Find YOUR embodied knowing

Work with me

“It’s like a very clear light”

One thing women often tell me is that they feel like I’m speaking directly to them. 

I don’t have a crystal ball or a magic wand. But what I offer feels magical because I help you tap into what you already know deep within you. 🪄

When you’re attuned to your own inner wisdom, you can embrace an essential distinction: The difference between knowing a truth and feeling it.

I’m here to give you the keys, so your own knowing feels present, personal, and ALIVE.

“BTW… Purchasing your 8-week program in November was the best thing I did in 2021!!! PERIOD! After a year of listening to you like you were talking straight to me… I took a bet on myself! I’m now starting module 8 and it’s like a dream. I’m so thankful I get this info for a year because I’m gonna go over and over it again! Thank you Jenny.”

I started reading your posts online and it really spoke to me. It seemed like somebody was in my insides and speaking the words. It was like, oh, that's exactly how I feel, but I've never put it to words. I really connected with what you were saying and felt like you had something very valuable to share. I was excited to see that you had a program we could join. And I just have to say up front, I'm so excited that we get to keep it for a year because I'm going to keep going back over and over it because there's so much content there.

I've been on a little bit of a journey. I've been married 36 or 37 years. We've gone through ups and downs and been feeling very disconnected. We separated for a year and a half. And then he came back a little several years ago. And I love him. I know he loves me, but it’s still a lot of disconnection. And then feeling stuck in the marriage, feeling stuck in my job, feeling stuck where I am in the country. I've been feeling stuck and unhappy and unsatisfied. And I didn't want to live like that.

I love the title of your program. Your Marriage is Your Ashram. It shifted my thought from being my problem, my sadness, my upset, to, this is where I do my work. This is a blessing. And even though it's not perfect, it's okay. 

A little bit [of applying your teachings] was giving myself permission to do it. Feeling like I had invested in myself because I was worth it and things could change. Even just the way that it was written, there's a clarity to it that I hadn’t found up until I found you. It’s like a very clear light. It really spoke to me in a way that made so much sense. And it didn't make me feel bad. There was no shame in it. There was something about giving myself permission to look at me and place value in myself, take the time to do it.

Things are more intentional for me now, like I am making a conscious decision. Before, I was doing a lot of reaction. A lot of running here, there, and everywhere responding to my environment, my situation, my job, my husband, but without any intention on my part, without any distinct goal in mind. 

I feel like the possibilities are wide open. I wasn't feeling that way before I took this course. And it's opened me up to be able to make some decisions I was afraid to make before. I'm gonna go be a granny nanny for my first grandbaby who was born two months ago. I've wanted to be in California with them and I'm transitioning back out there so that I can watch the baby when my daughter goes back to work. And I'm just incredibly happy and thankful because I would not have given myself permission to do such a thing before.

I've not really spoken too much to [my husband] about this course. But our relationship is lighter. We've had more giggles. He's supported this move, which I never thought he would have. I didn't realize I had so much power and light within myself to do the things that I've been called to do or want to do. So yeah, it's changed our relationship, even without us working on our relationship. 

[For anyone who’s considering signing up,] I strongly encourage you to love yourself enough to care for yourself, whatever the way that is. For me, this really made a difference. There was something about the way that you said things and just changed my perspective. It lit it up for me. It was different. 

And the way that you laid out the program, those first couple foundational ones were kind of mind-blowing for me. I was able to have a shift that opened me up to other things. So I'm just very grateful. Thank you. I appreciate you very much.

Highlights from Linda’s story

“Jenny! I used to read your posts thinking you created them just for me! 

I’m starting week 4 of the self-guided 8-week program and it is changing my life! How I think, how I engage with my husband, with my teenage boys, how I’ve stopped my pity party about my past choices! Every stepping stone you teach is so important! The windows vs walls info is a game changer! Took me over a year to make the decision to work with you and now I can start 2022 thinking 2.0 all the way! #visionkeeper”

I was living in a lot of fear and anxiety when I decided to sign up for the course. And I didn't have the perspective that I now have that a lot of that was based on my own thoughts. At the time, I was basing it on the actions of my husband. His actions were fitting the story that I had created in my head. And I was able to point at him many, many times what he was doing that was ruining our marriage, that was causing it to be really hard for us to be on the same page or for us to be happy. Even though, in my mind, I understood that I was also contributing to whatever problems were affecting the issues we were having. I wasn't focused on that at all, I was focused on the outside. 

A lot of the things that you said about being a raging feminist really resonated with me. I feel like my husband has borne the brunt of that. And it probably hasn't been that fair to him on a lot of levels because he is not the typical patriarchy that I wanted to rise up against for so many decades.

Weeks three and five really spoke to me, in terms of raising your vibration and understanding how you want to be in the world. You want to be accepting, you want to be happy, you want to find joy. And so being able to approach that and make a constant choice to do that. To know that that was something that I could constantly strive for. And just take a step back and choose it made a huge difference. The way that you presented that information really spoke to me.

There were moments when I was listening to those videos that I was in tears, just not because of what was happening in my own life or because right now, but because of realizing how much I had carried over from the past. 

I work in the wellness industry. So much of what you say about being and doing, I already tell all of my clients about. Like, I'm saying that every day. But I had skipped those first steps. And I was living over here, without actually doing the work of grounding and anchoring and breathing in order to actually truly be in the moment, in my own marriage. I could do that with most everybody else I interact with, but I was having a hard time doing it here at home. So you gave me that opportunity to take that in and to really truly practice it here on this stage.

[Since taking the course,] there have been opportunities for my husband and I to have disagreements. And I will make a point of admitting my mistake if it is my own. And I will make a point of going back to him in an anchored and calm manner, sooner rather than later. So I'm not stewing over it. And I'm not really giving him the opportunities to stew over it either. My house has been a lot friendlier, especially these last two weeks. 

Every video that I watched, every Q&A, I felt like you were speaking to me and I was hearing what I needed to hear. Your training, and the way that you set it up and organize it and the way that you share the information is very, very well done. So thank you.

Highlights from Kara’s story

Expand your pleasure field

Work with me

“This could be the most important training of your entire life”

“Rock bottom.” 
“A train wreck.” 
“A hot mess.” 
Those are some of the words women use to describe the state of their marriage before entering my circle.
For many of them, working with me is a last-ditch, hail-mary pursuit – usually after years of therapy.
They’re often ready to leave. To say f*ck the consequences. F*ck it all.
And they’re surprised – and often skeptical – that a program like Your Marriage Is Your Ashram requires no effort on the part of their spouse.
That’s why some of my favorite transformation tales are about “hot mess” marriages that become “hot sex” marriages.
(Oh – and I never want you to stay in a marriage whose end has come. Somethings it’s time for something to be over, and I can get you there, too.)

“Before Jenny’s program I felt argumentative, not a priority, disconnected, taken for granted [in my marriage].

[After the program] my marriage is my priority. It teaches me what I need to see the most and I think about it every single day.

I am more accountable, more anchored and clearer on how I choose to show up in this (and all) of my relationships.

[Unlike in couples counseling, in this program] we didn’t just pull out all the past bullshit, chew it up and spit it out. We worked in the present. We worked on setting up rituals for greater awareness and spirituality.

This work DOESN’T focus on the problems. Instead, it gives you the tools to do the work to get to the intention that you desire.

This program allowed me to get invested in something that matters to me, something that changed the way I love myself and the way I love others.

I will keep my lessons from this training with me forever and THAT is worth more than anything.
– J.T.

“[When I started with Jenny’s program my marriage was] pretty much at rock bottom. I felt hopeless. [And now, we are] Moving forward, slowly, in the right direction. I have hope that we can make positive progress.

[Since starting this program] I have a pathway. I can see where I have contributed to the challenges we have had – something that was not clear to me before. I also feel changes in my relationships and in my work – most notably with my kids. I am much softer and spacious with them.

This program really hones in on how you can make changes. Therapy for us has tended to focus on the fires and how they could have been prevented. In other words, it feels past-focused, and we weren’t taking the lessons and adapting them to the future.

This program felt very future-focused, i.e., how am I going to design my future in the way that I would like? How am I going to change this dynamic to change my relationship? Where is my role in the current and how can I use it to influence the future?

I will TOTALLY RECOMMEND this program to all of my peeps!

I was super skeptical [about the investment], but I was also desperate for something more from my relationship, and I was unable to get traction anywhere else. We’ve been in therapy for years, I’ve read more than a dozen relationship books – but I wasn’t really focusing in on ME and what I needed to do differently.

Most importantly, this is really intensive – you have high access to a great therapist/leader and tons of interaction with other like-minded women who want the same thing from their own relationships. The calls and the community allow you to address your challenges and ask your questions in real time so you can put your skills to work in real time. The practice is so critical to success and this investment pushes you toward that practice.

It’s an intensive and insightful program that leads you to understand exactly how your role in your relationship is impacting the relationship, and how you can change your role and your perspective to make positive change. You can’t change anyone else, but you can change yourself, and making those changes inevitably has an impact on the ecosystem.”

– K.D., Virginia

“[Before being mentored by Jenny, my marriage was a] train wreck. Completely disconnected. Zero attraction and so much contempt and feelings of hopelessness.

[Now,] we greatly appreciate each other. Our attraction is building and we have a totally different way of communicating. We both feel more safe and confident.

[Since the program] I’m very aware of the energy and stories I used to bring to my marriage [that were not helpful]. I see my role in how we ended up where we were. I now work to show up as my most compassionate, living self in order to get the marriage I want. This was all about what we can control, which is ourselves.

Loved the spiritual and mindfulness foundation which is very different than therapy.

What about the investment of time and resources? Divorce is more expensive.

Want a new marriage? Make the investment and you will get the return.

I can’t thank [Jenny] enough. [She] helped me during one of the most difficult times of my entire marriage and for this I am forever grateful.

[My husband] says I’m more approachable and he can see all the ways I’m putting in effort to love him. He’s glad we spent the money.”

– L.S.

[Since completing the program,] I have made a huge effort to celebrate, appreciate and feel grateful for my partner. And it is all coming back to me.

I feel a huge shift in how we are together, and how to work on our connection more.

How is it different from regular therapy? It’s like speed therapy! I have seen big and little shifts everywhere in 8 weeks. And with such attention from Jenny to my posts or emails.

I have never felt this supported in my life. Thank you so much, Jenny.

If you need a big shift and don’t want to lose any more time not feeling happy, this is worth every penny.

[My partner] has noticed more accountability, less blaming, more being together, less fights, a happier time together, and the big one – more, better, present sex!

– H.M., Colorado

Write your own tale of transformation

Work with me

“How much is the rest of your life worth?”

“[Before starting with Jenny our marriage was] solid. He’s my best friend who I adore and deeply respect but it lacked a depth of intimacy I desired.

[After the program I feel] more grounded and realized that I would become short or reactive over little things. Slowing down, learning to pivot and choose a fresh new way has brought us from a mostly playful marriage to one that’s more intentional.

Still growing towards a deeper intimacy, but feeling seen and valued so much more. [Now] I am softer and more at ease with my husband but also those around me. So so good!!! I also feel a new curiosity about him. How cool is that?

Best investment into myself I’ve made.

If your gut is telling yes, leave fear and trust the journey. Your new self is waiting for you just around the corner and it’s sooooooo good.

I’m no longer living with anxious thoughts, accepting my value and walking in an amazing new space of freedom and expectancy. The bonus is a deeper acceptance, love and respect for my beloved husband.

I will TOTALLY RECOMMEND this program to all of my peeps!

What if I told you there was a program that brings your heart, kind and spirit together in harmony? And as a result, the relationships in your life would blossom to a level of authenticity and depth that perhaps you didn’t know was even possible…this is what this program offers when you let go of fear and walk in who you were designed to be!

What a gift.”

I love the trainwrecks-turned-joyrides. BUT I also love hearing from women who start out with “fine” marriages.

Here’s my take on “fine”: 

F*ck fine.  

“Fine” robs you of the richness of your marriage and the richness of your life. 

My programs move you beyond “fine” into something deeper. More sacred. Something soulful that emanates from your heart, encompasses your marriage, and expands to fill your whole world.

“…before the program, I would’ve likely said [that our marriage was] “fine.” Not extraordinary, not bad. Mostly good with some occasional big blips (knock-down, drag-out fights).

After finishing the program, though, and seeing such an overwhelming positive change, maybe it wasn’t as good as I thought at the time!

[Our marriage is now] exceptional. Steady in all the best ways. Consistently happy. Easy-feeling. Tender. Open. Joyful. Fun. Passionate.

I am [now] the woman I never imagined I was capable of being. I AM the peaceful, joyful, wise woman I used to look at with longing and wonder.

I find comfort in *me* and no longer feel fear during moments of joy that it might slip through my fingers. If I choose for it to stay within my grasp, that’s what will be. I AM EMPOWERED.


What could possibly be more important and worthy of money than a lifelong relationship deeply-rooted in joy, strength, and true contentment? (Psst: the relationship I’m referring to is the one with yourself.)

[This is] a life-changing women’s group led by a brilliant mentor. Jenny expertly guides the members of the group to discover – through in-depth instruction, but also on their own, and through shared experiences – how to literally create the woman they want to be.

[My partner] has noticed a HUGE difference, and comments on it almost daily. Actually, he *thanks* me – for the work I’ve put into the program, and for dramatically shifting the energy of our home through that work.

Not only do we have an incredible marriage now, but our family is so solid and joyful. The effects of my personal growth have spread into all aspects of our life.”

– M.J., Colorado

“@ Jenny Glick so grateful you’re out there doing this and paving the way for others. Working with couples and sex. I felt there were many of the therapy practices I was trained in that I’ve long abandoned for a multitude of reasons. (And that’s no slight on the folks who found great progress with those.) I just longed and yearned for more… but not more tactics and skills… rather, something different and aligned with wholeness, the self, the relational and systemic nature of the world, and spirituality. And it IS a movement.”

“[Before this program, my marriage had] some good moments against a backdrop of low energy, low-grade tension, and little physical intimacy.

[Now, it’s] lively and nourishing to both of us; I would again describe my husband as my best friend and my happy place.

I now have the skills to adjust my own energy and thought patterns in ways that matter.

I knew I needed to do this but I had no idea how. Using these skills I now experience more joy and lightness in my marriage, and more physical intimacy with my husband.

This is an opportunity to stop over-thinking your relationship issues and instead take 100% accountability and learn what to actually do, daily, to change things.

What about the investment of time and resources? I would say that the investment is MORE than worth it IF you plan to make the work a priority for the next 8 weeks and put the effort in.

My relationship is transformed! My husband and I both would eagerly sign up and pay this much if we had it to do over.”

– A.W., Ohio

“[When I started the program my marriage was] good but felt uneven/uncertain at times.

I second-guessed my commitment long-term and sometimes felt myself feeling a bit ‘crazy’ with anxiety about the longevity/future.

[After completing the 7 week program with Jenny], we have a really open line of communication, clarity around a shared goal of love and longevity and a way to check in and talk about issues that feels so much easier and with far less judgment than in the past….

I feel so much lighter as a human being!! 

 It’s like I stepped out of my body and can now see more clearly how I am operating, how I am being (or not) and how what I’m doing is or isn’t aligned with my own stated goals (both personal and professional); I feel super clear and confident about who I am and how to use that clarity to guide my future in my personal life and in my professional life.

[We went to therapy in the past and], while I really liked the therapist we saw, it always felt like we weren’t quite getting to the real issues, there was still information/feelings being withheld or somehow not accessible.

This work [with Jenny] is super clear, sometimes super hard and really allowed me to look at me and ask myself ‘am I in?’ and ‘what am I in for?’ and am I being those things. It also gave me the ability to see my actions from the perspective of others in a way that somehow wasn’t accessible before, likely because I was still too busy trying to be right all of the time ; )

[My husband] has absolutely noticed a difference in me and so appreciates that I could actually understand his perspective and feelings in a way that I didn’t before.

But Crissy… this is a real investment of time, money and energy… is it really worth it?

‘How much is the rest of your life worth!?!?!’ “

– Crissy

Your new self is waiting and it’s sooooooo good

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