Hey there!

I am
Jenny Glick

...a licensed marriage and family

But for YOU I am a mentor,  a guide — here to show you the way out of feeling stuck, bored, and fatigued in your relationship.

Married for over 20 years myself, I not only have all of the letters behind my name — I have the LIVED EXPERIENCE (which means the map) for taking you to the next level in your relationship and your life.

I am a wayshower for Women who feel stuck in their relationships and their lives.

Stuck in communication.

Stuck in sex/intimacy/desire.

Stuck in

I work with women who feel like they have tried everything and nothing has worked.

The women I work with have read all of the books, articles, and watched videos online. They have gone to therapy with lackluster results.



These women are successful in so many aspects of their lives but their marriage falls flat. They feel like they are trapped and suffocating in a relationship that simply isn’t a reflection of who they REALLY are. These women are so tired of wondering if they should stay or go and need results now.



I get outcomes for these women based on 20+ years of training, education, as a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified sex therapist as well as deep immersion and life experience with a broad range of spiritual practices including The Course in Miracles, mystical traditions, yoga sutras, and mindfulness practices.

What I love most Is getting real results for women like you.

Developmental therapeutic techniques

Spiritual & spiritually informed practices

Effective *real-life* communicatiton skills

Mindfulness & meditation practices

Visualization & Clarity Practices

And probably the most important alignment

…all with a heavy dose of expert mentoring.

And I gEt results.

Good results.

Great results.

Don't just listen to me...here are women who have walked with path before:

Jenny Glick MA, MSC, LMFT, CST

I have been married for 20+ years and we have an 18 year old son. We have had our share of difficulties and change over the two plus decades — suffice it to say that ours has not been the fairytale union.

My personal story of marriage includes a tragic car-on-bicycle crash that left my cyclist-husband of just 8 months in the hospital broken and us both uncertain about our future. Just 3 days into his hospital recovery when we didn’t know if he would ever walk again, SURPRISE, baby on the way! After a half dozen surgeries, wheelchairs and walkers he made a full recovery and then our son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when he was 4yo. Not exactly what I expected when I said “I do” at 26yo!


And of course, my story is not unusual. We all of our stories.


As an expert mentor, I have real-life textured experience and can  show you the way through the sticky bits — the “operational manual” for showing up when the sh** gets real. Because let’s be honest, it’s real!


The women I mentor, take radical accountability for their lives to create the relationship that they want…these women just *know* that if they do decide to leave their marriage, they need to do their own work first. They know that the first step to marital transformation, is personal transformation.

The 5 shifts our women clients make to feel alive again In their marriage

even when their spouse feels like a roommate...

This process is not for women:

  • icon-x-csere who are in abusive relationships
  • icon-x-csere who are more committed to the problem than the solution.
  • icon-x-csere who would rather sit around and complain about their partner.
  • icon-x-csere who are willing to settle for meh.

This program is for women who:

  • icon-pipa-csere want to stay. But desperately want it to be different.
  • icon-pipa-csere don’t know IF they want to stay but do KNOW that they have their own work to do before they exit.
  • icon-pipa-csere are resourceful.
  • icon-pipa-csere are coachable.
  • icon-pipa-csere are willing to be more creative about getting a solution than being committed to the problem.

If that is you,

hang out with me for 39 minutes in this masterclass and then schedule a call to talk to me and we can look at getting started.

Interested in all of the letters behind my name?

Here you go:

Master of Arts in Women’s Studies, University of Arizona

Master of Science Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, University of Phoenix

American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists — Certified Sex Therapist

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy — National Clinical Fellow