You have everything you need inside of you.
Let me guide you to discover your Inner Knowing.
I am Jenny Glick.

and I am your Wayshower connection you back up with the Truth that is your compass in life.

Here is how…


I have spent 25 years and over $200,000 in higher education, certification and training so YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

My expertise in:


  • couples counseling
  • sex therapy
  • family systems
  • trauma healing
  • somatic therapy
  • embodied spiritual practices
  • mindset and meditation techniques
  • and the sacred arts

has brought me to a place where I realize that I was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz looking for the way home when all along it was right there at my feet the whole time.


And YOUR WAY HOME is right there too…in your feet, in your heart, in your soul and in the pulses of your body.


However, you have never been taught to LOOK INSIDE OF YOU for the answer…you have been looking to others to give you the answer.


I won’t give you the answer to the marriage difficulties, your pattern of self-sabotage or that MEH feeling you are having since your kids moved out.


I WILL mirror back to you the knowing and brilliance that you are ALREADY SHOWING UP WITH that is so obvious to others, but not so apparent to you.


When you learn to look in YOURSELF and in YOUR LIFE for your answers, than you get to engage in the biggest GET TO in life…transformation and BECOMING the version of you that you SAY you want to experience but continue to kick down the road of the future.


Sure, I have 12 letters behind my name and I have worked in this field for almost 30 years now.


But more important than that…I LIVE what I teach.

I listen to and follow my INNER SAGE, that INNER WISE WOMAN, in all things.

I have learned the art of SACRED SELF-TRUST and I can teach that art to you too.  

And when you EMBODY that, you are no longer living at the whim of life’s ups and downs.  

When you live in alignment with your own INNER SAGE, sure life still has heartbreak and headaches, but there is a steadiness, a calm and a deep TRUST IN LIFE that buoys you through even the most challenging circumstances!

I am a Guide.
A Wayshower.
A Sage.
A Wise Woman.
And I show you how to activate that inner sage in you too!

Stuck in communication.

Stuck in sex/intimacy/desire.

Stuck in

You have probably done so much
mindset work, therapy, coaching and
taken online classes.

It is frustrating to be so capable and intelligent and STILL FEEL STUCK when it comes 
to enjoying a deeply satisfying marriage, a joyful life that you live 100% on your terms 
or finally going all in on your creative or entrepreneurial endeavor that constantly knocks at your soul.


Developmental therapeutic techniques

Spiritual & spiritually informed practices

Effective *real-life* communicatiton skills

Mindfulness & meditation practices

Effective *real-life* communicatiton skills

And probably the most important alignment

Rave Reviews:

My husband Greg and I have been married for 23 years — and maybe like you, we have been through A LOT…

INCLUDING being separated, discussing divorce more times than I can count, spending tens of thousands of dollars in therapy, couples retreats, parenting course and of course engaging in our growth work independently.


My personal story of marriage includes a tragic car-on-bicycle crash that left my cyclist-husband of just 8 months in the hospital broken and us both uncertain about our future. Just 3 days into his hospital recovery when we didn’t know if he would ever walk again, SURPRISE, baby on the way! After a half dozen surgeries, wheelchairs and walkers he made a full recovery and then our son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when he was 4yo. Not exactly what I expected when I said “I do” at 26yo!

And of course, my story is not unusual. We all of our stories.

As an expert mentor, I have real-life textured experience and can  show you the way through the sticky bits — the “operational manual” for showing up when the sh** gets real. Because let’s be honest, it’s real!


The women and men whom I mentor are at a place in life where they are ready to take radical accountability in all parts of their lives.

They know that the first step in REAL TRANSFORMATION whether that is in their business, marriage, parenting or any other intimate relationship always begins with them.

The 5 shifts our women clients make to feel alive again In their marriage

even when their spouse feels like a roommate...


If you are tired of living on the "do I stay or go" hamster wheel, I created a program just for you!

Your Marriage Is Your Ashram is a 10-week revolution for you in your marriage!

This program is for women who:

Interested in all of the letters behind my name?

Here you go:

Master of Arts in Women’s Studies, University of Arizona

Master of Science Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, University of Phoenix

American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists — Certified Sex Therapist

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy — National Clinical Fellow


Checkout my masterclass here