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If you logged 500 more meditation hours, got an A+ from your coach, wrote “yes!” in the margins of a dozen more self-help books, and (finally) graduated from therapy…

THEN would you feel the clear-eyed,
full-hearted, soul-deep satisfaction you’ve been craving? 

If that’s where you are, stay with me. 

You don’t have to accept this as just the way it is. You don’t have to settle for “eh, I guess it’s fine.” 🤷🏻‍♀️And you don’t have to download 50 more astrology podcasts, spend 12 days fasting in the desert, or howl at the moon. 

After all, if you haven’t landed now, when will you?

Are you happy in this moment? 
This moment is your life!

You’ve reached a certain “Hey Look Ma, I Made It!” point

After all this effort, and all this achievement, shouldn’t life feel easier? 

You’ve achieved a lot of the Big Life Things. 
Reached the milestones. 
Gotten the accolades. 

On paper, things look pretty great.

And somehow you find yourself wondering:

Shouldn't it feel... better?

This phase of your life should be about soft landings, full cups, and easy-breezy-whole-body sighs. 

All these little (and not so little) nagging things consume your focus and zap your energy. Career crossroads. Relationship letdowns. Feeling constantly overcommitted to things you don’t wanna be committed to.

It’s all depleting your reserves and frying your nervous system – and this should be the moment in life when you sink in, open your heart, and enjoy what you’ve created. You’ve done the hard work. You have what you need – more than enough, in fact. 

When you stop chasing the next item on your to-do list and start to just – joyfully – BE. Knowing that there’s nothing you’d rather be doing that what you’re doing RIGHT NOW, in this fresh present moment. In all of life’s moments. Even the little ones:

✨ When your eyes blink open to the sunlight and you think oh, yeah, f*cking LIFE! This is yummy! … without stopping to consider whether that’s silly… 

✨ When you light a lemongrass candle – not because someone’s visiting, but because you’re following the wisdom of your senses, your intuition, and your curiosity…  

✨ When you walk to your car and feel the soft grass under your feet, see the wispy clouds lofting through the sky, and smell the leaves waking up – and find it all blissfully VIBRANT…  

Your main character moment is the moment you finally land in your life and start savoring it.

Your main character moment 

Cue the Hollywood soundtrack, because this is a major motion picture event

On the outside, Main-Character You looks just like Relax-Dammit You.

You’re at ease in your heart and in your nervous system.

You’re not striving or seeking – because you feel a profound sense of enoughness. 

You feel spacious, abundant, and free.

And every single day is an EXPERIENCE.

You’re living in “being” mode, not “doing” mode. Aligned with your body, not your hamster-wheel mind. 

But on the inside? 

Most importantly, you’re in love with your life. Your extraordinary ordinary life. You own who you are with comfort, grace, and confidence. You’re attuned to your strengths and grateful for your gifts (and not in a therapist-made-you-journal-about-it way). You show up for your creative, professional, and volunteer contributions ablaze with passion and joy. You love your life so much you can’t BELIEVE you get to live it – and you’re thrilled to follow the next steps to your becoming.

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You’re connected. Your longtime relationships feel new again: You’re surprised to find a spark of flirtation in your old familiar home, and you’re in puppy-dog love with a partner you suddenly see with fresh eyes. It’s sweetness, light, and pleasure, even when you’re washing dishes. You’re tapped into your own heart’s delight, and can easily find joy on your own. And you’re in community with true friends, held, supported, and nurtured by rich relationships of resonant exchange. You’re expanded, open, and ready to show up for the joy and the challenges – because you’re pouring from a full cup.

You’re rooted in self-trust. All your decisions – from the trivial to the life-changing – feel effortless and aligned. You go from clarity to clarity, always confident in the right next step – without hemming and hawing, second-guessing yourself, or consulting your Magic 8 ball. You set clear, strong boundaries, because you know just what you want and how to get it – without pleading, apologizing, or worrying about the consequences – in your work, with your family, and out in the world. You hear the crisp voice of your intuition guiding you, in high definition audio, and it leads you directly to the life you want.  

Main-Character You is YOU with an effervescent glow-up.

Main-Character You is YOU, infused with high-voltage ALIVEness.

Main-Character You is YOU, living in co-creation with life.

In short: Main Character You is the woman you expected you’d be at this point: satisfied, whole, and happy. Able to give with kindness, receive with abundance, and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Make every day an experience 

Pleasure-centric torchbearer, 
Truth-speaking live wire,
& creator of catalyzing containers for women

I’m a change catalyst, forging the path in a different way. ⚡

I don’t believe you need to be healed or transformed. I won’t bullsh*t you, tell you what to do, or speak in platitudes.

I won’t show you “the right way” or teach you how to be like ME. I’ll help you listen to the unique thrum of your own being so you can BE MORE YOU.

That’s why the women in my programs have called me “a revolution,” “a wayshower,” and a “mother f’ing dragon.”

I’m not here to solve your problems. I’m here to show you how to find the answers in yourself. 

I’m here to help you wipe the dust off the windshield so you can finally see, with dazzling clarity, that you already have what you’re seeking.

I’m here to help you commit to your own pleasure – and joyfully claim your wholeness.

Hi, I’m Jenny Glick…

I’ve spent over 25 years lighting the way for women to land in rich, resonant lives.

I’ve earned a long list of degrees and certifications, including expertise in things like couples counseling, sex therapy, and family systems. 

Wait a minute… I can hear you saying. Are youa therapist?! Didn’t you just say therapists can’t help me?

I’m not against therapists. I love therapists. And yes, I’ve been one.

What I do is something different. Something that bypasses the reasons people stay in therapy for years and years without seeing much change. 

The Year of You is for grown-ass women like you who are ready to:

  • Release the sad parade of self-help “solutions”… and reconnect to your own spark
  • Step out of frazzled, fried DOING mode… and into fertile soil to nurture the seeds of your becoming
  • Let go of relentless self-doubt and embrace unshakeable self-trust – imbued with the wild vitality that makes you YOU
  • Stop living a life that’s “fine”... and create a life you’re wildly in love with

… in vibrant community, masterfully held by a wise, torch-bearing teacher.

Get in On

The Year of You is a sacred, playful, and catalyzing container where you can be seen, fed, and nourished on your way to becoming who you truly are: YOU.

A space where you can come into deep relationship with yourself. Embrace a feeling of ALIVEness. And create a life rich with connection and pleasure, purpose and meaning, and loving, joyful relationships.

A space where you’re not coached or told what to do. Instead, you’re gently guided back to yourself, again and again and again.

Create your dazzling life

Sept 2024 - May 2024

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